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August 31 Newsletter 2017

Message From The Principal

Raise the "PRAISE", minimise the "CRITICISE"!!

This catchy phrase is the calling cry of a well known educational expert on school cultures - Dr. Todd Whittaker. I have used several aspects of Dr. Whittaker's research as I work with Senior Staff here at Remuera Primary School. His writings on school culture and school tone are insightful and cause one to critically reflect on the impact our actions, words and opinions can have - both negatively and positively, on a situation, but also too, on the culture of an organization.

We have regularly examined this phrase and talked about the role we play in determining the tone of the day and ultimately the culture of the school. In short, how we can impact on whether your child comes home from school saying school was amazing or not. The way that we react to situations, concerns and questions - intentionally or unintentionally, has a huge bearing on the final outcome.

All of us can remember at least one occasion where we were treated inappropriately by someone. And, no matter how long ago it was or how often that person has treated us well, we remember. What are you doing in your family to Raise the "PRAISE", and minimise the "CRITICISE"?

I know that at the end of the day we're all tired and it's easy to "react", and I know too that everyone reading this has a multitude of demands they face. And the pressures continue to grow. But just as it is vitally important for my staff to focus on the praise, so is it important for you as parents.

Our children are not ours to possess, control, manipulate, or even to manifest into carbon copies of ourselves. They are gifts to us. Granted, some of them come in very unique wrapping. Some are brightly coloured and some too have their bows missing, but nonetheless they are gifts to us and our lives are truly the greater for having them as part of our family.

In closing I am forever struck by a passage from Barbara Colloroso's book - "Kids Are Worth It". It is very refreshing when you come across something that is so simple in its message,   but really strikes a chord.  Read it, relax and take some time to celebrate the unique spirit that lies within your child.

Dear Parents,

After you've been caring, and consistent … firm and fair …. you've said what you meant and meant what you've said and did what you said you were going to do ….. you've eliminated sarcasm, ridicule, and embarrassment from your talk with your kids …. and you've developed a backbone structure around mealtime, bedtime, chores, allowances, fighting - and you are totally exhausted, there is one more thing you can do. After your kids are asleep this evening (it's easier when they're sleeping), walk into their bedrooms, look down at them, and remind yourself that there is one thing that you and I as parents cannot do, nor do we want to do if we really think about it, and that's control our children's will - that spirit that lets them be themselves apart from you and me.


Parent Teacher Interviews Term 3

Term 3 Parent Teacher Interviews

Term 3 Parent Teacher Interviews will take place on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st September. Interviews will be held in the afternoon on both days and SCHOOL WILL FINISH AT 12PM.


If you are unable to pick your child up at 12pm, Skids will run an After School Programme in the School Hall from 12pm.  You can make a booking by contacting Jury on 027 291 9115 or via email to remuera@skids.co.nz

Interview Bookings will be made via an online booking system and on Tuesday 5th September Kim will send all details to parents via email on how to book an interview time.

Do be aware you cannot make a booking prior to receiving Kim's email.


Last days for knowledge-a-thon money to be returned

A big thank you to those of you who have returned your knowledge-a-thon money already.

Remember, today is the last chance to get your knowledge-a-thon money in to be eligible for the great prizes. Please submit your money on-line using Kindo before midnight tonight.


RPS Junior Cross Country 2017

Years 0, 1 and 2 Junior School Cross Country will be held at Remuera Primary School on Tuesday 12 September.

The first race of the day will start at 11:45am and all other races will follow.  We are aiming to finish this event by 1.15pm.

Race order:

Year 2 Girls

Year 2 Boys

Year 0 and 1 Girls

Year 0 and 1 Boys

The Year 2 children will run 2 laps of the course.  The Year 0 and 1 children will run 1 lap of the course.

Certificates will be given out to the top 3 place getters at our Week 9 whole school assembly (Friday 22nd September).


If the weather is not great, a final decision will be made by 10:00am as to whether the cross country will go ahead.  Please do not ring the school office for cancellations.  A message will be sent out via the RPS App as well as on the RPS Website.

