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December 7 Newsletter 2017

Message from the Principal

As the year draws to a close, it's appropriate for us to recognise those members of the teaching staff that will not be returning in 2018. As a school we have been blessed with an awesome staff who - collectively, contribute richly to the learning experiences of every child at RPS.

Teaching today - as you know, requires staff to invest enormously.  As well as planning incredible lessons for our students, they also give so freely of their time outside of the classroom.  Be it coaching a team, leading a music group or providing support to those students who require an extra boost.

Remuera Primary School has been fortunate in recent years to have maintained a relatively low staff turnover, and this year we bid farewell to six teachers. More formal farewells will be provided to these staff at a later date, but I wanted to acknowledge these teachers for their incredible commitment and drive to support our students.

Please join me in acknowledging and farewelling the following teachers;

  • Tessa Adamson - Year 3 (Exploring business opportunities)
  • Rachelle Meller - Year 5 (Heading to another school)
  • Alix Osbaldiston -  Year 5 (Heading away on her OE)
  • Rebecca Pirret -   Year 5 (Embarking on maternity leave)
  • Roshan Tuivavalagi - Music (Leaving Auckland)
  • Rachael Versloot - ESOL & Year 1 (Heading to another school)

To each of our departing teachers, I thank them for their amazing work with our children. They have each left their mark on Remuera Primary School and we are indeed richer for the talent, enthusiasm and professionalism they have brought to our school.

Building Project Update:

As you will have seen, the steel framing is rapidly rising out of the ground and the new building quickly taking shape.  This steelwork will continue throughout December and well into January.  The next exciting phase will see the pouring of the ground floor slab.  This is scheduled for December 12.


Last day of school for 2017

The last day of Term 4 is Friday 15th December.  School will finish at 12pm on this day. There will be no school Bus at 12pm on this day. Please arrange to pick your child/ren up at 12 noon.


Thank you to all our Parent Helpers

As a school we are very lucky to have such a supportive parent community who give freely of their time to help out in so many ways.  From classroom help, to class trips, school camps, Road Patrol, Rocket Reading, putting away resources, PTA, Coaching and Managing Sports Teams, running our Second Hand Uniform Sales, Sausage Sizzles and Ice Block Fridays, your help has been invaluable.  We would ordinarily host a morning tea to personally thank you but I am sure you will appreciate that due to the building project we have 3 classrooms in our School Hall which meant we simply did not have the room to host this morning tea.  Please accept this as our appreciation for the work that you do, we simply could not do what we do without your amazing help.

We wish you all a safe and happy holiday.

Thank you again.


PTA News



2017 has been another big year for the PTA!

  • We started 2017 with a team of people jumping in week one and helping with the stationary circulation and the school directory.
  • Kindo (the online school shop) arrived and has made our lives so much easier.
  • The fabulous Family Fun Night followed, which has definitely become a traditional RPS fixture loved by all the kids and parents.
  • Year round we have had our sausage sizzles and mufti days, brought to you by the wonderful Sausage Sizzler team.
  • There have been ice block sales and second hand uniform sales, and we have even tested a Jester Pie Day (which was a huge success).
  • We have put on morning teas for the teachers to show them how much we love them.
  • And the Quiz Night and the Knowledgeathon were our big fundraisers for the year.
  • The kids also had a fabulous time at the school disco (who doesn't like a bit of neon?!).
  • The year has been rounded off with the Year 6 Breakfast, which we managed to put on even with the hall having shrunk!

As the fundraising arm for RPS, our team of incredible helpers has ensured that money continues to come in the door. Money raised has been spent on the Learning Walkway, new ipads and chrome books, library books, new website development and so much more.  We also continue to undertake and support various initiatives to enhance the community spirit at the school.

So what will 2018 look like?

Our big fundraiser next year is to be the Family Fun Night.  Please mark your diaries - March 15th.  Please see our note below on this.

And there will be more of the wonderful same - ice blocks, sausages, knowledge contests, pies, dancing, eating……

BUT, and there is always a BUT……We need you!  We are now looking to the Junior School for parents to get involved in the PTA.  Our core team has been diligently working with the PTA for 4 or more years now, and will be moving on to the big schools very soon.  Therefore, WE NEED YOU!  If you would like to help out in any way, big or small, please can you contact us (see names and email addresses below).  You don't need to come to PTA meetings (although we would love to see you!). We just need to know who you are and how you can help.  The more hands the better.  So please get in touch.

And to round off the year, there are a couple of special people we wish to thank.  These individuals are off to the big wide world of intermediate. Each of them has been fully involved in all PTA affairs during their time at RPS, and they will definitely be missed.  A big thank you therefore goes to Max Reid, Susie Greenhalgh, Simone Rowell, Sharon Egen, Fiona Heenan and Keren McDonnell!

See you next year!



PTA contacts:

Kellie Bright kellie.bright@shieffangland.co.nz

Nicci Magnusson nicci.magnusson@gmail.com

Marie Henry marie.henry.nz@outlook.com

Jo Fleming jo@yojo.co.nz

Rochelle Hoon dandrhoon@gmail.com



Date: Thursday 15th March

Time: 4-7pm

2018 Family Fun Night is going to be a hit!!!

There is going to be loads of exciting entertainment and rides and food for everyone!

