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February 23 Newsletter 2017

Message from the Principal

I am delighted to introduce three teachers who have joined our dynamic staff in 2017.  Please join me in welcoming them to the RPS family.

Corinna Anthony: Year 1

Corinna joins us from university where she has recently completed her Bachelor of Teaching degree. While being new to the profession, we are delighted with the résumé that Corinna brings and know that she will be an asset to our New Entrant team of teachers. Corinna brings strengths and a real passion for Social Science, Art and Literacy.

Ella Denee: Year 2

Ella joins us from Willowbank School and came to us with glowing references.  Her previous Principal described her as one of the most dynamic teachers she had worked with.  Ella also has a degree in Environmental Science and describes herself as a collaborative and creative thinker. She enjoys being creative through cooking, art & gardening.

Pip Robbie: Year 6

Pip joins us from Upper Harbour Primary and has already proved to be a real asset for our Senior School. An avid athlete and fan of the great outdoors, Pip enjoys running, hiking and swimming. She has worked in a variety of school in NZ and also as a language teacher in Shanghai, China. Pip's life experiences enable her to develop rich - inquiry based, learning tasks that are both stimulating and rewarding for her students.


Meet the Teacher Morning Tomorrow February 24 at 8.15am

Our annual "Meet the Teacher" presentation is scheduled for tomorrow Friday February 24.

Our presentation begins in the Hall promptly at 8:15am, where our Principal Stephen King will outline the year ahead, before parents head to their child's class. Teachers will then present a brief 20 minute overview covering items such as: class expectations, curriculum highlights, homework and special events for this year. We anticipate all presentations being completed by 9:05am.

We look forward to welcoming you.


RPS Year 5 & 6 Swimming Sports 2017

The Senior School Swimming Sports were held on Tuesday 21st February at Sacred Heart College. A big thank you to all the parents who helped out on this day.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  Well done to all the students who took part and congratulations to the winners.

50m Freestyle:

Year 5 Girls: 1st Molly Sherrard, 2nd Rosie MacMahon, 3rd Isla Pengelly

Year 5 Boys: 1st Jamie Cantell-Roberts, 2nd Matthew Davidson, 3rd Jonathan Ge

Year 6 Girls: 1st Carolyn Yu, 2nd Lily Allen, 3rd Tash Wu

Year 6 Boys: 1st Ethan Chuang, 2nd Jack Geldard, 3rd Sam McKay

25m Backstroke:

Year 5 Girls: 1st Rosie MacMahon, 2nd Isabelle Dunlop, 3rd Isla Pengelly

Year 5 Boys: 1st Jamie Cantell-Roberts, 2nd Jack Fox, 3rd Jonathan Ge

Year 6 Girls: 1st Carolyn Yu, 2nd Lily Allen,  3rd Tash Wu

Year 6 Boys: 1st Sam McKay, 2nd Luca Toner, 3rd George Elrick

25m Breaststroke:

Year 5 Girls:1st Tessa Bain, 2nd Molly Sherrard, 3rd Rosie MacMahon

Year 5 boys:1st Siddharth Kesavan, 2nd Joel Chaplow, 3rd James Magnusson

Year 6 girls: 1st Carolyn Yu, 2nd Sophia Alexander, 3rd Alex Wilson

Year 6 Boys: 1st Jack Geldard, 2nd Ethan Chuang, 3rd Hunter Clark

25m Freestyle:

Year 5 Girls 1st Molly Sherrard, 2nd Isla Pengelly, 3rd Zara Calleja

Year 5 Boys: 1st Matthew Davidson, 2nd Jamie Cantell-Roberts, 3rd Jonathan Ge

Year 6 Girls: 1st Carolyn Yu, 2nd Lily Allen, 3rd Tash Wu

Year 6 Boys:1st Ethan Chuang, 2nd Luca Toner, 3rd= Jack Geldard and Sam McKay

Overall champions

Year 5 Girl: Molly Sherrard

Year 5 Boy: Jamie Cantell-Roberts

Year 6 Girl: Carolyn Yu

Year 6 Boy: Ethan Chuang

Relay Champions: OMAHU HOUSE


Family Fun Night 2017

Family fun night 2017 for newsletter


Music groups this year at RPS

Whaea Roshan is proud to offer the following groups this year...

