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February 09 Newsletter 2017

Message from the Principal

Welcome back, and thank you for assisting both your children and their teachers in having an exceptionally smooth start to the 2017 school year. We are extremely excited about this year and the fascinating journey of discovery and growth that lies ahead for both you the parents, but more importantly for your children. It's my pleasure also to welcome back students and families that are returning to RPS, and also to extend a very warm welcome to new families joining the RPS community.

My family and I had an amazing holiday on Australia's Sunshine Coast, where we enjoyed the sun, surf and many a lazy day reading a good book.  This year's holiday, however, was tinged with a little sadness too as we bid farewell to our daughter who will be dancing full time this year and living in Australia.  I know that, at some stage, our greatest gifts will leave the nest, but the first is always a little tougher.  She is excited about her journey and for us as parents and educators, we know only too well, the richness that comes from being able to pursue a life long ambition.

On this note, one of the greatest gifts we possess is a life-long enthusiasm for learning new things. As babies, we discovered a world full of wonder. Every day, we found new things to touch, smell and taste. It is part of being human to love learning - be it mastering your backhand approach shot in tennis, gaining new skills in cricket or netball, discovering a new word in the latest book you're reading, or conquering a new set of spelling words. Whatever the achievement - we experience great joy with new learning.

This year I would encourage you to not only keep your own love of learning alive, but that too of your children. Find the joy in new challenges, overcoming obstacles, mastering new knowledge. Encourage your children to make it a point of personal pride to do their best, try their hardest and refuse to be beaten.

RPS is blessed with an incredibly talented staff. They have each spent an inordinate amount of time preparing an incredible array of learning experiences for the year. The teachers will push, prod and nudge each student to stretch not only their physical self, but also the limits of their thinking and creativity.  Our commitment to academic excellence, coupled with our determination to address the children's physical and emotional intelligences, will mean that RPS is a great place to foster your children's love of learning.

On behalf of the entire staff, may I wish you all a great year at RPS.


Meet the Teacher Morning February 24 at 8.15am

Our annual "Meet the Teacher" presentation is scheduled for Friday February 24.

This year, our presentation will be held in the morning as a way of encouraging more families to attend. We hope that this new time slot will provide families - who ordinarily would not be able to attend - an opportunity to come along and hear about the exciting year ahead.

Our presentation begins in the Hall promptly at 8:15am, where I will outline the year ahead, before parents head to their child's class. Teachers will then present a brief 20 minute overview covering items such as: class expectations, curriculum highlights, homework and special events for this year.  We anticipate all presentations being completed by 9:05am.

Please mark your calendars and we look forward to welcoming you.


Sport Remuera 2017


Sport Remuera was set up in 1996 by a committee of parents in collaboration with the School's Leadership, to co-ordinate and provide opportunities for students to engage in afterschool sport - outside of what is offered within the school day.

The overarching goals of Sport Remuera are to offer sporting choices to RPS children within an environment that is safe and fun, to develop their skills and to foster a healthy relationship within our school community.

Sport Remuera Chairperson:

Shana Mutton, shanam@rps.school.nz (Shana is also the school's Sports Coordinator)

Sport Remuera Treasurer:

Caroline Allen   callen.nz@gmail.com

Sport Remuera Coordinators:


Suzy Greenhalgh  GreenhalghS@landcareresearch.co.nz


Caroline Allen rpsnetball@hotmail.com


Tara Reeves / Jo Meikleham  rpsrugby@gmail.com


Nicole Hardie Nicole.xanthopol@kensingtonswan.com

Registration forms are sent to all children throughout the year as required.  Registrations are on a first in, first served basis.  Late registrations will only be accepted if space is available in a team.  Winter sport registrations and information are included below.



Welcome to Netball 2017.

