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July 6 Newsletter 2017

Message from the Principal

In April 2016 the Ministry of Education awarded Remuera Primary School the funding necessary to redevelop the Library Block (Phase 1) and the construction of a purpose built Year One Block (Phase 2). This news was very exciting for our school as I have been working with the Ministry for over 3 ½ years to get this off the ground.

As you have seen this week, Phase 1 has now been completed and students in Rooms 1, 2 & 3 along with Shana our STEAM teacher, have been relocated to this block to enable the builders to start work on Phase 2 of our project.

As part of the pre-planning work for Phase 2, Ministry of Education testing has identified non-friable asbestos that needs to be removed prior to demolition of Rooms 1-5. Please note, as the asbestos identified is non-friable, there is no health risk to children or adults. However, when the asbestos is removed, pieces can break and therefore become "friable", which is why - for the safety of our community, all asbestos removal will occur during the July school holidays.

This week has seen the Ministry of Education Asbestos Management Plan commense, with the encapsulation of each room.  Each room is fully encapsulated to ensure that no fibres or dust can escape.  Air monitors will also be installed and monitored throughout the removal process.

Please know that the safety of our students, staff and the broader community is our primary concern.  As such all asbestos will be removed from the 5 affected classes before school resumes on July 24.


PTA News

A big thank you from the Sausage Sizzle Team!

Thank you so much to everyone who ordered through the new online system.  Nearly 100% of our sausage sizzle orders were done through the School Online Shop - fantastic!

The Sausage Sizzle and Mufti is a great fundraiser for our school. All the proceeds go towards supporting your children's education. If your child is not wearing their uniform to school please give a mufti donation. Thank you to those who did - $670 was raised through mufti alone.

Thank you again - the Sausage Sizzle Team.

RPS Quiz Night - What a night!

Another huge thank you to everyone who supported the RPS Quiz Night fundraiser.  Thanks to the wonderful sponsors and businesses that provided the auction items, and to those parents who bought them!  And thanks to our helpers, and and all of you who came along and had a great time!

We raised approximately $16.5k on the night.  Woohoo!  This is going towards new library books and new website development.


RPS Cross Country 2017

Our Cross Country was held on 13th June and was once again a very successful event. Parents were awesome supporters of their children and a great day was had by all. Congratulations to all competitors and, in particular, to the following children who finished in the Top 10.


Year 3 Girls

Year 3 Boys

Year 4 Girls

Year 4 Boys


Emily King

Tyler Moore

Ella Lloyd

Joshua Rowbotham


Olympia Goldsmith

Freddie Littlewood

Georgina McCallum

Edward Ngan-Kee


Angie Li

Angus Magnusson

Emily Allen

Ben Stafford


Zahrena Soma

Oscar Wu

Zoe Miller

Matthew Reeves


Amelie Jarvis

Connor Lee

Isabella Leong

Jake Gunson


Erena Shaw

Isaac O'Donnell

Mikayla Chai

Karson Hawkins


Wanisha Besharati

Zachariah Wu

Libby Napper

Carter Atkin


Olivia Edhouse

Daniel Geck

Georgie Tierney

Hothaifa Oumer


Bronte Devoy

James Howard

Luca Hamilton-Muller

Theo Chittenden


Amelia Fleming

Riley Hoon

Zoe Orr

Campbell Dunwoodie



Year 5 Girls

Year 5 Boys

Year 6 Girls

Year 6 Boys



Zara Calleja

Josh King


Adam Redshaw

Zone Squad


Greta Calleja

James Magnusson

Lily Allen

Xander McLachlan

Zone Squad


Molly Sherrard

Zane Mahon

Sophia Alexander

Sam McKay

Zone Squad


Isla Pengelly

Ethan Lee

Amy Stafford

Ethan Chuang

Zone Squad


Maddie Vincent

Felix Hall

Lucy McDonnell

Jack Geldard

Zone Squad


Elaine Heimgartner

Jasper Howse

Violet Goldsmith

Jacob Hawksbee

Zone Squad


Maddy Fleming

Charlie Bain

Jade Miller

Cooper Peters

Zone Squad


Tessa Bain

Louis Butler

Sophie Tierney

James Ellicott

Zone Squad (reserve)


Scarlett Herrell

Nuran Duwage

Elsa Murray

Roman Graves



Charlotte Unsworth

Joshua Johnston

Chantal Jim

Tom O'Donnell



RPS Cultural Concert 2017

Cultural Concert 2017

Auditions for this years 'Cultural Concert' will be held during Week One of Term Three on Tuesday 25th, Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th July. Auditions will be held during Break One in the Multi Purpose Room with Mrs Grant. You may already be a part of a dance group outside school or may wish to teach something from your country of origin to another student or group of students.

At the audition you may just have a group or an idea organised at that point, but that's fine. Remember you don't have to be from that country to learn that act. You can learn from another student.