There is no alternate date if the cross country is cancelled due to bad weather.

Parents are invited to position themselves around the course to encourage the children as they run.


PTA Sausage Sizzle Friday 15th September


School Online Shop is open for Sausage Sizzle and Mufti donation payments. Click here.

Important Note - We will no longer accept cash for sausage sizzle and mufti.

Login, select your child, select what they want to eat and drink, select the mufti donation if they are wearing mufti (casual clothes) and make payment. If your child has moved classrooms remember to change their room number. Reminder to enter the number of the room only ie 7 not 07 or room7.

You can choose to pay-as-you-go, or add funds to your account in advance using:

  • Account2account (POLI)       Instant transfer from your bank account.  No fees.
  • Bank Transfer                            No fees but allow two days for processing
  • Credit/Debit card                     Instant transfer from VISA & Mastercard.  50c charge + 2% fee.

You can order sausages and mufti from today until 9am Friday 15th September. Please note, if you choose to pay by Bank Transfer the cut off time is 5pm Tuesday 12th September.

If you require any help with setup or payment options please contact the Kindo team at The Growth Collective via email helpdesk@thegrowthcollective.co.nz or phone 09 475 5287 (Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm).

Please contact the sausage sizzle team at RPSsizzlesisters@gmail.com if you can assist in any way or have any queries regarding the sausage sizzle days.


RPS Neon Disco Thursday 7th September

Neon Disco


Scholastic Book Club


Yesterday your child/ren will have brought home the latest issue of the Scholastic Book Club.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE NO CASH PAYMENTS,  any order sent to school containing cash will be returned to the student.

Here are some key things to note:

1. There are two options for ordering -parents can order and pay for Book Club purchases online directly with Scholastic's Book Club Loop by going to mybookclub.scholastic.co.nz and following the simple steps.  If you order by this method do not return any paperwork to the school.


2. You can complete the order form inside the back page of the brochure and return to the Silver Slot in the School Office. IF YOU CHOOSE THIS METHOD, PAYMENT IS ONLY BY CREDIT CARD OR CHEQUE.  THERE ARE NO CASH PAYMENTS AND NO EFTPOS FACILITIES.  If you wish to pay by cheque please make it payable to Scholastic New Zealand.


4. Irrespective of which order method you choose, books will be delivered to school for distribution via the students' classrooms.

If you have any questions regarding this Book Club please see Christine in the School Office or email her chrisc@rps.school.nz


Writing from Year 5

The Split - By Maria Sminchisescu Room 26

It was then she heard it… crack! It was if the world in front of her was breaking in two… She backed away, and tried to run, but she wasn't fast enough! The world was splitting in half until the girl stopped - turning around, she fled.

New Caledonia - By Ella Williams Room 32

I took a step off the plane, and I was finally in New Caledonia! But there was one problem… IT WAS BOILING! My leggings were nowhere near as bad as my jumper so I took it off immediately. We took a taxi to our hotel and got our room key. Our room was amazing! It had a HUGE living room, a fantastic kitchen, a room with a shower - bath and two rooms with a double bed in each, I got a room all to myself!!! Dad, Vikki (my stepmum) and I were delighted!

Mr. Linden's Library By Isabelle Dunlop Room 30


He had warned her about the book, now it was too late…

As the ink black vine coiled around her ghostly white wrist, weaving itself tighter around its prey, a hoarse voice cried out "Leave her!"

Archie Smith, Boy Wonder By Scarlett Herrell Room 30

A tiny voice asked "Is he the one?"...

It was pitch black, midnight. Archie was trying to sleep, when he heard a tiny, delicate voice outside the window say "Is he the one?"

Uninvited Guest By Nida Nillaor Room 30

His heart was pounding. He was sure the doorknob turned… He approached silently towards the mysterious haunted doorknob. Suddenly… The extensive door creaked open. His heart was beating rapidly. His last word was "Who?"

