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April 05 Newsletter 2018

Message from the Principal

As the term draws to a close, our minds drift toward considering how successful our child(ren) has/have been.  It is important for us to know what progress they have made. I have no doubt that much of this will become clearer through the forthcoming parent conferences. However, in addition to considering the progress they have made, can I also ask you to consider the following?

Most books on child-rearing tell us that one of our important goals as parents is to help our children separate from us, to help them become independent individuals who will one day be able to function on their own. We're urged not to think of them as carbon copies of ourselves, but as unique individuals.

Yet how are we to help them become separate, independent persons? By allowing them to do things for themselves, by permitting them to wrestle with their own problems, by letting them learn from their own mistakes.

Self-efficacy can be defined in many ways. To me, it is the unique ability to "hang in there", to try more, to accomplish more, to persist, to have the self-confidence that you can do it and not worry about your challenges.

I believe that this is one trait that has more to do with a student's success in school and life, than does their I.Q. A student that has that emerging self-efficacy is generally highly motivated and has a sense of self-discipline. These traits are the key to being successful in the classroom, on the athletic field, in the theatre and in the home. We can help promote this concept of self-efficacy in our students by recognising their accomplishments, praising them often, and giving them verbal and written encouragement.

As adults we should be role models for them, teaching them to face challenging situations and not walk away from adversity. All too often we allow our children to take the easy way out or we step in and attempt to solve the problem for them. This single action often robs them of the experience of doing something themselves. It tends to indirectly break down their self-confidence.

The students at RPS are indeed a talented group. They have incredible potential. School is the time to refine their skills and develop that sense of self. I encourage you to help build their self-efficacy, let them know that you are there to support them, but encourage them to wrestle with their own problems and enjoy their continued success.




A reminder that our Term 1 Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Wednesday 11th April.  It is important you note that this is a Teacher Only Day, children do not attend school on this day other than to attend their conference.

Conferences will be of 20 minutes duration with the first available conference at 8.00am and the last available conference beginning at 6.00pm. These Conferences will take place in the classrooms and students are encouraged to attend with their parents.

As we only have a limited number of appointments please be aware that Parents can only make one conference per child to allow all parents the opportunity for an appointment. If both parents are unable to attend together please speak to the class teacher to arrange an alternative meeting.  Parents who attend an IEP or Gate IEP meeting will have met with your child's teacher this term and will therefore not have a Parent Conference on this day.

Bookings for interviews are electronic and the website is now open for bookings and will close on Tuesday 10th April at 3pm, no bookings can be made after this time.

To book an interview log on to www.schoolinterviews.co.nz enter the code b8b6c and GO. Then follow the three simple steps to confirm your appointment.  If you don't have access to the internet you can contact the office either in person, or by phone and they will make the appointment for you.  Please be aware that we cannot guarantee you your preferred slot.

Skids will be providing an all-day programme on this day.  Any queries regarding Skids should be directed to Jury on 027 291 9115.

If you have any queries regarding these conferences please email Kim kimr@rps.school.nz or phone 520 2458.


Skids and Parent Teacher Conferences Day

Teacher Only Day: On Wednesday 11th April, RPS will be closed for the day due to it being a Teacher Only Day. sKids Remuera will therefore be running a full day programme from 7.30am to 6pm. We have options for a Short Day (school hours) or half day bookings. The day is full of fun, with exciting activities! Included in these activities we'll be running a FoodStorm Session.

For any of you who may not know, FoodStorm is a unique cooking programme exclusive to sKids which teaches children about the fundamentals of healthy eating. Developed in conjunction with the Heart Foundation, children will learn to cook healthy and delicious meals whilst also having fun!

  • Featured on TVNZ1's Breakfast!
  • Heart Foundation Approved!
  • Learn Great New Cooking Skills!
  • Last year we had "FoodStormers" who had the opportunity to participate in the National NZ Kiwi Kids Can Cook Competition run by NZ Chefs Association Inc and this year our children that enroll for FoodStorm will have the opportunity to participate once again with the Auckland qualifying competition taking place on 19th May.