Remuera Primary School plays netball at Auckland Netball Centre, 7 Allison Ferguson Drive, Stonefields, Auckland

  • Years 1 - 5 play on a Thursday night, times vary each week.
  • Year 6 plays on a Tuesday night, times vary each week.
  • Season dates - 9th May - 24th August (no play 13th, 20th, 27th July)

Junior Netball - Years 1 and 2

  • This level introduces netball to 5 and 6 year olds.
  • The aim is develop some ball and movement skills
  • Player numbers - 4 vs 4 on 1/3 netball court
  • Played on the indoor courts with modified hoops
  • Game times: THURSDAY 4.00 pm / 4.40 pm / 5.20 pm
  • 20 mins skill sessions followed by a game - 2 by 10 min half's

Junior Netball - Years 3 and 4

  • This level introduces netball to 7 to 8 year olds.
  • The aim is continue developing skills while playing on a reduced court
  • Player numbers - 5 vs 5 on 2/3 netball court
  • Player positions - 2 attacks, 2 defenders, 1 center
  • Played outside with goalposts at 2.6m
  • Game times: THURSDAY 4.00 pm / 4.55 pm / 5.50 pm
  • 14 mins skills session followed by a game - 4 by 8 min quarters

Future Ferns - Year 5

  • This level is continuing development and fundamental netball skills
  • The aim is continue developing skills and rotating player positions
  • Player numbers - 6 vs 6 on a full netball court
  • Player positions - 2 attacks, 2 defenders, 2 centers
  • Played outside with goalposts at 2.6m
  • Game times: THURSDAY 4.15 pm / 5.10 pm / 6.05 pm
  • Games - 4 by 8 min quarters

Year 6

  • This level consolidates skills and players have moved into positions
  • The aim is to continue developing skills on a full court
  • Player numbers - 7 vs 7, full positions
  • Player positions - GA, GS, WA, C, GD, WD, GK
  • Played outside with goalposts at 3.05m
  • Game times: TUESDAY 4.15 pm / 5.05 pm / 5.55 pm / 6.45 pm
  • Full games - 4 by 10 min quarters

If you wish to register your child into netball please send ALL the following information to rpsnetball@hotmail.com.


Child's Name

Date of Birth

Room Number & Year Group

Parent/Caregiver Name

Home Address

Phone Number

Email Address

Registration Fee Paid Y/N (include amount paid)


I am able to be a Team Manager Y/N

I am able to be a Team Coach Y/N

Registrations close - FRIDAY 17TH MARCH, or when teams are full.

Registration Fees

Years 1 - 4 - $120.00

Years 5 - 6  - $150.00

Please forward payment with your registration into the RPS Sport Account -

Account Number 12-3030-0619887-00

Use your child's name and room no as a reference.


Important Dates To Note

  • Trials - Monday 20th - Friday 24th March, please watch emails to see what day your child is to attend.
  • Year 5 & 6 extra coaching - Sunday 7th May and Sunday 21st May, 1pm - 3pm (further information will follow.)
  • Netball photo date - THURSDAY 15TH JUNE


Coaches / Managers

Remuera Primary School Netball operates on a volunteer basis, we welcome any offers of help from parents, friends, siblings or relatives.  This could be in the form of coaching your child's team OR volunteering as team manager.

No experience necessary as full support/training provided.

Please indicate your interest when registering your child.

Without enough volunteers some teams may not be able to be entered.

Any queries please email Caroline Allen on rpsnetball@hotmail.com



Please note that Football now sits outside Sport Remuera and is being run by Ellerslie Football Club.  Inquiries can be made via this email address: registrationsjy@ellersliefootball.org.nz

Ellerslie Football Club is now taking registrations for the 2017 season for all age groups.

Playing for Ellerslie in a school team is great fun and means the children can often have their practice at school making things much easier.

If you would like your child to play in a team with other Remuera Primary School children make sure you register before 27 February, listing any mates you'd like your child to play with and stating that your child attends Remuera Primary School.

Being a volunteer club, parents are encouraged to put their hand up to help coach and manage teams and you can note your willingness to help when registering.

Please check the website for key dates - http://ellersliefootball.org.nz/UFresource/2017_JY_Calendar_V4_20170124_(with_links).pdf

Trials are starting now for children born in 2008 and older.


  • all boys and girls born in 2008 wanting to play in the 9th Grade mixed teams, you only need to trial if you would like to be considered for an Auckland Football graded team - if you are wanting to stay in a school team, then there is no need to trial.
  • all girls born in 2008 and older wanting to play Girls Only football should attend the girls trials.
  • children younger than this do not need to trial.

To register please follow the below website link -


For all further enquiries please email -



RUGBY 2017

Remuera Primary School rugby teams play as part of the College Rifles Club in Remuera. The Club is one of the leading Junior Clubs in the country. It offers great facilities including all-weather astro turf (meaning no cancellations) and a family-friendly bar, playground and café for after match fun.