What can you get out of being involved in the Remuera Primary School Cultural Concert:

  • you find out about another culture
  • learn parts of a new language
  • represent your country
  • perform in front of an audience
  • have awesome fun!

We are looking forward to the new dance, martial arts and singing acts for 2017's 'Remuera Primary School Cultural Concert!'

Please see Mrs Grant if you have any questions.


Sir Peter Blake Young Leader Awards

Young Leader Award 2017- Sir Peter Blake Trust

"Sir Peter Blake believed in the incredible potential of young kiwis to achieve great things. He knew that inspiring leaders of any age could be found in every corner of New Zealand. Sir Peter showed all of us there are leaders and there are dreamers. Leaders make things happen. Dreamers have a vision. The truly special people do both."

Sir Peter Blake Trust - www.sirpeterblaketrust.org

It was with great pride and excitement that we were able to acknowledge an inspiring young leader at RPS in our School Assembly last week.

George Butler is an outstanding example of inspirational leadership amongst his peers. Throughout his time at RPS, George has demonstrated exceptional leadership, initiative, empathy and excellence. He leads by quiet example and is admired and respected by his peers and teachers. George does not seek praise or reward - if he sees an issue or a friend in need he will do what he can, without fuss, to rectify a situation. George is extremely positive about life and brings out the best in all those around him.

The Senior School team were delighted to be able to nominate George for this award. He is a hugely deserving recipient.


Well done, George!


Year 4/5 SEALS RPS Flippaball Team

The Year 4/5 SEALS Flippaball Team has some really exciting news.

Last weekend we played St Cuthberts for the gold and silver placings - and we won!

We have lost only one game all term and have dug so deep under the amazing coaching talents of Mike Bright.

Last year we were in the same situation playing for 1st and 2nd, but we lost. Our determination on the weekend this year was just outstanding - the parents were so proud of us all and the enthusiastic positive parenting made for  a great outcome.

Congratulations and well done Year 4/5 Seals, Tobey Andree, Louis Butler, Charles Parton, Mia MacDonald, Campbell Dunwoodie, Matthew Burston, Alice Bright, Nicholas Bright, Lachie Henderson and Sam Beggs (Sam is absent from the Team Photo).


Writing from our ESOL students

Writing by our Year 1 ESOL students

Crazy Mixed-Up Creatures by Elysha Ilo

Acbuc is a happy creature.  He has a stinky tail and he has eagle wings.  He has sparkly whiskers and he has a spiky horn.  Acbuc lives in the forest.  He runs very fast and he flies fast.  One day Acbuc was flying in the sky but suddenly he heard a noise.  He went to look.  He saw an eagle with a snail and he battled the eagle.  Acbuc wins the snail and he went home to eat the snail.  Acbuc likes eating snails.

Crazy Mixed-Up Creatures by Peterson Zhu

My animal is called Femix and he is a good swimmer.  He has lots of spikes on his back.  He uses his spikes for protection and he uses his tail for swimming fast.  He lives in a hole under water.  He uses his antlers for fighting too.

One day Femix was happily eating his food at the bottom of the sea.  Then he heard a noise coming from the beach.  So Femix swam up.  He saw a man swimming and he said "Oh good, my breakfast is here!"  He gobbled him all up and he went to find his lunch.


Writing by our Year 5 ESOL students

By Ronit Panwar Room 32

I was on my favourite jet ski in Southern Thailand.

Today was a very unusual day for the ocean was still and grey. I had a feeling something was wrong. I looked at the water, it was changing. Just a few minutes later the water started sucking in towards the beach! Everyone was staring at the ocean. A few seconds later, barely any water could be seen. My jetski was touching sand!

Someone screamed loudly, 'Run for your life run, run, run, quickly, a Tsunami's is on its way!"

Everyone RAN! The lifeguard said, "He is correct, it is a Tsunami, get to high land quickly, get your water, radio and food!"

Ding Ding! The Tsunami alarm went off. The people of the mountain village ran to their houses and gathered their families essential belongings. (For example food, water and much more)

The hills were filled with terrified people, sobbing for those that they had lost. I went up the hill with my Mum, Dad and my brother. When I looked back there was no sand or buildings and everything was damaged badly.

People on the hills sat and covered their eyes with their hands.

By Kevin Sun Room 30 (International Student)

I looked towards the blue, shining ocean. I could see a giant wave coming towards the beach. I knew it was a tsunami coming into land. It was time to run away from here. I began to run. I ran faster than an African leopard!

Other people needed to run fast too!

By the time I got to the bottom of the hill the wave had hit the beach. The waves just had to touch a tree and the tree broke in half. The houses were broken too.

All around me people were saying, 'Help, Help!' People were being pulled into the ocean. I tried to help them but I knew that I could be pulled in too. The ocean was angry now! It was shouting! The water was black and grey. It was bubbling like noodles in a pan. Dead fish were all over the beach. A massive whale lay on the beach, stranded.