If you would like to book your child into our Teacher Only Day session, you will need to do so through AIMY our online booking at: https://skids.aimy.co.nz/Account/Login?ReturnUrl=%2f

Alternatively, contact us on (09) 948 4548 or 027 211 1279 or email remuera@skids.co.nz


Important notes from the School Office

Important Notes from the School Office

NEW ENROLMENTS: If you have a child turning 5 in 2018 and have not already done so, can you please stop by the office and pick up an enrolment pack, or, if you have already picked up a pack please return to the office asap. This applies not only to new families but to existing families who may have a younger child yet to join the RPS family. Confirmed enrolments are used to establish the number of teachers required at each year level and the number of students in each class.  Whilst we realise there will always be unexpected enrolments from families moving into our zone, having confirmation from all in-zone enrolments helps us enormously in our planning.

Students not returning in Term 2: If your child is not returning in Term 2 can you please let Kim know so the leaving process can begin by emailing kimr@rps.school.nz


2018 RPS Travelwise Week (7th to 11th May)

2018 RPS Travelwise Week (7   to 11 May)


Week 2, Term 2 is Remuera Primary School's Travelwise Week. During this week, we encourage families to promote fitness and wellbeing, and reduce traffic by coming to school in sustainable ways. It would be great if we could have lots of children doing their bit by scootering, cycling, walking, carpooling or catching the bus to school with their parents and friends. Or parents could drop their children half way to school and they could walk with their friends.


The Walkers' Tree : this will be in operation all week. Come to school in a sustainable way and add a named leaf to the tree in the hall. A number of leaves will be drawn for prizes on Friday!

Wheels Days: children can bring their scooters, bikes, skates, blades and skateboards to school and play on them in a cordoned area during Break 1. Helmets and shoes are compulsory.

Fancy Feet Day: we encourage children to design creative, colourful and outrageous footwear and wear it to school on Friday. Prizes for the most eye-catching pairs. What a great holiday/rainy day activity for your children!


The plan for the week is as follows:


Tuesday 8 May Junior School Wheels Day

Wednesday 9 May Middle School Wheels Day

Thursday 10 May Senior School Wheels Day

Friday 11 May Fancy Feet Day

Thanks very much for supporting RPS Travelwise Week!


2018 Year 5 Camp Parent Helpers

2018 Y5 camp photo 3.docx

2018 Year 5 Camp Parent Helpers


Last week's Year 5 Camp was a resounding success thanks to the amazing weather, willing children and incredible parent helpers. We would like to congratulate our Year 5 students for getting fully involved and meeting the various challenges of camp. And to our parent helpers - we cannot thank you enough - you worked hard to make the camp a success; supporting students, ensuring a safe environment and assisting with meals, cleaning and settling the students down at night. A fine job - much appreciated by students and teachers alike. We do hope you were able to put your feet up and have a well-earned rest over the Easter break.


Mark Hassall (Deputy Principal)

Patricia Whitmore (Team Leader)

Gemma Robertson

Ed Beel

James Walsh


2018 ICAS examinations- Years 4 to 6 only

2018 ICAS examinations- Years 4 to 6 only

The last day for payment is tomorrow Friday 6 April ($28.50 for Science, English and Mathematics, $20.50 for Writing (selected students only). Payment by kindo, internet banking (12 3030 0467377 00) or at the school office


Writing from Year 5

School Swimming Sports  by  Ethan Lee Room 27

Beep, Beep, Beep went the whistle for my first race. I was really nervous and felt an anxious shiver slither up my spine. I glanced over at my friend, "Good luck," I whispered, then I took one deep breath and heaved myself on the awaiting diving board.

