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June 7 Newsletter 2018

RPS School Councillors

RPS School Councillors

Each Senior School class has recently voted in two class councillors to be the voice of their peers and instigate positive change in and around the school. Already they have held class meetings and met for their first School Council meeting.

I am pleased to announce that at this first School Council meeting, Scarlett Herrell was elected as Chairperson and Alice Bright as Secretary.

The members of the RPS School Council for the first Semester (May-August) are:

Year 6

Joshua Choi & Scarlett Herrell  from Room 28

Charlotte Christie & Ian Parker from Room 25

Dakota Devoy & Maddy Fleming from Room 29

Mika Harrsion & Maddie Vincent from Room 31

Year 5

Emily Allen & Charles Parton from Room 26

Allie Hancox & Ethan Lee from Room 27

Jenesis Au Yeung & Xavier Clark from Room 30

Alice Bright & Jaedon Gin Room 32

We congratulate these children for being elected and look forward to hearing of the changes/initiatives they implement during their time in office.

Mrs Seales and Mrs Whitmore


Important notes from the School Office

NEW ENROLMENTS: If you have a child turning 5 in 2018 OR 2019 and you have not already done so, can you please stop by the office and pick up an enrolment pack.  If you have a completed enrolment form which you have not brought back to the office can you please do so as soon as possible, this helps with our planning for 2019.

Absent From or Late To School.

There seems to be a lot of confusion around letting the school know your child will be Absent, Attending an Appointment or Late to School. We are legally required by the Ministry of Education to account for every student on our school roll between 8.55am and 3pm. It is critical that parents notify the office if your child is not at school for any reason between these hours. Whilst you may feel emailing the Teacher is sufficient, there are occasions when the Teacher is away and Relievers will not have access to those emails.

Below are the three options in terms of notifying the school:

1. Phone the school, choose option 5 and leave a message on the absence line.

2. Email the Office - office2@rps.school.nz  as well as the class teacher.  The teachers are often busy in the morning and sometimes don't get a chance to clear their emails.

3. Use the RPS Mobile App.

4. Use the Report an Absence button on the front page of our website.

Signing in late and signing out students during the school day for offsite appointments

If your child will be arriving late for school you must stop by the School Office to sign them in before you take them to class.  Similarly if you are picking your child up from school for an offsite appointment you must also sign them out at the school office.

Thanks for your support in these important health and safety requirements.


RPS Smartphone App

In 2015 RPS developed a Smartphone App to enhance our communication between school and home.  This App has become a vital tool in communicating important information in a timely fashion to our community.  It is particularly useful to quickly communicate changes to school events, for example if Assembly is cancelled due to weather it is an efficient way for us to communicate this information quickly. The App allows users to:

  • Receive messages from the school (e.g. Cross Country has been postponed),
  • Log student absences,
  • Access the school online calendar,
  • Access information about forthcoming events,
  • Access the school newsletters, and much more.

The App operates on all platforms - iPhone, Android & Windows based phones.  Please take a moment to download the app and encourage your friends to do likewise.  You can access the App via the App Store.



2018 RPS Cross Country Tuesday 12 June

The RPS 2018 Cross Country will be held on Tuesday 12th June at Thomas Bloodworth Park, Shore Road.

9.45am start - Year 4 Girls followed by Year 4 Boys, Year 3 Girls & Year 3 Boys

10.45am start - Year 5 Girls followed by Year 5 Boys, Year 6 Girls, Year 6 Boys

What children need to bring on the day…

  • Drink & Snack
  • House Shirt
  • Running Shorts
  • Running Shoes
  • Fleece/Jacket to stay warm
  • Plastic bag for dirty clothes

If it's damp, students/teachers can also bring a blanket/ tarpaulin to sit on.

Parents are welcome to attend to support our runners.



Scholastic Book Club


Today your child/ren will have brought home the latest issue of the Scholastic Book Club Brochures

Here are some key things to note:

1. There are two options for ordering -parents can order and pay for Book Club purchases online directly with Scholastic's Book Club Loop by going to scholastic.co.nz/LOOP and following the simple steps.  If you order by this method do not return any paperwork to the school.


2. You can complete the order form on the back page of the brochure and return to the Silver Slot in the School Office. IF YOU CHOOSE THIS METHOD, PAYMENT IS ONLY BY CHEQUE.  THERE ARE NO CASH PAYMENTS AND NO EFTPOS FACILITIES.  If you wish to pay by cheque please make it payable to Scholastic New Zealand.


4. Irrespective of which order method you choose, books will be delivered to school for distribution via the students' classrooms.

If you have any questions regarding this Book Club please see Christine in the School Office or email her chrisc@rps.school.nz




School Online Shop is open for Sausage Sizzle and Mufti donation payments.

You can order sausages and mufti from today until 8:45am Friday 22nd June via the RPS website.

If you require any help with setup or payment options please contact the Kindo team at The Growth Collective via email helpdesk@thegrowthcollective.co.nz or phone 09 475 5287 (Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm).

Please contact the sausage sizzle team at RPSsizzlesisters@gmail.com if you can assist in any way or have any queries regarding the sausage sizzle days.


Whittaker’s Chocolate Fundraiser

PTA News - Whittaker's Chocolate

Our Whittaker's Fundraiser is well underway and going great guns!

Well done to everyone who has already sold a box and returned your money. We hope you are having lots of fun selling all that lovely chocolate!

There are great prizes up for grabs for the kids so keep up the great work and sell, sell, sell!

If you want to obtain more chocolate then pop in to our PTA Chocolate Station located in the school foyer Monday, Wednesday and Friday's 8:30 - 9am.

A reminder to anyone who is opting for the donation or does not wish to take part in the fundraiser. Please return your box of chocolate by this Friday. We have other families who would love to be selling these.

All details for this fundraiser can be found on Kindo, Wechat or the May 24th School Newsletter which can be accessed through the school app or website.


Thanks from your PTA


2018 Yearbook

Our Yearbook records the highlights of our school year. School wide events, such as Sports Days and other major school events are recorded and each class has their own dedicated page.

The Yearbook is available at the end of the school year however we need to finalise orders with the publisher for the 2018 Yearbook by the end of Term 2.

If you would like to order a copy of the 2018  Yearbook and have not already done so you will need to order NO LATER than Friday 6th July by payment of $23.00 via Kindo.  You are able to check on kindo (school payments) to see if payment for the Yearbook has not been made.


Writing from Year 2

Making Slime by Duveepan Prasannah Room 9

Yesterday I was making slime. To make slime I used green pva glue and normal glue. After that I needed to stir it and mix it in my bucket. When I had made green groovy slime I got it in my hands and played with it. It was fabulous because it was soft and gooey. I tried to make a ball out of it.

How a Leaf Floats by Elena Peng Room 9

The leaf floats on top of the water. A leaf floats because it is very light. Things that come from plants mostly float. Some things that come from plants sink because they are kind of heavy for their size. A marble is made out of glass and it sinks because it is kind of heavy for its size and it has the wrong shape.


Remuera Intermediate Open Day

RI OPen Day June 2018


Remuera Intermediate Enrolment

RI Enrolment June 2018