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February 7 Newsletter 2019

Message from the Principal

Welcome back, and thank you for assisting both your children and their teachers in having an exceptionally smooth start to the 2019 school year. We are extremely excited about this year and the fascinating journey of discovery and growth that lies ahead for both you the parents, but more importantly for your children. It's my pleasure also to welcome back students and families that are returning to RPS, and also to extend a very warm welcome to new families joining the RPS community.

This year I would encourage you to not only keep your own love of learning alive, but that too of your children. Find the joy in new challenges, overcoming obstacles, mastering new knowledge. Encourage your children to make it a point of personal pride to do their best, try their hardest and refuse to be beaten.

RPS is blessed with an incredibly talented staff. They have each spent an inordinate amount of time preparing an incredible array of learning experiences for the year. The teachers will push, prod and nudge each student to stretch not only their physical self, but also the limits of their thinking and creativity.  Our commitment to academic excellence, coupled with our determination to address the children's physical and emotional intelligences, will mean that RPS is a great place to foster your children's love of learning.

On behalf of the entire staff, may I wish you all a great year at RPS.

RPS Staff 2019

Principal: Stephen King

Deputy Principal - Curriculum & Assessment, and Junior School Coordinator: Amanda Taylor

Deputy Principal - Wellness & Engagement, and Middle School Coordinator: Kate Seales

Deputy Principal - Teaching & Learning, and Senior School Coordinator: Shana Mutton

* Please note Mark Hassall is currently on personal leave for terms 1 & 2

Year One:

Katharine Grigor - Senior Teacher

Gloria Cheung

Katrina Barber

Te Awatea Rangiuaia-Carter

Corinna Anthony

Year Two:

Sally Fraser - Senior Teacher

Natasha Rajan

Olivia Wallace

Nicole Dunne

Year Three:

Jacqui McCowatt - Senior Teacher

Caroline Brewerton/Angie Pengelly

Ayesha Croucher

Pip Robbie/Liz Stewart

Year Four:

Tarsha Bray - Senior Teacher

Vanessa Page

Colleen Iese

Cathy Richardson

Year Five:

Patricia Whitmore - Senior Teacher

Ed Beel

James Walsh

Mikaelah Cash

Year Six:

Gemma Robertson - Senior Teacher

Alix Osbaldiston

Laura Kirby

Dani Vulinovich

Karolina Kirshmann


Nikki Grant, ESOL - Senior Teacher

Natalie Morfett - ESOL

Ann Quickendsen - ESOL

Rachael Cole - The Arts

Ella Denee - STEAM


Meet the Teacher Morning

Our annual "Meet the Teacher" presentation is scheduled for Wednesday February 13.

This year, our presentation will be held in the morning as a way of encouraging more families to attend. We hope that this new time slot will provide families - who ordinarily would not be able to attend - an opportunity to come along and hear about the exciting year ahead.

Presentations will begin at 8:50am in your child's classroom. Your child's teacher will present a brief 20 minute overview covering items such as: class expectations, curriculum highlights, homework and special events for this year.  We anticipate all presentations being completed by 9:15am.

Please mark your calendars and we look forward to welcoming you.


Stranger Danger

Stranger Danger

It has been brought to our attention that on Tuesday morning one of our students was approached by a stranger on his way to school.

Whilst walking along St Vincent Avenue a man tried to lure him into his car at about 8:00am. The man was in his 30's or 40's, with very dark skin, and a stubbly moustache. He was driving a silver sedan, that was lowered, to the point of looking a little like a boy racer's car. The man didn't get out of his car, but asked our student to get in so he could give him a lift, he said "I know your school, do you want a ride?" He then turned around, and asked again. At this point he didn't drive away, but remained parked on St Vincent Avenue.  Our student very sensibly kept walking and arrived safely at school.  This matter has been reported to the Police.

At our next whole school Assembly we will be talking to our students to remind them of how to keep themselves safe when travelling to and from school. In the interim please also speak with your children to ensure they are aware of what to do if confronted by a stranger or if they feel in danger at any time.


Dropping and picking up your child to and from school

We are seeing an increasing number of students dropped to school very early in the morning as well as being picked up very late at the end of the school day.  Our classrooms do not open until 8.30am and close at 3.15pm. Parents are responsible for their children outside of those hours, even if they are still on the school grounds.  If you need to drop your child off early and need to pick them up after 3pm Skids provide a Before and After School care in our School Hall. Details on their programme is in a separate article in this newsletter.


PTA News

Ice Block Fridays are back!!

Every Friday this term (unless it's raining). So bring your $2 along for a lovely, cold, lemonade ice block. Look out for the green wheelbarrows at second break in both the senior and junior blocks.

Parents, we need a few more volunteers to assist with this fun activity and many hands make light work. So, if you could volunteer a 1/2 hour one Friday this term it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Jo at jmeikleham@gmail.com.

