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25 Dromorne Rd, Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand

Enrolment Info

School Zone

Children who live within the school home zone and are of the required age are eligible to attend Remuera Primary School. We take enrolments from 4 years of age, feel free to contact our office for Enrolment information. Enrolment packs are not available on-line.

Children living outside the zone can make an out of zone application, and places for out of zone children will be allotted by way of a ballot. Ministerial regulations controlling the ballot will be strictly adhered to. The Board of Trustees shall decide annually how many, if any places will be available for out of zone students at each year level taking into account existing and projected rolls. Please note we do not hold a ballot each year.

For the 2017 school year out of zone enrolments have now closed.  A decision on out of zone places for the 2018 school year will be made in September 2017.

Completed out of zone application forms must be returned either in person to the School Office or by mail to Remuera Primary School, 25 Dromorne Road, Remuera, Auckland 1050.

Information regarding in-zone  enrolment is available from the school office.

Please enrol your child as soon as they turn 4.


RPS Geographical Zone

All students living in the home zone described below are entitled to enrol at Remuera School at any time.

Ara Street Entrican Avenue Nordon Place Rothesay Street
Armadale Road Garden Road Ohinerau Street Rotomahana Tce
Avice Street Glen Esk Place Omahu Road St Vincents Avenue
Ascot Avenue Grand View Road Ormonde Road Swinton Close
Beatrice Road Homai Street Patey Street Tahora Avenue
Brookland Place Hubert Henderson Place Peach Parade Te Kowhai Place
Buttle Street Koangi Street Pere Street Tiki Street
Carmont Street Kitirawa Street Platina Street Tirohanga Avenue
Clonbern Road Komaru Street Poto Street Tonks Street
Cotter Avenue Lillington Road Rakau Street Waiata Avenue
Dell Avenue Lochiel Road Rangitoto Avenue Wairua Road
Dempsey Street MacMurray Road Ranui Road Warrington Road
Dilworth Avenue Mainston Road Raukura Lane Westbourne Road
Dromorne Road Minto Road Raumati Road Westbury Crescent
Dunholme Road Mt Hobson Lane Richard Farrell Avenue Woodley Avenue
Eastbourne Road Mt Hobson Road Ridings Road Wootton Road
Elmstone Avenue Muir Road Risk Road
Ely Avenue Norana Avenue Robert Hall Avenue


Streets partially in home zone (between and including numbers shown)


Arney Road 1-43, 2-28 Orakei Road 2-90, 1-169
Bassett Road 1-105, 2-112 Portland Road 1-81, 2-56
Benson Road 1-47, 2-66 Remuera Road 99-621, 88-602
Great South Road 166-236 Seaview Road 1-63, 2-36
Greenlane Road East 3-107, 2-70 St Marks Road 1-9, 4-12
Haast Street odd numbers only Upland Road 131-189, 4-206
Ladies Mile 4-88, 5-53 Victoria Avenue 1-99, 2-116
Market Road 1-55, 2-58

New Entrants

New Entrant children have two visits prior to starting school. These occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This will enable both you and your child to meet the class teacher and become familiar with some of the routines and expectations of the school environment. The dates of your pre-entry visits will be mailed to you. From their first day at school, new entrants remain at school until 3.00pm along with all other children.

If you would like a tour of the school prior to this time or if you have questions about the transition to school process please contact the school office.



School Uniform

Uniform Code: All children are required to wear the school uniform.

All items of uniform except shoes, socks, girls tights and the optional white short sleeve t-shirt for girls are available from Argyle Schoolwear through their on-line store at www.argyleonline.co.nz 

The PTA will hold second-hand uniform sales throughout the year. Details of these sales will be notified in the School Newsletter.

SUMMER (Terms 1 & 4) School Short Sleeve Polo Shirt School Polo Shirt

Navy Culottes Navy Shorts

All Season Dress (optional white short sleeve t-shirt can be worn under this dress)

Navy Cap or Bucket Hat compulsory)

Navy Cap or Bucket Hat compulsory)

(Terms 2 & 3)
School Polo Shirt either long or short sleeve School Polo Shirt either long or short sleeve

White Long Sleeve Skivvy Navy Shorts

All Season Dress Navy Cargo Pants

School Sweatshirt School Sweatshirt

Navy Culottes

Optional navy tights
FOOTWEAR Blue/Black/Brown Shoes or Sandals
(all year) Trackshoes (solid colour)

Navy or White Socks
(all year) Navy Sports Shorts

House Shirts
House shirts are available to be worn in place of sports shirt, if your child is a new student to the school do not purchase until you have been advised which House your child has been assigned to.

Sports Uniform may not be worn travelling to or from school


2017 Fees and Donations


Please click on the link to access the 2017 School Donation & Activity Fee Notice.

pdf-bg 2017 School Donation & Activity Fee Notice



All students will be given a stationery pack on payment of the activity fees. For students that start throughout the year, a modified stationery pack or a list of stationery required by their class teacher will be provided. Stationery may be purchased from the school office every morning between 8.30 and 8.55am.


Telephone Directory

The school, in conjunction with the PTA, produces an annual school telephone directory of names and telephone numbers of all students who wish to be included each year, to be distributed to all families. Permission to include your telephone number is sought on the application for enrolment form.