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March 21 Newsletter 2019

Message from the Principal

Learning Walks

One of my strategic targets in 2019, is to spend more time in classes engaging with students.   The Deputy Principals and myself have been engaged in Learning Walks throughout the school.  These walks pair myself with a DP, or two DPs to walk through a mini school at least 6 times during a designated fortnight.

The purpose of these Learning Walks is twofold.  Firstly to engage with students about their learning, and secondly to look for trends across the mini school and year group. We are motivated to talk with chidlren about their learning.  Having children articulate what they are learning and doing, assists them in clarifying their thinking and is a good gauge for us in terms of how engaged each child is in their learning.

The Learning Walks to date have been amazing.  It has has been wonderful for me to engage - in a more meaningful way, with students and talk to them about their learning.

The Momo Challenge

As some of you will be aware, via the New Zealand Herald article, there is a new "game" that has emerged through social media. The game is called " Momo" and clips appear in the middle of seemingly innocent videos of the children's cartoon Peppa Pig, or the computer game Fortnite.

The "Momo" character - a scary doll's face, interrupts the show and threatens the viewer into contacting a number on WhatsApp. Police believe hackers are using the "attention-grabbing" hack to obtain social media users' personal information.

It's often tricky when these social media issues pop up, to know how much air time to give them.  However, in the interests of "Internet Safety", we are suggesting - if your child is able to access social media, that you alert them to this hack.  It is important that you tell them to quit the game or programme they are in and inform an adult.   Under no circumstances should they contact the WhatsApp number.  Hacks like these appear from time to time, and sometimes have quite malicious intentions. Please keep your children safe on-line.


Board Public Meeting

For some time now, we have been working to unite our community by bringing the rich cultures of our school together.  The Annual Cultural Concert, the PTA Family Fun Night and our End of Year Celebration, are fine examples of this synthesis of cultural inclusion.  Celebrations like these are platforms for our many cultures to showcase the rich tapestries of story, dance and music.

In 2019 we would like to continue this work and are currently working with architects to develop the existing Music Room into a Community Hub. Our vision is to use this space as a meeting point for Cultural Celebrations, PTA, Parent Meetings and of course Music lessons.

At our first Public Meeting for 2019, we would like to extend a warm invitation to members of the community who would like to assist us in further defining the ways that we can use the Community Hub to showcase the many cultures that form the RPS family, and also how we can continue to unite our community.

The meeting will be held on April 3 @ 6:30pm in the RPS Theatre.  Please join us for what we are sure will be an exciting session.


Parking around our school


We have once again received a number of complaints from concerned parents and neighbours regarding the actions of some parents when picking up and dropping off students from Dromorne Road, Armadale Road, and Platina Street.  We would like to remind parents that standard road rules apply and you should not be parking or stopping on yellow lines, over driveways, in the bus stop, double parking and coming up onto the footpaths.  Be aware that there is heavy foot traffic with small children crossing and walking in these areas during these times.

Illegal Parking Platina


In particular in recent times we have had parents park across driveways restricting the homeowners from legally entering or exiting their own properties.  The Road Code defines Driveway parking as follows:  Drivers must not stop, stand or park their vehicles so that they obstruct driveways. Obstruction is defined as a vehicle being parked within 1m of the side of the driveway (Road User Rule, clause 6.9). The owner of this house in Platina Street has come home to this particular car blocking her access to her garage more than once and is understandbly distressed and angry.

As a school we value the relationship we have with our neighbours and rely on them to keep an eye on our school during evenings, weekends and school holidays. Please help us show our appreciation by parking legally and respecting the spaces around their driveways.


Scholastic Book Club


Last week your child/ren brought home Scholastic Book Club Brochures, our first Book Club of 2019.

Here are some key things to note:

All orders must be placed online by going www.scholastic.co.nz/LOOP and follow the simple steps. Do not return any paperwork to the school.


Distribution will be via the students classroom.

If you have any questions regarding this Book Club please see me in the School Office or email me to joj@rps.school.nz

Jo Jackson


Family Fun Night – What a night!

Family Fun Night - What a night!

What a great turn out we had at the Family Fun Night last Thursday! We hope everyone had a good time.

The final numbers aren't yet in but it looks like we raised over $10,000! So thank you to everyone who came along and took part in the activities and tried the wonderful selection of food on offer.