"Take your marks," started Mr. Hassall. I gritted my teeth and leaned over the diving board, my head just hovering above the shimmering tiles and the warm water. I got ready in my diving position. "Get set, go!" finished Mr. Hassall.

I plunged into the water gliding for ten seconds, then one by one I lifted my arms above my head kicking as I went. When I reached the end of the lane I tumble-turned and shot back like a silver shark.

Suddenly I felt something hard. I looked up gasping for breath and saw two friends at the finish line. The race was over and I could smell the victory!

Response to the news that the Flying Fox operation was suspended for RPS Year 5 Camp by  Mia Macdonald Room 32

Dear Chosen Valley Camp owner,

I agree with you, you should keep the flying fox closed due to the fact that lots of people get hurt every year on amusement rides. I know you do not want that for us.


I am very happy that all the other activities are open for us in your camp. I am going to explain the negative points that will happen if you open the flying fox. First people will get hurt and as a result you could get sued. It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a lawyer and the court day will take ages to book. Consequently you might have to shut your camp down.


If we miss the flying fox it is just one activity. I don't think anyone in their right mind would care. We will have lots of other activities like archery, go carts, trolley races and best of all Smores (yum!) For this reason I think you should keep the flying fox shut.




Flying Fox Crisis by Max Meikleham Room 32

Dear Camp Manager,

I am sorry to say, but I had to write a letter to you about the flying fox being inspected during RPS Year 5 Camp and not during the Christmas holidays instead.

It is unfair on the 2018 Year 5 children and therefore, next year our school may cancel our booking with you and move to a different camp that is more organised.  About 95% of all the RPS Year 5 children, throughout the years, have been to your camp and enjoyed that exact flying fox. Plus the Year 5 children next year will have a 99% chance of going on that exact flying fox meanwhile we missed out.


The Year 6 camp's flying fox might not be as fun as yours. Since the Year 6 children go to a different camp, I will never be able to go on your flying fox ever. If this happens again, clients might start demanding their money back which consequently may end in a disaster for you.


I'm looking forward to the other activities such as archery or mudslide, but I am disappointed because the flying fox was the highlight of camp for me. Due to the fact that I cannot go on the flying fox, I might decide that I'm not going to camp which would really disappoint my teacher and my friends.

For that reason, I think the Year 6 children were particularly lucky since their camp was more organized and they were able to physically ride the flying fox.


Max Meikleham


Calling all Year 6 Mini polo enthusiasts & FLIPPA BALL 2018 LAST CALL

Calling all Year 6 Mini Polo Enthusiasts

We are looking for more Year 6 players for this years RPS Mini Polo team.

Don't worry if you haven't played before we will show you how. Being a good swimmer is a real advantage, just bring lots of stamina and be ready for some fun!

Mini Polo is the step below Water Polo. Games are played by two teams of 7 players, 6 field players and 1 goalie. Mini Polo is played in a deep pool, where children cannot touch the bottom. The ball can only be caught or passed with 1 hand. The game consists of two 8 minute halves, and is a fast paced fun game.

We just need commitment to the training times, Saturday 2.15pm -3.15pm with games being played on Sunday afternoon at either St Cuthberts or Diocesan School for Girls in Epsom.

Spectators & weekend uber drivers aka parents! remember this is in the cold wet winter season and having an indoor winter sport is often an absolute pleasure!

If your child is interested then please contact

Nadeen Parton parton@xtra.co.nz or Emma Best ebest@adhb.govt.nz


Flippa Ball is a miniature version of Water Polo aimed exclusively at Years 3, 4 and 5 It is a stepping-stone to Water Polo and is run by the New Zealand Water Polo Association.

Games: RPS Flippa Ball runs in Terms two and three and is held on Sunday afternoons at either St Cuthberts or Diocesan School for Girls in Epsom.

