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June 8 Newsletter 2017

Message from the Principal

Personalized Learning

We cannot teach students well if we do not know them well. At its heart, personalized learning requires profound shifts in our thinking about education and schooling.

People differ. Thank goodness they do. How boring the world would be if we were all the same, predictable in our progression through life. Much of the progress of humankind has come because of the restlessness of people who have stepped beyond the predictable mold. The differences among us have provided the spice and variety upon which modern society depends.

As educators we are confronted on a daily basis with a cacophony of difference. Yesterday's little, dutiful Harry is today's sprawling, sloppy Harold. The noisy kid over there used to be a quiet cherub. The shy, intense girl over here used to be fascinated with science but today seems fascinated with nothing at all. The distracted, tough-talking kid in the corner used to be a bouncy little boy endlessly looking for attention.  Such student behavior is common in classrooms, but how do we encourage these students to become active learners?

One of the greatest challenges facing schools today is learning how to meet the diverse needs of students in our classrooms. Fortunately for our kids, education is moving away from the one-size fits all mentality. The way that many of us were taught …… you know the shotgun approach, the aim covers a wide area, but not everyone gets hit. There is even significant research that claims treating all children the same actually does them a disservice. Children are unique, and they need to be seen as individuals if they are to be pushed at levels commensurate with their current abilities.

Our teachers, at RPS, recognise that every child who comes into the classroom has special skills and talents that make him or her unique. It is this uniqueness that makes our profession so challenging and exciting. However, in preparing units of work our teachers are now looking more carefully at the range of abilities and how these will influence the degree to which they differentiate and personalise the curriculum. Fortunately the graduated nature of our National Curriculum supports our teachers in their efforts to individualize and differentiate their programmes.

What we call differentiation is not a recipe for teaching. It is not an instructional strategy. It is not what a teacher does when he or she has time. It is a way of thinking about teaching and learning. It is a philosophy. As such, it is based on a set of beliefs:

  • Students who are the same age differ in their readiness to learn, their interests, style of learning, their experiences, and their life circumstances.
  • The differences in students are significant enough to make a major impact on what students need to learn, the pace at which they need to learn it, and the support they need from teachers and others to learn it well.
  • Students will learn best when supportive adults push them slightly beyond where they can work without assistance.
  • Students will learn best when they can make a connection between the curriculum and their interests and life experiences.
  • Students will learn best when learning opportunities are natural.

We have found that students are more effective learners when classrooms and schools create a sense of community in which students feel significant and respected. We believe the central job of our school is to maximize the learning capacity of each student. Standard-issue students are rare, and educational approaches that ignore academic diversity in favour of standardization are likely to be counterproductive in reaching the full range of learners.


School Online Shop


Check out our new School Online Shop!  You can access this via the RPS Website or simply click on the link below.

We are shifting to an online payment system for all PTA fundraising events (including sausage sizzle and the upcoming quiz night!).  This will save you and us time. The School Online Shop is user friendly and all you need to do is click this link and register.  click here

Once you have registered your children you will be able to buy sausages, iceblocks, tickets and much more online.

The next sausage sizzle is on 23rd June. Buy sausages and make the mufti payment via the School Online Shop.

It's easy.  Simply login, select your child, select what they want to eat and drink, select the mufti donation if they are wearing mufti (casual clothes) and make payment.

You can choose to pay-as-you-go, or add funds to your account in advance using:

  • Account2account (POLI)       Instant transfer from your bank account.  No fees.
  • Bank Transfer                    No fees but allow two days for processing
  • Credit/Debit card                Instant transfer from VISA & Mastercard.  50c charge                                      + 2% fee.

You can register, order sausages and make your mufti donation from today until 9am Friday 23rd June. Please note, if you choose to pay by Bank Transfer the cut off time is 5pm Tuesday 20th June.

If you require any help with setup or payment options please contact the Kindo team at The Growth Collective via email helpdesk@thegrowthcollective.co.nz or phone 09 475 5287 (Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm).

Important Note - We will no longer accept cash for sausage sizzle and mufti. It is therefore important that you jump online. Click here.


Finally, we wish to thank Kerry Gardner for all the amazing work she has done running the sausage sizzle for 2 ½ years and working on it for 4 years! There is a new team in place to run these going forward and this is Angie Pengelly, Caroline Dunlop, Jo Fleming and Marie Henry.

Please contact the sausage sizzle team at RPSsizzlesisters@gmail.com if you can assist in any way or have any queries regarding the sausage sizzle days.


NumberWorks n'Words

Number 4


RPS Exchange to Thailand

For the past six years we have welcomed students from the most prestigious school in Bangkok - the Chulalongkorn University Demonstration School. Their annual four-week exchange is very important to us and allows us to further enhance our students' view of Asia.

In 2015 we took our first group of RPS students to Bangkok to reciprocate the exchange. Our inaugural exchange was highly successful and we are looking to take another group of students (10 to 12 in number) to Bangkok in Term 4 of this year.

Below are some details of the trip and we are now wanting to gauge the level of interest from our RPS families.

Exchange details:

The exchange would be for 10 days departing on a Wednesday morning and returning to NZ on a Saturday.  Shana Mutton and Stephen King would be the staff accompanying the students on the exchange.