A huge thank you to all the amazing people who supported the event or organised and volunteered on a stall or activity, including:

  • David and Leila MacDonald together with Barfoot and Thompson Remuera who sponsored the night
  • Jo Meikleham in her moon boot with the team on ice blocks and drinks. Thanks also to Countdown Greenlane for making a donation to this stand
  • Kris Ko and team on Pork buns, Manuka lollies and crazy sunglasses
  • Angie Pengelly & Ingrid Raven and our sausage sizzlers
  • Pamela & the SKIDS team
  • Jennifer Li and team looking after the sushi
  • Henna tattoo ladies
  • Craft shop ladies
  • Dhamindu Suriyapathiranalage and team on the Sri Lankan food stall
  • Christina Lee and team on the Korean food stall
  • Nicki Grant, Shana & all our cultural performers
  • Anthony Davies and the Dad's Army team
  • Jamie Ward for helping deliver the Chuck N Dunk to RPS - wasn't an easy task!
  • Evan Craw from Tailored Electrical Systems Ltd who organised the power generator
  • Simon Pengelly for another amazing poster.

And finally thank you to Rochelle Hoon and Jo Fleming for their amazing organisation of the event. It keeps getting bigger and better every year!

If you have any feedback on the event, or any suggestions for next year then please email them to rps_pta@outlook.co.nz


Coming Up This Term… Mufti Day & Suasage Sizzle, Pork Buns, Ice Blocks

Coming Up This Term…

Orders for all food fundraisers for this term are open and can be placed now on Kindo. Please check carefully the date of the event when you place your order and make sure you get the right one!

Need information on accessing Kindo? It's all on the RPS Website under "Paying with KINDO".

If you require any help with setup or payment options please contact the Kindo team at The Growth Collective via email helpdesk@thegrowthcollective.co.nz or phone 09 475 5287 (Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm).

  • Friday 29 March - Mufti Day and Sausage Sizzle: Cut off for orders: 8:45am Friday 29 March. Orders are open now. Please pay for mufti and order your sausage on Kindo via the RPS Website.
  • Friday 5 April - Pork Buns: Cut off for orders: 9am Thursday 4 April. The cutoff for this is earlier than other food orders and is 9am the day before (Thursday 4 April). So avoid disappointment and get your orders in now! Order via Kindo.
  • Every Friday (Term One) - Ice Blocks at Break Two: We still have a few Fridays left in Term One, so the ice block team will be out at Break Two each Friday unless it is raining. Iceblocks are $2 each - cash only.
  • Jester's Pies: Are your children missing their pie days? We need someone to help out with this event - once or twice a term. If you are interested please email rps_pta@outlook.co.nz

Do you have an hour or two to help the Whittaker’s Team?

Do you have an hour or two to help the Whittaker's Team?

We have someone to run our Whittaker's Chocolate Fundraiser, but we need a handful of people to help with some of the tasks.

If you can spare just an hour or two at school during Term 2, please can you contact Nicola Davies at ptachair@rps.school.nz

The tasks are easy - do it with a friend and have a social catch up at the same time!


Dropping off and picking up your child to and from school

We are seeing an increasing number of students dropped to school as early as 7.40am as well as being picked up very late at the end of the school day.  Our classrooms do not open until 8.30am and close at 3.15pm. Parents are responsible for their children outside of those hours, even if they are still on the school grounds.  If you need to drop your child off early and need to pick them up after 3pm Skids provide a Before and After School Care in our School Hall. Details on their programme is in a separate article in this newsletter.


The Senior School Choir need your help

The Senior School Choir is looking for a parent/grandparent/caregiver who is an accomplished pianist, willing to volunteer their skills and time to accompany the choir during practices on a Thursday 11-11.40am (could be changed to a different day) and at any performances throughout the year.

If you are available during the day and have the skills needed please contact Mikaelah Cash (Room 30 Teacher) mikaelahc@rps.school.nz


Skids Before and After School Care at RPS


The right start to a child's day is essential for great learning. sKids are able to care for children at school before school begins for the day. We're open from 7.30am. Join us on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for a hot breakfast and a take-away Café-style coffee for all parents!


Whether children need care until 4pm, 5pm or 6pm, for a full week or just one or more days, sKids can help with all permanent or adhoc casual care.

Kids have so much fun at sKids they often don't want to leave. We'll provide a nutritious afternoon tea (please visit us to see our new-improved Food Menu), supervise their homework, let them play, then run a fun activity so parents can rest assured that they are safe, secure and having a great time.

Please contact us for any enquiries at remuera@skids.co.nz or call us on 948 4548 or 021 191 9115.


College Rifles new field replacement opening

College Rifles Field Replacement