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24th September Newsletter 2019

Important Dates

Term Four starts, October 14

Year 6 Graduation Photograph, November 4

Year 3-6 Athletics, November 6

APPA Choir Performance, November 13 (from 7:00pm at the Town Hall)

Junior School (Years 1 & 2) Athletics Sports, December 4 (at RPS)

Year Six Graduation, December 10 (from 6:30pm)

Year Six Breakfast, December 13

RPS End of Year Celebration, December 16 (from 6:00pm)

Save Day for End of Year Celebration, December 17

RPS Has Talent Finals, December 17 (from 2:00pm)

Year 3-6 Awards Ceremony, December 18 (from 9:00am in the Hall)

Term Four end, December 18 at 12:00pm


Message from a Concerned Parent

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Re: Role modelling positive behaviours

A couple of newsletters ago, our Principal, Steve King conveyed his concerns about the number of instances of parents/guardians of students at our school illegally parking at or near the school and being poor role models in relation to crossing the road.  I share Steve's concerns and am also becoming alarmed at the frequency in which I witness poor leadership of this group when it comes to the basics of manners.

Let me explain.  Each day I walk my children to school and almost without exception see the following:

  • Cars parked across driveways (to those guilty of doing this, perhaps consider yourselves in the shoes of the person living there, about to leave their home, perhaps running late for work or worse still, there's an emergency and you can't get out of your own home?)
  • Cars parking well beyond the permitted time allocated on the parking sign (to those guilty, perhaps consider if you were struggling to find a parking space to drop off your child, would you benefit if everyone stuck to the authorized time?)
  • Parents crossing the road in places other than the school crossings, with or without their children (what is this teaching our young ones?); when assisting my daughter on crossing duty I even witnessed someone repeatedly ignoring the blocked crossing (when the signs are in) and crossing - yes really!
  • Cars doing U-turns right by the school crossing after the driver has dropped off their children.


We should consider, are these positive examples of showing consideration/demonstrating safety for our children?

Regrettably, I also see adults pushing past children at the gates at pick up time which is just simply bad manners. At the recent Greenathon there was a table set up for our children to participate and place leaves on the tree; my son was at the table writing his name on a leaf when another impatient parent pushed past him, his arm visibly pushing into my son's face so he could reach a pen.  A simple "excuse me" would have resulted in my son passing him the pen; I pointed out to this person that manners cost nothing.  My son is 7, the parent was in his forties and such behavior is appalling.

I am writing to appeal to the minority of our children's parents/guardians who are doing the wrong thing as outlined above, to be considerate of others and change your behaviours, if not for you, do it for your own children to demonstrate what is the right thing to do.  I also ask the majority of our children's parents/guardians who do the right thing to please join me in not walking past an issue; politely call it out and hold everyone to account.

We are very fortunate to be sending our children to such a fantastic school as RPS with teachers who so passionately work, day in and day out to educate and coach them, supported by Steve and his Leadership Team's leadership.  My children have never thrived so much in a school as they are here (huge shout out to the team of teachers responsible for teaching my children, who are simply outstanding!); it is not the teaching team's responsibility to teach our kids the basics of manners, road rules etc… that falls to us as parents/guardians to show leadership and role model what we expect to see in these formative years.

Please help the wonderful teachers at RPS to help you to set our children up for success, by doing the right thing first and foremost and please don't walk past an issue, politely and respectfully call it out. Something to ponder during this school break as together we can make a positive impact on our school community.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards,


Andrew Corbett

(Parent of children in years 3 & 6).



RPS Mathex Champions

Year 5 RPS Mathex Team Wins 2019 Competition

Congratulations to our super-talented Year 5 Mathex Team, made up of Alex Shan, James Turnbull, Alice Han and Marco Cheung. They came first out of 29 teams at the annual Mathex Competition on Thursday 12 September at St Kentigern Boys' School. Not only did they win, they scored 100% with over 15 minutes to go in the competition! This is an outstanding performance and we are so proud of our team. Our Year 6 A and B Teams also did very well on the night with scores of 100% and 70%. We cannot wait to defend our title at the 2020 event. Many thanks to those parents who came along to support the teams.