PTA Liaisons

The PTA are very excited to announce the establishment of PTA Liaisons in 2019.

We would like to thank Steve King, and the RPS Board, for supporting this initiative.

The PTA Liaisons will be a class parent/caregiver and will be responsible for:

-Communicating PTA events and news to their classroom via email. 

- Organise the occasional Class Parent/Caregiver coffee or drinks catch up. Enabling parents to meet and talk without the hustle and bustle of school drop offs/picks ups.

- Work with the school to welcome and support new families into our RPS community. 

- Organise the end of year Class Teacher Gift and liaise with teacher on an end of year class event.

There may also be other class events you would like to suggest to the PTA Liaisons Leader.

The PTA Liaison communication to the class will consist of the PTA newsletter (new to RPS 2019), at the start of each term, as well as any other communication directed out from the PTA Liaisons Leader. Approx 2-3 emails per term.

We look forward to hearing from any parent/caregiver who would like to put their name forward for the role of PTA Liaison in 2019 at: rps_pta@outlook.co.nz


PTA Lunch Orders 2019

Pork Buns are coming to RPS!

The PTA are excited to announce the arrival of Chinese Steamed Pork Bun to RPS. We are trialling them this term to test their popularity. So make sure you get your order in and try them.

In addition we will still be offering our ever popular Sausage Sizzle/Mufti Days and also Jesters Pies.

Please check Kindo for the dates these items are available to order at http://kindo.co.nz/

We are always keen on welcoming new volunteers. So, if you would like to add your name to the roster for any of the above please contact us at: rps_pta@outlook.co.nz


Many thanks

Your PTA


Second Hand Uniform Sale

second hand feb 2019


Family Fun Night 2019


We are currently putting together the Family Fun Night team for Thursday 14th March, 2019.  We are looking for people to assist with the following:

  • Suppling/organising SUSHI. This is very popular with the children and it would be a shame not to have it for the next Event.
  • GENERATOR to supply power for the dumpling stall and keep the running of this safe.
  • Posters - Simon Pengelly has kindly designed and donated all our fantastic Family Fun Night posters over the past few years. We need someone who is able to print/design these posters so they can be displayed around the school at the start of Term 1.
  • We are looking for sponsors for a family fun night ride (naming rights available). If you know any businesses, individuals or families that might be interested please contact Rochelle on email below.

If you are happy to help with any of the above or start something new, we are looking for individuals, groups and communities to participate.

Please contact Rochelledandrhoon@gmail.com if you are interested in being part of the team for this year.

Thank you for your support! Jo & Rochelle


Bridge Club Parking

Bridge Club Parking

At RPS we value the relationship we have with our neighbours and this includes our local Bridge Club.  The Club have been very kind in letting our parents briefly (5 to 10 minutes) park in their carpark to drop off and pick up children before and after school.

It seems timely at the beginning of the school year to remind our school community that,  we cannot of right park in the Bridge Club Carpark.

While The Bridge Club carpark is clearly signposted as "Members Parking Only, Tow Away Area" they are more than happy to allow our parents to use their car park for a quick drop off and pick up, anything longer than that and you risk having your car towed.

We need to be respectful and mindful, that the members of this club are in most cases our Senior Citizens, many of whom have mobility issues. As members, they have every right to expect that they will be able to park in their club's carpark.  Please respect their generosity. Thank you


Sport Remuera Rugby 2019

RUGBY 2019

Remuera Primary School rugby teams play as part of the College Rifles Club in Remuera. The Club is one of the leading Junior Clubs in the country. It offers great facilities including all-weather astro turf (meaning no cancellations) and a family-friendly bar, playground and café for after match fun.

Junior Rugby 2019Girls Rugby 2019


The Under 6-7 Grades play Rippa Rugby on Friday from 5.30pm under lights with training usually Tuesdays at 5pm. Rippa Rugby is a non-tackle form of rugby, which is a fun and social introduction to the game.

The Under 8 grades and above play tackle rugby on Saturday mornings at College Rifles and at other fields Auckland-wide.  Trainings are at a time arranged by coaches.

From the Under 8 grade onwards, there are weight limits in place.  The Auckland Rugby Union sets these weight limits in an effort to ensure an enjoyable experience for all players.

JUnior Rugby grades 2019

2019 Junior Rugby Registrations at College Rifles are open now and MUST BE COMPLETED ONLINE.



Note: You will need to load up a passport style photo of your child.

College Rifles will keep children from the same primary school together.

Any questions can be answered through College Rifles website:

www.collegerifles.co.nz or their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pg/riflesjuniorrugby/posts/?ref=page_internal

Costs: (multiple children discounts available)

$175.00 per player

Uniform: Players need to purchase the Samurai branded shorts & socks which are available for purchase from the shop onsite at the club ($50.00). The club provides rugby jerseys for the teams.

If you have any other questions or would like to help out as a coach or a manager please contact Jo & Tara on rpsrugby@gmail.com.


