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May 10 Newsletter 2018

Message from the Principal

How do we build self-confidence in our children?

As adults we all recognise the importance of having confidence in your own abilities, believing in our self. This single trait can empower the weak to take on the strong, David to engage the colossus Goliath.  But how do you gain self-confidence, and perhaps more importantly what are things we, as parents, should be doing to foster self-confidence in our children?

As parents, I believe there is a natural in built desire to nurture.  We genuinely want to help our children.  But when do we cross that line of doing too much?  Unfortunately - as you all know, there is no manual distributed at the birthing table to support and guide us. Parenting is often a "learn as you go" experience.  I believe that we often need to check ourselves and be careful not to do for our children what they can happily do for themselves.  While we all have the best of intentions, our continued attempts to do all for our children will, in time, destroy their ability to build their own self-confidence.

You may wonder why some powerful, dependent children don't have self-confidence.  Think of the ways in which you have built your own confidence.  You didn't build confidence by accomplishing easy tasks.  Easy tasks can be mundane and perhaps are more appropriate for relaxation, however they do not build self-confidence.  With easy tasks there is no challenge and perhaps for this reason no real sense of success or accomplishment.

Self-confidence is best built when you attempt a challenge or accomplish something that you have never done before.  Perhaps when you have done something that had previously been out of reach. This single accomplishment will take you one step higher on the ladder of self-confidence.  One more step closer to believing in your own abilities.

In the same way, your children must earn their confidence one small step at a time.  No matter how many times you tell them how bright or wonderful they are, you cannot crown them with self-confidence.  Self-confidence is not a gift that can be bought or freely given.  Unfortunately, our children must struggle to earn self-confidence, and just as unfortunately, we as parents must watch - that at times, awful struggle.

If in the name of kindness we steal their struggle, we only find that we have also stolen that elusive self-confidence.


Second Hand Uniform Sale Friday 18th May 2.30pm

Second Hand Uniform Sale Friday 18th May at 2.30pm

We will be holding a second hand uniform sale on Thursday 18th May at 2.30pm  in the Office Foyer.

Please note there is currently a large amount of lost property - if your child is missing clothes please take the time to check the lost property foyer located next to Room 12 or ask you child to check for any of their missing items.  Any items not claimed will be donated to charity.

Donations of second hand uniform that your children have grown out of are greatly appreciated by the PTA.  These can be dropped to the school office and we can include them in future sales.

Please also ensure you label ALL your children's uniform items - this makes it easy to return it to your child should it get sent to lost property.


Uniform sale May 2018




School Online Shop is open for Sausage Sizzle and Mufti donation payments.

You can order sausages and mufti from today until 8:45am Friday 25th May via the RPS website.

If you require any help with setup or payment options please contact the Kindo team at The Growth Collective via email helpdesk@thegrowthcollective.co.nz or phone 09 475 5287 (Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm).

Please contact the sausage sizzle team at RPSsizzlesisters@gmail.com if you can assist in any way or have any queries regarding the sausage sizzle days.


PTA News

Term 2 Fundraiser

This year your Remuera Primary PTA are hoping to raise funds to contribute to new shade sails and drinking fountains at our school. The estimated cost for this will be around $18,000. To date we have raised over $6,000 from Family Fun Night but we still have a long way to go.

We are pleased to announce that for Term 2 our fundraising campaign will be delicious Whittaker's chocolate - proudly NZ owned and made.


Important details: Campaign Length - 3 weeks from Friday 1st to Friday 22nd of June.

1st of June - Whittaker's Mixed Fundraising Pack sent home.

Opt out and Donation - Options are available and more information on this will be in the next newsletter.

Friday 22 June 2018 - All unsold Fundraising Packs and money collected ($72 per box) must be returned to the "PTA Chocolate Station" located in the school foyer.

Awesome prizes are up for grabs, for the most fundraising packs sold, as well as a random prize draw for any child who sells a complete fundraising pack. There will also be a class prize for the most packs sold in one class.

We suggest you sell to family members, colleagues in the workplace, at busy sports fields, friends or neighbours.  We do not recommend involving children in selling, but if they are involved, they should do so under adult supervision, especially if selling door to door.

Look for more details on this fundraiser in the next Newsletter.

Upcoming Events/Dates

Term 2

Winter Uniform Sale - 2:30pm Friday 18th May - School Office Foyer

Sausage sizzles - 25th May and 29th June

Whittaker's Chocolate - Friday 1st June.