Training: Saturday 2.15pm -3.15pm @ St Cuthberts

Games are played by two teams of 7 players, 6 field players and one goalie. Flippa Ball is played in a shallow pool, where children can touch the bottom. The ball can only be caught or passed with 1 hand. The game consists of two 8 minute halves, and is a fast paced fun game.The maximum number of players on a team will be 8, to ensure that we have 1 sub for each game.

All gear is provided and the league will begin in Term 2.

Flippa Ball is a team sport and therefore we expect commitment from children to attend all practices and games. Please enroll your child if they can be committed to the training times and will be available to play Sunday games.

If you would like to know more about the sport, please have a look at the link below.


Please let me know if your child wishes to play this year no later than 11 April by emailing Nadeen Parton parton@xtra.co.nz


Kings School Endeavour Scholarship

Kings School Endeavour Scholarship


Surprise Kindy Party at Uplands Kindy

Surprise Kindy Party to celebrate Jenn Busch's 10 year teaching anniversary at Uplands Kindergarten. Monday 9 April 3.30-5pm. Please bring afternoon tea to share.  All alumni welcome to come and play at kindy and surprise Jenn.

Thank you

Michele Morrissey-Brown

Head Teacher

Uplands Kindergarten

Faith   Learning   Life


School Holiday Tennis Clinic at Parnell Tennis Club


Maunsell Street, Phone; 373-2733 Club, 373-4205 Office

Email: Pltc@xtra.co.nz Website:  www.parnelllawntennisclub.co.nz

Come and join us for some great tennis and fun at Parnell TC, NZ's premier club.

An exciting holiday programme for juniors who are keen to improve their tennis over the school holidays. We endeavor to structure groups according to player ability from beginner to  advanced standards.

FIRST WEEK: from Monday to Friday    (16, 17, 18, 19, 20 April 2018).

SECOND WEEK: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri                 (23, 24, 26, 27 April 2018).


9:00 am to 12 noon          (Morning Clinic)           $180  or  $45 per day

12:00 noon to 3:00 pm     (Afternoon Clinic)         $180  or  $45 per day

9:00 am to 3:00 pm          (FULL DAY CLINIC)  $320  or  $75 per day

(Payment on arrival)

AGE: 4 - 16 years old

BRING: Tennis racquet, sports clothing, tennis shoes, water bottle and morning tea.

Coaching is on rain or shine. Certificates & Prizes on the last day.


*     stroke analysis & correction               *    fitness & exercise

*     match tactics                                       *    sportsmanship

*     fun games                                           *    drills for practice

COACH: Goran Marsic NZPTCA (Level 2), TCNZ (Competition Coach)

27 years coaching experience.

Phone: (021)167-7460,   (09)377-9393, E-mail: gmarsic@gmail.com



Due to demand please pre book!!!

DATES:           Saturdays: May (2018) 5, 12, 19, 26. June 2, 9, 16, 23.

Sundays: May 6, 13, 20, 27. June 3, 10, 17, 24.

TIME:              9:00 - 10:00 am for 4-16 years old

All basic tennis strokes will be covered. Coaching is on rain or shine.

DATES:           Tuesdays: May 8, 15, 22, 29. June 5, 12, 19, 26.

TIME:              7:45 -8:45 am for 4 - 10 years old

DATES:           Fridays: May 4, 11, 18, 25. June 1, 8, 15, 22.

TIME:              7:15 - 8:15 am for 11-16 years old

Fridays classes are designed for the Juniors who already have some tennis experience.

This is ideal way to fast track improvement for inter school and inter club competition.

TENNIS FOR ADULTS!!! (BEGINNERS ONLY). If you want to have fun and learn

tennis come on Saturdays: May 5, 12, 19, 26, June 2, 9. 16, 23.

TIME: 9am - 10am.

COST: $180.00 for 8 weeks or $25 for one week (Payment on arrival).

COACH: Goran Marsic

ENQUIRIES:   (021) 1677-460, (09) 377-9393, e-mail: gmarsic@gmail.com


Netball Holiday Programme