The Under 6 Grade plays Rippa Rugby on Friday 5.30pm under lights with training Tuesdays at 5pm. Rippa Rugby is a non-tackle form of rugby, which is a fun and social introduction to the game.

The Under 7 Grade plays Rippa Rugby Friday 6.20pm under lights.  Towards the end of the season some tackle practice and skills are added to the games. Trainings are held Tuesdays at 5pm.

The Under 8 grades and above play tackle rugby on Saturday mornings at College Rifles and at other fields Auckland-wide.  Trainings are at a time arranged by coaches.

From the Under 8 grade up, there are weight limits in place.  The Auckland Rugby Union sets these weight limits in an effort to ensure an enjoyable experience for all players.

  • U8 (2009 YOB) is a learning to play tackle rugby year

- Under 31Kgs

- Under 47Kgs

  • U9 and U10 Half Field Rugby (2008 & 2007 YOB)

- Under 35 Kgs

- Under 40 Kgs

- Under 50 Kgs

- Under 60 Kgs

  • U11 Full Field (2006 YOB) (2 Kgs Allowance beginning 30 June)

- Under 43Kgs

- Under 65Kgs

The rugby season runs from mid-April until late August. Dates to be confirmed.

We are working with College Rifles to have coaching/ball skills session for new and existing players at Remuera Primary early in Term 1.  Dates to be confirmed soon.

If your child is interested in playing rugby -

PLEASE EMAIL JO & TARA ON:  rpsrugby@gmail.com BEFORE MARCH 1st with the following information:

1.  Your Child's Name

2.  Your Child's School Year and Classroom Number

3.  Your Child's Date of Birth

4.  Your Child's Weight (if in the Under 8 category or above)

YOU WILL ALSO NEED TO REGISTER IN PERSON WITH YOUR CHILD AT COLLEGE RIFLES as per the dates below. Emailing Jo & Tara will ensure your child is put in an RPS team where possible when you register at College Rifles.

College Rifles 2017 Junior Rugby Registration

Club Rooms at 33 Haast Street, Remuera

7-25th February

  • Monday to Friday 3-7pm
  • Saturday 9am-1pm

http://www.collegerifles.co.nz/upload/usermedia/files/31/rego flyer.pdf

Costs:  (Multiple Children must be from same family)

Under 6 -15's: $170 1 x Child / $280 2 x Children / $360 3 x Children.

Uniform: Players need to purchase the Samurai branded shorts & socks which are available for purchase from the shop onsite at the club. The club provides rugby jerseys for the teams.

If you have any other questions or would like to help out as a coach or a manager please contact Jo & Tara on rpsrugby@gmail.com.


Flippa Ball is a miniature version of Water Polo aimed exclusively at year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children. It is a stepping-stone to Water Polo and is run by the New Zealand Water Polo Association.

Games: RPS Flippa Ball runs in terms two and three and is held on Sunday afternoons at either St Cuthbert's or Diocesan School for Girls in Epsom.

Training: In 2016 we had training on Saturday afternoons and we expect the same for this year. Our training times will depend on the pool availability at either St Cuthbert's or Dio, but in all likelihood they will be sometime over the weekend. All players are expected to attend.

The game comprises of two teams with six field players and one goalie (seven in total). Flippa Ball is played in a shallow pool, where children can touch the bottom. The ball can only be caught or passed with 1 hand. The game consists of two 8 minute halves, and is a fast paced fun game. The maximum number of players on a team will be 8 or 9, to ensure that we have a couple of subs for each game.

All gear is provided and the league will begin in term 2. The estimated cost of your child playing (including training) will be around $110-140 per term (cost will depend on number of children who are playing). Your child will not be accepted on the team unless fees are paid prior to the start of the league.

Flippa Ball is a team sport and therefore we expect commitment from children to attend all practices and games. Please do not enroll your child if they have other weekend commitments that will prevent them from participating in Sunday games.

We also need team coaches and managers for the year. It is a fun sport to coach and we will need some parents/older siblings who are willing to coach the teams. If you know anyone that may be interested please ask them to get in contact with me.

If you would like to know more about the sport, please have a look at the link below.


If you are interested, please contact -

Susie Greenhalgh, Email - greenhalghs@landcareresearch.co.nz

Registration closing date - Friday 10th March


Join the RPS skiers! You don't have to be a super-racer.