PTA Meeting - Staffroom (all welcome) 7th June 7pm

Jesters Pie Day - Friday 8th June

Term 3

School Disco Date TBA

Knowledgeathon Date TBA

Quiz Night Date TBA

Thank You

Thanks from your PTA

Hahei Camp - Thank you, to the amazing families involved in running the Hahei Fundraiser. The Magnussons, Drydens, Orrs and the Hahei Camp Team. It was so much fun and raised over $3000 for the PTA.

Teachers Morning Tea - Thank you, Sally Woodfield, and your team, for your time and beautiful food. You always put on a great spread!

Iceblock Mums and Dads - Thank you, for your time every Friday for the past two terms. It has been greatly appreciated and your kids have loved seeing you.


Writing from Year 3

Run Swim Run by Sara Khalil  Room 16

Ready, set, bang! I ran in my fastest running all around the field. Next we rushed across the swimming pool. The pool made my running slower because the water came in my togs. I felt very exhausted because when the water came in my togs it made me use up most of my energy.

Zoom! I went crashing through the finish line. I felt so tired after the race because it was run, run, swim, run. I felt exhausted from running around the field twice, running to the pool, running around the edges, back outside and another lap then back to the finish line.

I was surprised when I saw the boys cheering for me!

Run Swim Run by Fred Gaimster  Room 16

Ready set bang!

Before the race I felt pumped and excited also steady, then the race was about to start. I was speeding ahead of other people then I leapt into the pool. I ran as fast as I could. I was shivering like an iceberg. I kept running. Finally I got out of the pool.

After the race I was boiling like a volcano and I felt proud of myself. I desperately needed a drink then I needed to go back inside.

Run, Run, Swim, Run  by Liam Kim Room 13

At school we went to Run, Run, Swim, Run.  At Run, Run, Swim, Run I was excited and nervous, but when I ran it was fun!  I was so fast that I came 10th even with all the Year Three boys!

After I did Run, Run, Swim, Run I was happy and comfortable and feeling good!

Autumn by Yhanizze Lampad Room 13

A  pples harvesting

U  nder the trees are piles of leaves

T  ree leaves falling

U  nder the trees are colourful leaves

M  arch, April, May

N  aked trees

Tama's Alliteration By Tama Simpson Room 15

Tama saw a talented tap-dancer called Tilly and she was tiny at the age of two.

Tama thought tap-dancing was a great talent.

Tama took ten tries and tap-danced liked Tilly.

Tilly's tutu cost twenty dollars from the brand Tulip.

A boy called Tom was tap-dancing in a tuxedo with a bow tie.

Laila's Metaphors By Laila Latu Room 15

Laila is an adorable pig because she likes to eat a lot.

Laila is a funny clown because she can be crazy.

Laila is a hot sun because she is bright ad glows.


Skids Before and After School Care

Growing Awesome Kiwi Kids!

We are a family of families dedicated to growing awesome kiwi kids! We offer affordable out of school care from the Remuera Primary school hall for your children.

The right start to a child's day is essential for great learning, sKids are able to care for children at their sKids centre before school begins for the day.

A typical daily format of sKids Before School Care:

7.30am onwards children arrive (signed in by parents)

Breakfast is available for those who have not eaten at home - fruit, cereals, toast

Games & activities organised from 8am - 8.30am

Children who need to do homework have the opportunity to sit in a quiet area to do this

8.30am tidy up and children dismissed to classes


Whether children need care until 4pm, 5pm or 6pm, for a full week or just one or more days, sKids can help.
Kids have so much fun at sKids they often don't want to leave. We'll provide a nutritious afternoon tea, supervise their homework, let them play, then run a fun activity so parents can be rest assured that they are safe, secure and having a great time.

Skids kiddies for newsletter

A typical daily format of sKids After School Care:

3:00 - 3.30pm Roll call and Afternoon Tea
3.30 - 4.00pm Supervised Homework session
4:00 - 4.30pm Supervised outside freeplay
4.30 - 5.15pm Art & Crafts / Sports / Music / Cooking / Technology
5:15 - 5:30pm Clean up time
5:30 - 6:00pm Free play


Office: (09) 948 4548
Mobile: 021 191 9115 or 027 2111 279
Email: remuera@skids.co.nz
Website: www.skids.co.nz


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