Senior Choir- Years 5 and 6

Marimba group- Years 5 and 6

Bucketeers- Years 4 to 6

Kapahaka group- Years 4 to 6

Rockband- Years 5 and 6

Registration for these groups will take place during Week 5. The times of registration will be broadcast through the school news bulletin.

The Toru Wha choir will be offered for Year 3 and 4 students and will start in Term 2

Parent help needed: With the addition of the Kapahaka group and the retirement of Judith, we are looking for parents to help with  taking the orchestra or rock band.  If you are interested in running one of these groups, please email Roshan on roshant@rps.school.nz

Kapahaka group

RPS is excited to offer a Kapahaka group for Year 4 to 6 students this year. Whaea Roshan will be leading the group and she is looking for parents with guitar skills and/or Maori/Kapahaka experience to help support this group.

Please email her on roshant@rps.school.nz if you are able to help.


Writing from Year 6

Dream Camp By Ethan Chuang Room 25

I jumped on the bus. I was ready to go on camp. I was going into a Sri Lankan jungle! It was only a two hour ride. The bus roared on. I checked my equipment one more time, to check if I had everything packed. "Sri Lankan jungle here I come!"

I was going with my friends. They were very good with snakes. One friend had been going to this camp since he was five years old. Another had never been on camp. My last friend was a lazy person who sat around and ate chips all day long.

The reason why we went on this camp was because of the story which we had read in The Daily News. It caught our attention. It said that we could catch snakes, examine spiders, build a shelter and kitchen, climb trees, raft in the ponds and lakes and go on bush walks. It looked like the best camp ever.

We had to expect hot temperatures because it was in the jungle. We also had to expect hard work and maybe injury. There would not be much food and water, so if you wanted more you had to find your own. There was a seven hour trek back to the bus.

The bus screeched to a stop in front of a dense jungle. "Here at last" I thought. I climbed off the bus and jumped around like a rabbit. Warmed up, I thought "time to go to camp!" My only worry was if I would ever eat honeydew melon ever again.


The Chase By Isabella Edhouse, Room 31


I am running though the long golden grass making our way to the Sheriff''s hut. We jump onto the hot wooden deck the fierce donkeys are surrounding the deck.

"Oh no!" we are both thinking as they all step onto the deck. They start coming closer. We both run into the sheriff's hut and barricade the door with whatever we can find like hay bales. We sit down on the jail bed catching our breath.


Oh no, the back door we run over but it's too late the donkeys are charging in. We both freeze not knowing what to do.The donkeys push us into the jail and lock the door.  Suddenly, they slam the door and storm off. Tessa had an idea. She slipped through the metal bars and unlocked it for me . Then we ran for our lives down the hill to the camp site.

Since we are so hot we decide to go for a surf. We tried holding hands while surfing but it did not work AT ALL.  Tessa sunk to the bottom and hit a rook and I did a forward flip and the board landed on top of me. We stumbled out of the water shaking and we ran to our towels and sat down on the camp chairs talking. Then we saw a path that we followed and it lead into the bush and there was a gumdigger's cottage. We both spotted a donkey statue.  When we came closer the donkey was a real donkey and it started chasing us. We ran and we slid down a bank and he galloped past us.'



I think we're stuck.''

"Really? "I sighed.  We climbed up a tree and we could just jump back onto the bank and then Tessa saw a path leading the other way. We walked though and WOW.

A giant maori meeting house. We started to walk to it and we heard the faint sound of music. We walked over and peaked in the door and we could not believe our eyes. The donkeys were having a disco. We started backing off but i tripped on a log and gave a loud scream and the music stopped and the donkeys come out. We ran back and hid in our tents for the rest of the day.

Lucy Kate by Lucy Kate McCallum Room 28


Bubbly, caring, generous,

Lover of books and tabby cats purring on her bed,

Who is able to empathise and laugh with people,

Who feels content when playing imaginary games with her sister,

Who wonders why humans destroy rainforests?

Who fears creatures that hide in the darkness,

Who cares about looking after the environment,

Who dreams of owning her own tea shop.