All money raised will go towards new water fountains and sun shades for the entire school. So mark your diaries, and we will see you there.


Writing from Years 0 and 1

Year 0/1 writing for Week 8 newsletter

I wanted to be a cat and I loved eating cat food.  When I was finished I was still hungry, but there was no food in the bowl.

Written by Mila Parsons - Room 1

My house that Daddy is building got struck by lightning and then we went to stay at Mamma and Pappa's house.

Written by Archie Smith - Room 1

I love my dad because he cuddles me.

Written by Lisa Lee - Room 2

The ducklings have lost their mummy.  How did they get in the bath? They slid up the drain!

Written by Georgiana Davies - Room 2

I am strong and I am lifting up the buildings.  I am lifting up the rocks and wood too.

Written by Fletcher Coutts - Room 3

I saw a building site from my window.  I saw a concrete mixer and a digger.

Written by Eloise Brown - Room 3

This dragon is big.  It has big wings and a very big tail.  It has big, big eyes and it can breathe out fire!

Written by Andrew Soh - Room 6

The sea has three zones: the sunlight zone, the twilight zone and the midnight zone.  The midnight zone is pitch black and it has a lot of strange creatures.  The biggest squid in the ocean, the colossal squid, lives there.  The colossal squid has tiny dots that glow around its eyes.

Written by Griff De Walters - Room 6

Once upon a time there was a girl pirate named Dandelion.  She was really brave and tough.  One day she found a dirty, old mysterious bottle.  Inside there was a treasure map.  It said to the way to the lost treasure.  She followed the map all around the world.  It took her to an island.  She dug massive, deep holes until she found the X.  Later that day she finally found the X.  She got a gold key and unlocked it.  It turned out to be just a chocolate coin.  She thought it was okay as long as she had fun!

Written by Elena Peng - Room 7

In the beginning of the race I started at the line.  In the middle I went turning through the cones.  Then in the end I came in at 11th.  I felt happy at the end of the race.

Written by Yolanda Peters - Room 7

I went to swim at the beach.  I made a sand castle.  It was fun.

Written by Kalvin Fletcher - Room 8

The Gruffalo is eating a fish and the Gruffalo has big teeth.  The Gruffalo is scared.

Written by Fabian Wang An - Room 8


From the Desk of our ESOL Teacher Nikki Grant

First Language Competition

This year we held a First Language Competition at RPS. Children spoke in their first language. They spoke in French, Mandarin, Hindi and Cantonese. The subjects they chose were close to their hearts. They persuaded AND informed us! They spoke with passion in their mother tongue.

The children speaking in French were: Galathee Gaillard.In Hindi: Ronit Panwar and Siddarth Kesavan. In Cantonese: Chantal Jim. In Mandarin: Michael Zeng, Tania Liu, Wayne Zhuang, Noella Kung, Jing Tian, Luc Pan and Lucy Ma.

The following children went on to represent RPS in an Year 5 and 6 Auckland-wide competition. Chantal Jim (Cantonese) Michael Zeng (Mandarin) Siddarth Kesavan (Hindi) and Galathee Gaillard (French)

Michael Zeng was placed third in Auckland for his thought-provoking speech about the smog in Beijing. Congratulations Michael!!!

Siddarth Kesavan blew everyone away with his speech about the beauty and fragility of nature and how we must preserve it. He came first place out of all the Auckland Schools represented.

Here is a piece from the local paper and the Indian Weekender "Winner of the junior section for students in Years 5 & 6 was Siddarth from Remuera Primary School. He impressed the judges with his excellent diction and enunciation."

We are immensely proud of you Siddarth and of all our ' First Language Speech makers'

Siddath 2

Auckland Wide International First Language Korean Speech Competition

This year we were fortunate to host the 'Auckland-wide International First Language Korean Speech Competition'

We welcomed Mrs Yoomi Wan Director of the Korean Education Centre in New Zealand and Hyun Joo Kim Korean mentor for the International Language Exchange Pathways Programme. Hoon Seok , Resina Park and Olivia Anderson were our incredible Korean hosts  and Remuera Primary Representatives.

It was a very special event one which has helped us forge even stronger links with our Korean Community.

Korean Speech Competition


'Dutch in Auckland competition'

We are so proud of Greta and Zara Calleja who won the 'Dutch in Auckland competition' recently. Here they are dressed in the traditional dutch costumes that they wore proudly in the 2017 'Cultural Concert' at RPS. What an iconic photo girls. We are so proud of you!

Twins are us


Nikki Grant

ELL Co-ordinator


Zone Athletics 2017

On Tuesday 28 November, 26 of our senior students attended the Remuera Zone Athletics Day.  Once again our students did the school proud in both their sportsmanship and performance.  Special thanks to our large support crew of parents and grandparents.  Below is a list of our achievements for the day.