Weigh Day(s)

Saturday 23rd February (11:30am - 1:00pm)

Wednesday 6th March (4:30pm - 6:00pm)

Junior Rugby Muster Day

Wednesday 20th March (4pm - 6pm)

Junior Rugby Preseason U11-13s

Starting Monday 18th February (6 weeks)

(Monday's & Wednesday's from 4:30pm - 5:30pm)

Junior Trainings Start

The week of Monday 1st April

Coaches & Managers Evening(s)

U8-13s Monday 8th April (6:00pm - 8:00pm)

U5-7s Wednesday 10th April (6:00pm - 7:00pm)

Junior Rugby Starts

Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th May


RPS Netball 2019


Welcome to Netball 2019.

Remuera Primary School plays netball at Auckland Netball Centre,
7 Allison Ferguson Drive, Stonefields, Auckland

Years 1 - 6 play on a Thursday night, times vary each week
Season dates - 16th May - 29th August (no play 11th, 18th, 25th July)

Junior Netball - Years 1 and 2

This level introduces netball to 5 and 6 year olds.

The aim is develop some ball and movement skills
Player numbers - 4 vs 4 on 1/3 netball court
Played on the indoor courts with goalposts at 2.1m
Game times: THURSDAY 4.00 pm / 4.45pm
19 mins skill sessions followed by a game - 2 x 10 min halves
No scores are recorded

Junior Netball - Years 3 and 4

This level introduces netball to 7 to 8 year olds.

The aim is continue developing skills while playing on a reduced court
Player numbers - 5 vs 5 on 2/3 netball court
Player positions - 2 attacks, 2 defenders, 1 centre
Played outside with goalposts at 2.6m
Game times: THURSDAY 4.00 pm / 4.55 pm / 5.50 pm
14 mins skills session followed by a game - 4 by 8 min quarters
No scores are recorded

Junior Netball - Years 5 and 6

This level is continuing development and fundamental netball skills
The aim is continue developing skills and rotating player positions
Player numbers - 6 vs 6 on a full netball court
Player positions - 2 attacks, 2 defenders, 2 centres
Played outside with goalposts at 2.6m
Game times: THURSDAY 4.00 pm / 4.55 pm / 5.50 pm / 6.45 pm
15 min warm up followed by a game - 4 by 8 min quarters
Scores are recorded, no results table

If you wish to register your child into netball please send ALL the following below information to - netballrps@gmail.com

Child's Name

Date of Birth

Room Number & Year Group

Parent/Caregiver Name

Home Address

Phone Number

Email Address

Registration Fee Paid Y/N (include amount paid)


I am able to be a Team Manager Y/N

I am able to be a Team Coach Y/N

Registrations close - FRIDAY 15TH MARCH, OR WHEN TEAMS ARE FULL.

Registration Fees
Years 1 - 4 - $120.00
Years 5 - 6  - $150.00

Please forward payment with your registration into the RPS Sport Account -
Account Number 12-3030-0619887-00
Use your child's name and room no as a reference.

Dates To Note

Year 5 & 6 extra AMI coaching - Sunday 5th May and Sunday 19th May, 1pm - 3pm (further information will follow.)
Netball photos will be on THURSDAY 4TH JULY

Coaches / Managers

Remuera Primary School Netball operates on a volunteer basis, we welcome any offers of help from parents, friends, siblings or relatives.  This could be in the form of coaching your child's team OR volunteering as team manager.

No experience necessary as full support/training provided.

Please indicate your interest when registering your child.

Without enough volunteers some teams may not be able to be entered.

Any queries please email Caroline Allen on netballrps@gmail.com


Football 2019

Ellerslie Football 2019


Chinese New Year in Remuera

Lantern 2019


Skids Before and After School Care at RPS


The right start to a child's day is essential for great learning. sKids are able to care for children at school before school begins for the day. We're open from 7.30am. Join us on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for a hot breakfast and a take-away Café-style coffee for all parents!


Whether children need care until 4pm, 5pm or 6pm, for a full week or just one or more days, sKids can help with all permanent or adhoc casual care.

Kids have so much fun at sKids they often don't want to leave. We'll provide a nutritious afternoon tea (please visit us to see our new-improved Food Menu), supervise their homework, let them play, then run a fun activity so parents can rest assured that they are safe, secure and having a great time.

Please contact us for any enquiries at remuera@skids.co.nz or call us on 948 4548 or 021 191 9115.


Art Classes at RPS

The Junior Art Studio Feb 2019


Lewis Eady Music School

Term one music lessons at Remuera Primary start the week commencing 11th  February! We offer group or individual tuition after school on keyboard, piano, ukulele and guitar.

If you would like your child to learn music at school but have not yet enrolled, please enrol online at www.lewiseady.co.nz New enrolments will be scheduled for a mid-term start (the week commencing 14 March).


Remuera Skate School

Remuera Skate School


Playball at RPS

Playball T1 2019