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International Students

Remuera Primary School accepts applications from foreign fee paying students who are of the correct age and will be living with a parent. Acceptance of these students will be at the discretion of the Principal and Board of Trustees. Students must hold a current student visa before beginning school.


Enrolment Information

We welcome and enrol International Students at Remuera Primary School. We hold a Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students which enables us to enrol a number of students who are residing with their parent(s).

We have a specialist teacher who will assist with teaching English to non-English speaking students. When they commence at our school, each student will be assessed as to the level of English tuition required.

International students are generally integrated into the appropriate year level classes and become involved in all the day to day learning of that class. They will be withdrawn as necessary for extra tuition from our speciality English teacher (ESOL).

Students are required to wear our school uniform while they attend Remuera Primary School and must abide by our school rules.

Fee information is available from the school office.

A policy relating to the refund of fees is available in the enrolment pack.

For further information contact the school enrolment administrator:



ESOL - English for Speakers of Other Languages

The ESOL programme caters for Years 1-6. We operate a withdrawal programme where small groups of children with similar abilities receive intensive language acquisition work. These groups receive between 1-4 sessions per week according to their needs. These programmes are run by a qualified ESOL teacher.