Costs- based on our last exchange would be approximately $3000, this includes return airfares, accommodation (children will be in homestays with families from the school), all excursions, all meals, all transport with approximately NZ$200 spending money. Once the tour group has been finalised, more exact figures will be determined but we will do our best to keep the cost as close to $3000 as possible.

Proposed travel dates are - depart NZ on 1 November and return to NZ on 11 November.

Draft Schedule


If, having reviewed the draft itinerary, you would be interested in having your child apply to join us on this exciting exchange, you can register your interest by emailing Steve at stevek@rps.school.nz

Once we have assembled a group of interested students, we will then do a more formal presentation that will provide specific details of the itinerary and costings.  Following this meeting we would then be asking families to make a final commitment to the exchange.

If you have any questions at all about this exchange, please feel free to contact me directly.


Stephen King








The 2017 Remuera Primary School Cross Country Running Championships

The 2017 Remuera Primary School Cross Country Running Championships will be held at Thomas Bloodworth Park, Shore Road, on Tuesday 13 June. Here are the times and approximate distances for each race:

9.45am start - Year 5 Girls followed by Year 5 Boys, Year 6 Girls & Year 6 Boys


10.45am start - Year 3 Girls followed by Year 3 Boys, Year 4 Girls, Year 4 Boys

YEAR 3 RACES 1.0km

YEAR 4 RACES 1.5km

All Year 3-6 children will be taking part in this event.

The top eight Year 5 and 6 place-getters in each race will join the Zone Cross Country Running Squad to build up for the Zone Championships on Tuesday 19 September. On this day seven of the eight will get to run (the 8th place-getter being a reserve).

We look forward to seeing you at Thomas Bloodworth Park, Shore Road, for some exciting races!

If you have any queries, please contact Mark Hassall (markh@rps.school.nz) or Shana Mutton (shanam@rps.school.nz).


Writing from Year 2

Bees By Porter Barkle Room 9

A bee is an insect. A bee has straight lines that are black and yellow. A bee lives in a sticky hive. They zig and zag through the long grass in the world. When a bee stings you, they die. They go fast to the flowers to get sweet nectar.

Mice By Freddie Dryden Room 9

Mice are little creatures that can scratch and bite! Wild mice go hunting for food in our houses because that is the only way they survive. All kinds of mice can run fast if they're in danger. If they are tame and in a cage, they would have a little hole so they can sleep inside. They can jump and climb up big slopes.

Ben Hall, Room 10

I see a light green frog with a yellow belly and bulgy eyes. I see a dog with a curly chameleon tail and a moustache!

Alexei Clark, Room 10

The butterfly has big, shining wings and a body that looks like a stick. It has tiny hands that are tinier than a mouse's.

Michael Parker, Room 10

The frog has huge googly eyes, green colour on its back and also a yellow tummy. The frog has jumpy feet! He has a happy but actually normal smile.



Our Transition to School Class needs your help

Items needed for our Transition to School class

Room 2 would appreciate any donations of the following items for our play-based learning sessions:

  • Jigsaw puzzles - especially large floor puzzles
  • Wooden dolls house furniture
  • Toy cars (e.g. Matchbox cars)
  • Wooden building blocks
  • Dress ups
  • Balance bikes
  • Toy kitchen and/or kitchen play equipment
  • Sets of nuts & bolts; padlocks & keys; magnets
  • Water play equipment
  • Offcuts of paper or card; unused greeting cards

Please email Kristin (Room 2 teacher): kristini@rps.school.nz if you can help out, or if you have anything else not listed above that you think may be useful for our class.


Music Celebration at RPS

On Friday 9th June at 2pm the following music groups will be performing for families and friends in the school hall.

  • Senior Choir
  • Year 5-6 Bucketeers
  • Kapahaka Group
  • RPS Rock Band
  • RPS Marimba Group

You are all warmly invited to attend this concert to show your support for our students. Doors will open at 1.45pm


Scholastic Book Club


This week your child/ren will have brought home the latest issue of the Scholastic Book Club Brochures

Here are some key things to note:

1. There are two options for ordering -parents can order and pay for Book Club purchases online directly with Scholastic's Book Club Loop by going to mybookclub.scholastic.co.nz and following the simple steps.  If you order by this method do not return any paperwork to the school.


2. You can complete the order form inside the back page of the brochure and return to the Silver Slot in the School Office. IF YOU CHOOSE THIS METHOD, PAYMENT IS ONLY BY CREDIT CARD OR CHEQUE.  THERE ARE NO CASH PAYMENTS AND NO EFTPOS FACILITIES.  If you wish to pay by cheque please make it payable to Scholastic New Zealand.


4. Irrespective of which order method you choose, books will be delivered to school for distribution via the students' classrooms.

If you have any questions regarding this Book Club please see Christine in the School Office or email her chrisc@rps.school.nz


Junior Netball Skills Clinic

Jnr_netball_skills_clinics june 17


Become a Blood Donor

The New Zealand Blood Service needs new donors today. We would like to welcome the Remuera Primary School Community to become everyday heroes by donating blood at the Epsom Donor Centre located at 71 Great South Road.

Each week we require 3000 donations of which 10% will go to babies, children and pregnant women - yet less than 4% of us donate.

Donate today and save up to 3 lives.

For more information please visit our website www.nzblood.co.nz, download our app from your app store, or contact Ben Jorgensen on ben.jorgensen@nzblood.co.nz


Junior 1k Challenge

Junior One K


Financially Independent Kids

Sharon financially