Important Subway information

From 17th July the  Subway Brand is making many changes to its menu and pricing both in-store and online and will include changes to school lunches.

From 24th July the following changes to the School Lunch Menu will come into effect:

The introduction of

Chicken Strips

Oat Raisin Cookies

Capsicum and Carrots

250ml of Keri Orange Juice


Salami has been removed from the menu but is available as an add-on product on our www.subwayrialto.nz school lunch website.

This won't be printed on the bags but can be ordered at a cost of

6inch  $1:60

12inch $3.20

Below is a copy of the new bags reflecting the changes.

Subway July 2017



Skids Before and After School Care and School Holiday Programme

sKids July Holiday Programme is running from the Remuera Primary School hall and is available for bookings. See the flyer at http://www.skids.co.nz/uploads/feusers/32_pdf3.pdf or call us on 027 291 9115 to find out more.

Our spaces fill up fast, so for a selection of on site and trip days which includes going to a dedicated sport venue just for us, our own private cinema hire, dedicated circus workshop and so much more other fun activities, please register online at: https://skids.aimy.co.nz/Account/Login?ReturnUrl=%2f

A reminder we also offer care Before School from 7.30a to 8.30am (parents drop in for a free Café-Style coffee on us!) and After School from 3pm to 6pm.

Our specialisted FoodStorm programme runs every Wednesday from 4pm to 5pm. This programme teaches children how to cook nutritional meals and all recipes have been approved by the NZ Heart Foundation.

As part of our FoodStorm programme, our children could enter the NZ Kiwi Kids Can Cook Competition. We're pleased to announce that Gemma Wu was a Semi-Finalist and competed at the weekend and she won her heat and have now progressed to the National NZ Kiwi Kids Can Cook Finals at the end of July representing sKids Remuera FoodStorm! This is an amazing opportunity for Gemma. We congratulate Gemma for an outstanding performance and wish her well for the Finals!

If your child is interested in participating in our FoodStorm Programme, please all us on 027 2111 279 or email remuera@skids.co.nz

Gemma Wu


Auckland Girls’ Choir

Auckland Girls' Choir

Auckland Girls' Choir (AGC) is auditioning for our 2017-2018 intake.

We are looking for 11-15 year old girls with a passion for singing, accurate pitch, a commitment to improving vocal technique and a desire to be part of a successful choir. Choristers rehearse on Mondays (3:45-6pm) and have a Sunday workshop each term. AGC also has a handbells group, which the applicant may be invited to join.

We are regularly invited to perform at many public venues around Auckland. AGC is also internationally renowned for its high standard of performance and received a silver award for their performance at the Sydney Opera House in 2016.  We are touring LA and Palm Springs, USA, in 2018!

To apply for an audition, please download Online application forms from   www.akgirlschoir.co.nz. and email the completed form to AGC Choir Manager, Mrs Annie Hyde - agcinfo@akgirlschoir.co.nz. Applications close on September 18 with the auditions held on September 23 2017.

Please read Audition Notification and FAQ on the AGC website prior to application and send/scan/email your application to us as soon as practicable.





Give your child a head start with structured expert coaching by trained Auckland Netball coaches.  Our Netball Skills Clinics focus on developing and improving netball skills, improving confidence and refining technique. Cost: $90 for 6x 1 hour long sessions.

Auckland Netball, St Johns:

  • School Years 1-4 | Tuesdays 4:30pm - 5:30pm
  • School Years 5-8 | Wednesdays 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Windmill Road, Mt Eden:

  • School Years 1-4 | Mondays 4:00pm - 5:00pm
  • School Years 5-8 | Mondays 5:05pm - 6:05pm

All programmes start the week beginning Monday 7 August and run until the week beginning Monday 11 September (6 weeks).

To register or for more information visit www.aucklandnetball.co.nz

OR CONTACT:  Serena Somlyai  T 09 280 4129  E development@aucklandnetball.co.nz

Auckland Netball Junior Mid-Winter Tournament - St Johns
Get your team together and enter the ANC Junior Mid-Winter Tournament. A great chance to play against a range of teams and have a good run around mid-season.

Date: Sunday 30 July
Entries close: Monday 24 July
Venue: Auckland Netball Centre, St Johns
Registration fee: $70 per team
Age group: School Years 3 - 8

To register or for more information visit www.aucklandnetball.co.nz OR CONTACT:  Anne Nicholson T 09 280 4131 E games@aucklandnetball.co.nz


APO Adventures



Hilton Brown Swimming

We have been concerned at the number of school children we see at our pools who are too scared to even put their nose into the water.

We are keen to help these children overcome their fear and to learn some basic water safety skills, so in July Hilton Brown Swimming are offering FREE beginner lessons for children who are nervous of the water and not confident putting their faces under. Your child must be of primary school age and new to Hilton Brown Swimming. Spaces and times are limited and will be booked on a first in first served basis. Book online at www.hiltonbrownswimming.co.nz or call 529 0177.

FREE lessons for complete beginners! (1)