The Timeworn Tree By Isabella White Room 27

The tree is a wise old man spreading his arms wide and high into the clear blue sky. His skin has grown flaky with age. The tree's long green fingers wave softly to the glum world below. His octopus legs root him to the cool solid ground as centuries pass. Soon, the tree will start to sink, into his final sleep.

The Evergreen Tree By Ashfa Mohamed Cassim Room 27

The timeworn ever-green tree stood there for decades and decades, watching the children changing throughout the years. The joyful tree loves little children climbing and playing around her. She has conquered many things, yet still stands dauntless and powerful. She wears a beautiful gown embroidered with vibrant pink flowers and pale green buds that shimmer in the sunlight.

The Tree of Wisdom By Emily Clement Room 27

Watching the children play she grows wrinkled and old. Her voice whispers into our ears, spreading her wisdom and the tales of her fallen family members. Her golden dress sways in the night, it is woven with pink buds of spring. She stands strong and tall, her arms reaching down to her withered roots. Her silky leaves rustle in the cool wind as she spends her final days spreading her symbolic stories.


Yummy Stickers

Yummy Stickers

Over the last 3 years thanks to our school families who collected Yummy Stickers for us we were able to get over $3000 of sports equipment.

Thank you again to all of the families who helped and continue to help with our 2017 collection.

REMEMBER to KEEP COLLECTING Yummy Stickers and bag labels from Yummy apples (You can cut out the round barcode labels and the square labels that say cut out) to help with getting FREE sports equipment for the school for 2017. LET'S AIM HIGH AGAIN, maybe take a sheet to work with you or give a sheet to family and friends.

Feel free to email me on patriciaw@rps.school.nz if you would like a collection sheet sent to you. Otherwise I have paper copies in my room.

Sheets can be returned to me in Room 11 or you can just drop them into the School Office.

Thank you

Patricia Whitmore, Room 11



The Bayside Westhaven Baseball Club is one of the oldest Baseball clubs in New Zealand and is based at Crossfields Reserve in Glendowie.

Baseball is a great summer team sport and Bayside has produced a large number of players who have gone on to play at college level in the United States and Asia. The club has teams across all age grade levels, including KiwiBall for ages 5-9, U11 and U13 grades.

We are recruiting new players for the season starting in October and welcome all new baseball players along to the club. To find out more, visit www.sporty.co.nz/baysidebaseball or email us at bayside.bball@gmail.com.


College Rifles Touch Rugby 2017 – 2018

Last chance to register for Touch.  There are a few spaces left in each age group but we will have to close the lists at the end of the week to confirm numbers with College Rifles.  Please note dates and times confirmed below.

Friday 27th October to Friday 8th December  (7 weeks)
Friday 16th February to Friday 16th March (5 Weeks)

Year 1 & 2  play at 5.30pm to 6pm

Year 3 & 4  6pm to 6.30pm

Year 5 & 6  6.30pm to 7pm

Please note children can play up a grade, but cannot play down a grade. Therefore if you have a group of kids who are for example year 4 and 5 who want to play together, they will need to enter the year 5 & 6 grade.

The year refers to the year your child is in 2017.  The children stay in this year grade for touch into second half of the competition in early 2018.

The cost is $55.00 per player and payment is to be made by direct credit to Remuera Sport 12-3030-0619887-00.

Don't miss out! Please be aware that spaces fill quickly and can only be confirmed on a "first paid, first confirmed" basis.

If you would like to register your child please email Tara and Jo on rpsrugby@gmail.com

Please include the following information:-
Child/ren's Name:

School Year in 2017: e.g. Year 5

We always need keen parents to coach!  If you can coach or co-coach please do let us know as without parental assistance the children will not be able to play.


Ellerslie Amateur Athletic & Harrier Club

Ellerslie Athletics Club 2017


Girls Cricket at Parnell Cricket Club

Girls Cricket


Swimming lessons at Diocesan Swim School

Dio Swim School Aug 2017