Frozen In Time By Christian O'Brien - Room 29

Three people are smiling for a photo. They are frozen in time.  Had they not been wrongly convicted of unscrupulous crimes, they would have returned to the Kuiper Belt. They had originally intended to have a relaxing holiday in the 703th mountain in the Rings of Saturn. Tragically, they are condemned to be frozen in their dream world. Forever...



NumberWorks'nWords, Specialist Maths and English tuition

NumberWorks'nWords provides specialist Maths and English tuition for students from New Entrant to Year 10. They are a leader in specialist tuition with 30 years of experience. By tailoring lessons for each individual, setting and monitoring goals, using specialist tutors, and making it fun, they achieve amazing results. Visit www.numberworksnwords.co.nz for more information or to book a free assessment.

To see some of our blogs click on the link below



Numberworks 26th May 2016


Reminder: Flippaball registrations for kids Year 3 to Year 6

We are putting together the 2017 flippaball teams and would like to remind parents to register their children if they would like to play.

Flippaball is like waterpolo except that the Years 3-5 kids can touch the bottom of the pool. Year 6 kids will be playing minipolo in a deep pool. The games are quite short being only 8 minutes long (but quite tiring for the kids) and all indoors which is great during the winter. All gear is provided and the league will begin in Term 2. The estimated cost of your child playing (including training) will be around $110-$140 per term (cost will depend on number of children who are playing).

Training is on Saturday afternoons from 5-6pm at St Cuthberts and games are on Sundays (they seem to be between 12pm and 4pm at the moment but that may change next term).

Registrations close on March 10th so if your child would like to play or you would like more information please contact Suzie Greenhalgh (greenhalghs@landcareresearch.co.nz)




We are very excited to be the first club in Auckland to offer GIRLS ONLY rugby competitions in 2017 for girls from Year 3 to Year 8.  Women's rugby is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide and College Rifles has a very proud history in women's rugby.  Last year our women's team, the T-Birds, won the Coleman Shield as the top team in the Auckland Women's Premier Competition.  College Rifles has had many women over the years who have played for Auckland and for New Zealand.

After listening to what the girls in our area want we have decided to offer the following formats:

Year 3/4 Rippa Rugby*

Year 5/6 Rippa Rugby*

Year 7/8 Tackle Rugby

To make a 'tackle' in Rippa Rugby you tear a velcro tag from the opposition's belt.  The game has the same feel as rugby but takes out the contact element for children who are new to rugby.

College Rifles will provide the team rugby jerseys.  Girls will play in either running shoes, cross trainers or bare feet.  Shorts can be purchased for the club store or you can wear your own.  Mouthguards are compulsory for both Rippa and Tackle rugby.

We will offer coaching sessions in February to all players and teams before the module starts.

All games are played at College Rifles, Mondays after school from 4 PM.  The module starts Monday 27 March and ends Monday 22 May. * No game during the school holidays

Fees:  $50 per girl all inclusive.

To register your daughter please click on the link below and fill in the details:




Term One music lessons at school are now underway!

Term One music lessons at school are now underway!

Our 30 minute instrumental lessons take place after school at Remuera Primary.  Guitar,ukulele, keyboard and piano lessons are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays after school.

If you would like your child to join one of our music programmes at school but have not yet enrolled, please enrol online at www.lewiseady.co.nz New enrolments will be scheduled for a mid-term start in the week commencing 13 March.





AT Hop Card


Hop Card


AT HOP is a reusable prepay smart card for travel on trains, ferries and buses around Auckland. Students can save $100 a term by loading a Child fare concession on their AT HOP card. To apply, parents need to buy and register an AT HOP card for their child. Children under 5 years of age travel free when accompanied by a fare paying passenger. For more information visit our website https://at.govt.nz/schooltravel


Football Kidz at RPS

Football Kidz are providing the opportunity for your child to enjoy 5 weekly session of football in a fun environment. The content of the sessions will include lots of specifically-designed, fun football exercises and games that are high in movement and include every child, using a FKNZ-supplied football. The games are designed according to the ability and age levels of the children which makes for an enjoyable experience.

Remuera Primary School

  • 5 weekly sessions
  • Starts: Thursday 9th March
  • Time:   3.15-4pm
  • Venue: School Field
  • Cost:    $49 per single child, $24 for each extra sibling

Register your child at www.footballkidznz.co.nz and follow the instructions.

(Discount code: SIBLING)