Zara Calleja

-          3rd Year 5 Girls 800m

-          1st Year 5 Girls 60m

-          1st Year 5 Girls 100m

4x100m Relays

-          Year 5 girls 2nd

-          Year 6 boys 1st

Curtis Ujfalussy

-          1st Year 6 Boys 60m

-          1st Year 6 Boy 100m

Lily Allen

-          4th Year 6 Girls 100m

-          3rd Year 6 Girls High Jump


Maria Sminchisescu

-          1st Year 5 Girls 200m


Jacob Hawksbee

-          3rd Year 6 Boys 200m


Year 6 Breakfast

Year 6 Breakfast

A great time was had by all our year 6 Leavers and their parents in the hall last Friday morning. This Year 6 breakfast is a great tradition we have here at RPS, but it takes a lot of organisation to feed 260 people breakfast at 7.30am. A big thank you to the Year 5 parents for organising this and of course to the PTA for paying for it!  Special thanks goes to our sponsor McDonalds who donated all the juices, waters and apple bags.


We had an enthusiastic young speaker, George Powell, who is the drummer in the up and coming Kiwi band Openside who had a great message for all the kids - Be yourself, follow your dreams and don't pay too much attention to what everyone else thinks of you. Thanks George and good luck with your move to Hollywood next year!


School Lunches for the beginning of the 2018 School Year

Subway/Sushi Orders

Orders for Sushi will commence on Wednesday 7th February 2018

Orders for Subway will commence on Thursday 8th February 2018

Please ensure your child brings their own lunch on 1st, 2nd & 5th February.

Tuesday 6th February is Waitangi Day.



mumber works try 3


Kickstart your children into gear for next year. A NumberWorks'nWords holiday programme will give your children the chance to get up to speed in Maths and English before school starts. Places in our holiday programme are limited and fill fast. The programme runs Monday 22nd Jan - Friday 26th Jan. Call now for a FREE Assessment and Introductory Lesson - 0800 386 266


Summer Reading at Auckland Libraries

Summer Reading at Auckland Libraries


School Holiday Tennis at Parnell Tennis Club


Maunsell Street, Phone; 373-2733 Club, 373-4205 Office

Email: Pltc@xtra.co.nz Website: www.pltc.co.nz

Come and join us for some great tennis and fun at Parnell TC, NZ's premier club.

An exciting holiday programme for juniors who are keen to improve their tennis over the school holidays. We endeavor to structure groups according to player ability from beginner to advanced standards.

FIRST WEEK: from Monday to Friday    (4, 5, 6, 7, 8 December 2017)

SECOND WEEK: from Monday to Friday    (11, 12, 13, 14, 15 December)

THIRD WEEK: from Monday to Friday     (18, 19, 20, 21, 22 December)

We will run the School holiday programme for three weeks in January 2018 too.


WEEK ONE: from Monday to Friday   (8, 9, 10, 11, 12 January 2018)

WEEK TWO: from Monday to Friday   (15, 16, 17, 18, 19 January)

WEEK THREE: from Monday to Friday   (22, 23, 24, 25, 26 January)


9:00 am to 12 noon          (Morning Clinic)           $180  or  $45 per day

12:00 noon to 3:00 pm     (Afternoon Clinic)         $180  or  $45 per day

9:00 am to 3:00 pm          (FULL DAY CLINIC)  $320  or  $75 per day

(Payment on arrival)

AGE: 4 - 16 years old

BRING: Tennis racquet, sports clothing, tennis shoes, water bottle and morning tea.

Coaching is on rain or shine. Certificates & Prizes on the last day.


*     stroke analysis & correction               *    fitness & exercise

*     match tactics                                       *    sportsmanship

*     fun games                                           *    drills for practice


JUNIORS CLUB COACHING is FREE for the club members. Membership fee is

$200 + $35 Entrance fee. Coaching is on Saturdays (during the Tennis season, but not during the school and public holidays).

Time: 9:00 - 10:30am (4-9years old),  10.30 am -12:00 pm (10 - 18 years old).



Due to demand please pre book!!!

DATES:           Saturdays: Feb (2018)   10, 17, 24.  March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31.

Sundays: February  11, 18, 25.  March 4, 11, 18, 25.  April 1.

TIME:              8:00 - 9:00 am for 4-16 years old

All basic tennis strokes will be covered. Coaching is on rain or shine.

DATES:           Tuesdays: February 13, 20, 27.  March 6, 13, 20, 27. April 3.

TIME:              7:45 -8:45 am for 4 - 10 years old

DATES:           Fridays: February 9, 16, 23.  March 2, 9, 16, 23. April 6.

TIME:              7:15 - 8:15 am for 11-16 years old

Fridays classes are designed for the Juniors who already have some tennis experience.

This is ideal way to fast track improvement for inter school and inter club competition.

COST: $180.00 for 8 weeks or $25 for one week (Payment on arrival).

COACH: Goran Marsic NZPTCA (Level 2) TCNZ (Competiton Coach) 27 yrs expe.

ENQUIRIES:   (021) 1677-460, (09) 377-9393, e-mail:  gmarsic@gmail.com