RPS Skiing is for Years 5 and 6 and you do need to be able to ski from the top of Snow Planet. So, unfortunately, it's not for beginners but if you have some skiing experience and want to give racing a go, you are very welcome. We learn new skills and have lots of fun.

Ski training  -

Terms - 2 and 3

Location - Snow Planet

Training days - Sundays 3 to 4.30pm

Dates - to be confirmed

We will also compete in the annual North Island Primary School Ski Champs being held at Whakapapa from Monday 28 August to Thursday 31 August 2017.  Details to follow.

If you are interested, please contact -

Nicole Hardie Email - Nicole.xanthopol@kensingtonswan.com

Phone - 021 589 646

Registration closing date - Friday March 31s


Second Hand Uniform Sale Monday 13th February

Second Hand Uniform Sale Monday 13th February 8.30am on the courts by the Music Room (or in the Hall if it's raining) Be quick - it's very popular!

For sale at $10 will be Polar Fleeces, Culottes, Shorts, Sports Shorts, and Polo Shirts. The gingham dresses are no longer available.  Caps/hats will be $5.

If your child has lost any uniform items don't forget to check Lost Property which is located between Rooms 12 and 13. Remember to name your children's uniforms, including hats.

If you have any pre-loved uniforms in good condition for the school to sell, please hand them in at the school office. These Second Hand Uniform sales not only help school families but raise much needed funds for the school.


New Life for Old Uniforms

Last call for old girls' uniforms. As you will all be aware the Gingham Dress and old Green Tunic are no longer part of the RPS Uniform. One of our Mums is working with community groups and Rotary New Zealand to identify new homes for this clothing.

So clear out the wardrobe and bring your old uniforms into the office and we will pass them along to Sarah. If you can help with sorting, cleaning, mending and packing please contact Sarah on 021 142 7587.


Family Fun Night 2017

Family Fun Night 2017 Thursday 2nd March 4 - 7pm

Come one come all to a fun filled night on the field. Meet up with old school friends, make some new ones and have some fun!

There will be a giant waterslide, dunk tank and other great entertainment! Rides are all free!

BYO Picnic dinner. Brings togs, towels, sunscreen, spare change of clothes.

There will be a sausage sizzle, sushi, ice blocks and kid's drinks for sale so bring your spare change.

Rain date: Thursday March 9th.


Chaos at the School Gate


As a school we value the relationship we have with our neighbours and therefore it is with disappointment we have received a number of complaints regarding parking by some parents before and after school.

We would like to remind parents that standard road rules apply and you should not be parking or stopping on yellow lines, in the bus stop, across our neighbours' driveways, double parking and coming up onto the footpaths. Be aware that there is heavy foot traffic of small children crossing and walking in these areas before and after school. Offenders will have their licence plate numbers forwarded to the Community Constable for him to action.



Ice Block Fridays

Ice Block Fridays

Lemonade Ice Blocks will be on sale on Friday afternoons this term - $2

They will be available at Break 2 after the 1.25pm bell and sellers will be located under the stairs in the senior block and under the sunshade in the junior block. Ice Blocks will not be available on Mufti / Sausage Sizzle Fridays.


Hands On Autism’ Workshop



Chinese New Year in Remuera





Please pop into Life Pharmacy where some of our RPS children have their Chinese Lanterns displayed.  RPS is thrilled to have two dancing groups performing at the 10 February event.


Auckland Boys Choir is auditioning for its 2017 Choir

Do you know a boy who loves to sing? Auckland Boys Choir is auditioning for new boys for its 2017 choir. This is a fabulous choir where the boys have fun, put on concerts, and make huge strides with their singing and musical ability.

Audition date       Monday 13th February

Time     4.30pm

Venue   St George's Church hall

Ranfurly Road (Off Market Road), Epsom

To find out more, go to our website (aucklandboyschoir.org.nz), check our Facebook page, or contact our choir manager Fraser Faulknor: manager@aucklandboyschoir.org.nz or 021 030 9515.

We look forward to seeing all interested families.


School Scholarship for Year 7 Students at King's School 2018

The 2017 King's School Entrance Scholarships (Year 7, 2018 entry year) are taking place at the School on Tuesday 28th February 2017 at 9am. These Scholarships are open to all boys who are currently in Year 6.

Further details and application forms can be found by going to www.kings.school.nz or for more information please call Kirsty Higgs on 520 7774

Applications close on Friday 24th February 2017.