Auckland School’s Gymnastic Champion of Champions’ Competition

Six children represented RPS at the Auckland Champion of Champions Gymnastic competition held at Tristar, on Thursday 19thSeptember.

Tathila Lometh competed from Year 3 and Sharon Lai competed from Year 5.

Madison Hoon placed second overall in the Year 3 competition.

Elaine Li placed first in the Year 4 competition.

Ollie Muirhead was 9th in the Year 5 boy's competition.

Emily King was 7th in the Year 5 girl's competition.

Well done to them all. Many thanks to the parents who provided transport and support on the day.


Zone Cross Country

Congratulations to our team of Year 5 and 6 runners who all completed the 2km Zone Cross Country Championship course this week at St Kentigern College in Pakuranga. Every runner gave 100% and I could not be prouder of their efforts. The course was relatively firm but it was quite windy and the runners had to battle hard for their places. There were over 100 talented runners in each race and the majority of our students came in the top half of the field. Many thanks to the parents who assisted with the Friday morning and Sunday afternoon training runs and prepared the students for their races.

Special mention to Zahrena Soma (Room 26) who managed a 'podium finish' with an outstanding run for 3rd place.
Year 5 Girls
Zahrena Soma 3rd
Willa De Walters 32nd
Nehansa Wijewardana 42nd
Bronte Devoy 49th
Olympia Goldsmith 50th
Amelia Fleming 62nd
Indie Pengelly 65th
Sharon Lai 74th
Year 5 Boys
Harrison Day 11th
Senul Silva 26th
Angus Magnusson 44th
Zachariah Wu 55th
Ollie Muirhead 63rd
Oscar Wu 93rd
Year 6 Girls
Izabella Leong 24th
Emily Allen 30th
Emma Owen 42nd
Georgina McCallum 48th
Mikayla Chai 60th
Zoe Miller 71st
Zoe Orr 74th
Edie Gaimster 75th
Year 6 Boys
Ben Stafford 21st
Joshua Rowbotham 23rd
Jake Gunson 29th
Nicholas Bright 39th
Campbell Dunwoodie 49th
Charlie Forsyth 58th
Aidan Ashworth 73rd

PTA Green-a-thon

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the Greenathon activities for the past two weeks. It has been wonderful to see so many of the students embrace the simple tasks they can do to help our environment.

Last chance tomorrow to get your tasks sheets, competition entries and sponsorship money in to the Greenathon station in the school foyer, 8:30-8:55am. Even if you have paid your sponsorship money via Kindo please drop off your task sheet so we have your entry for the spot prizes.


Thank You from the PTA

This term has been incredibly busy for the PTA and we would like to thank everyone who has attended or supported one of the events or fundraisers run this term:

· RPS Family Movie Night

· PTA Quiz Night

· Greenathon

· Pre-Loved Childrens' Book Sale

· Mufti Day and Sausage Sizzles, Jesters Pies and Pork Bun Fridays

· PTA Staff Morning Tea

A HUGE thank you also goes to the amazing crew of people who help organise, set up, run and clean up after each of the events and fundraisers. It takes a team of people to do this and the support from the school community is greatly appreciated.

Through all these events we have been raising money to improve the outdoor spaces at RPS for our kids to enjoy on their break times. We are continuing to work towards these goals and will report back on progress next term.


PTA Lunch Order Deadline now 9am Thursdays

Please note the new deadline for all PTA lunch orders (Sausage Sizzle Mufti Days, Pork Buns and Jesters Pies) is now 9am Thursdays. All orders must be made via Kindo before 9am on Thursday, the day before the food event.

Orders have now closed for tomorrow's Jesters Pies event, but watch out for the next newsletter or school calendar for lunch order dates for next term.


Subway Lunch Orders

From Term 4 ALL Subway orders will need to be placed online through Kindo, manual paper bag orders will no longer be collected.

Subway now has a GLUTEN FREE MENU.


FBX Football 7s




Clay Sculpture Holiday Programme



Lost Scooter

A red MGP scooter was found on the school grounds last weekend. If you are or know the owner, please see Jo in the Office.


Term Four Playball