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May 11 Newsletter 2017

Message from the Principal

What are schools really here for?

Some years ago, while working in a Hong Kong Middle School, I had cause to work with a student for disciplinary reasons. Little did I know then, how much this student would profoundly change my vision of education and help me to understand how technology can be used to motivate students to learn.

The student, Clarke, a Year 9 student, had broken into one of our computer labs after school to work on an assignment. Unfortunately he also installed a keystroke programme that allowed him to capture student & staff passwords. My initial thoughts were to react to the situation - most likely in a negative way. After all this kid had broken numerous school rules, had violated the personal space of teachers and students, not to mention breaking a handful of Hong Kong civil laws.

As I interviewed Clarke, I found myself more and more surprised by the way the conversation unfolded. As I learned more about why Clarke broke into the computer lab, my thoughts around how to handle this problem changed. The need to discipline the student was quickly replaced by the need to help a student gain access to academic resources that could help him on his educational journey and assist him in channelling his technological skills in a positive direction.

This student's ability in regard to technology and computer skills was nothing short of outstanding. I was puzzled. This did not compute. Clarke was often confrontational in class, avoided work and was a regular distractor of not only his own learning, but also the learning of his peers. A teacher could be forgiven for thinking that Clarke had no interest in school at all.

Here was this student who, in all likelihood, was not going to be successful in school because class bored him. And then it hit me - Clarke had broken into school to learn and apply his knowledge, not to steal property. Sure, loading a keystroke programme is inappropriate, but clearly Clarke needed support - not disciplining.

I would like to think that students like Clarke are rare in schools. Unfortunately, however, there is a Clarke in every school. A student who has incredible talents, but perhaps those talents don't really fit into the same box as everyone else's, or perhaps the structures at school inhibit their ability to find success.

If schools are truly to focus on the needs of every child, then schools need to realise that the real revolution is not necessarily about technology or restructuring schools - which will only keep us mired in wires or bricks-but is instead about understanding the needs of every child - being prepared to modify programmes to suit a variety of learning styles.

When schools make that shift to thinking critically about managing and organising quality work, the focus of those efforts is and should always be on student learning. I thank every child at Remuera Primary School for the unique "skill set" they each bring, for it is their uniqueness that make this a truly rewarding career.


PTA News

Hi everyone

There is a lot to update you on, so here it goes:

Donations to the Board of Trustees

NZ Money

The PTA is pleased to announce that it has donated (during the 2016 financial year and to date) a total of $175,000 to the Board of Trustees. These donations include:

  • Annual donation of $25,000 to the Board
  • $100,000 towards the Learning Pathway which is to be part of the wonderful new development currently being undertaken by the school
  • $40.000 towards new chrome books for years 4 to 6
  • $10,000 towards new ipads for years 1 to 3

We continue to actively fundraise to assist the Board to fund the items on its "wish list".

In the addition to the above, during the 2016 financial year, the PTA made an annual donation to the RPS Development Trust and funded the following activities:

  • Family Fun Night
  • Sunscreen for classrooms
  • Contribution to Staff Function
  • Year 6 Leaving Breakfast



Quiz Night

Back by popular demand is the RPS Quiz Night!  It will take place on 30th June 2017, so put it in your diaries and organise the babysitters.

For all of you who have taken part in the Quiz Nights of the past, you will know that they are very enjoyable evenings with huge competition between tables.  Get a group together, and try your luck in becoming the next quiz masters!. Funds raised from the Quiz Night will go towards the cost of a new website for the school.


Hahei Camping Fundraiser

Our most recent fundraiser "RPS Goes to the Beach!" involved a bunch of families staying at Hahei Holiday Resort for a weekend.  It was a lot of fun and enjoyed by all. There was a tug of war between the kids and parents, gum boot races and sandcastle competitions.  Some walked to Cathedral Cove while others did a bit of biscuiting off the boat.  The boys played a lot of touch and football while the girls put on an outstanding concert for us.  The kids loved the marshmallows over the open fire, and the lamb on the spit on Saturday night was divine!

In addition to having a great time, $2,454.50 was raised for the school.  A huge thank you to the Hahei Holiday Resort.  We are all looking forward to next year's trip!

Hahei Pic 2

Sausage Sizzles, Ice Block Sales and Discos

As you may know a number of parents and caregivers are fully involved in organising our fundraising initiatives.  Two such people include Kerry Gardner (who is in charge of the Sausage Sizzle) and Christie Dunwoodie (who has run the ice block sales and more recently the second-hand uniform sales).  These wonderful Mums now need to step down from their roles.  We are therefore in a desperate need to find more parents and caregivers to help.  If you can help out in any way, please contact Kellie Bright (kellie.bright@shieffangland.co.nz).  Any support (big or small) is greatly appreciated.

In addition to the above, we are still looking for someone to run this year's school discos (end of term 3).  The discos are loved by the kids and are big events on their school social calendar. Again, if you can help in any way, please contact Kellie Bright (kellie.bright@shieffangland.co.nz).

RPS Fair 2018

Our next big fundraiser is to take place in the first term of next year.  We are going to have a RPS Fair.  More details about this are to follow.

If you would like to help with the initial planning and strategy of the Fair, then please contact Kellie Bright (kellie.bright@shieffangland.co.nz).

Class Liaison

As you will have seen from your teacher's weekly email, each class will now have a class liaison.  This person will be the link between all parents and caregivers in the class, which will be helpful in getting the word out for social and community events.  The class liaison will also assist in coordinating the class in relation to the PTA fundraising and community initiatives.  We look forward to touching base soon with the class liaisons.


Thank You

And finally, thank you all again for your continued support.  As you are aware, the Board of Trustees does not undertake any fundraising itself.  Accordingly, it is reliant on the fundraising undertaken by the PTA.  Whether you assist us with the fundraising activities or you join in the fundraising activities (and part with your cash!), we greatly appreciate it!


Reading Support Programme

Reading Support Programme

A huge THANK YOU for the parents who have enrolled in our reading support programme. We hugely appreciate you giving up your time to support students with reading. It will really make a difference.

On Friday 12th May at 8:45 am we will be meeting in the staffroom to go over some tips to support children with reading. It is not too late to offer your time for the reading support programme so please come along.


Writing Learning Enrichment Year 4

A Letter Preparing for the Year 4 Kelly Tarltons Trip by Lucas Wang Room 22

Dear Mrs Bray,

Wow!! I can't wait to go to Kelly Tarltons to see lots of sea animals. I'm sure everyone in Year 4 will love it.

I am wearing striped pants and a colourful T-shirt. I am going to bring $20 to spend at the gift shop and my biggest sleeping bag to sleep in.

I am going to look at all the sea animals at Kelly Tarltons. I am going to sleep at the Shark Bay. I am going to sleep with Dennis and Ethan. Thank you Mrs Bray.


Love from



2017 Literacy Weeks

This year the school will have a literacy focus for 2 weeks. This will start on the 26th June and ending on the 7th July.

The concept this year is making links between oral language, reading and writing and bringing back the necessity for building vocabulary. Each class will use a book that will motivate and excite students to explore their learning across the curriculum.

There will be lots of exciting workshops and authors visiting during this time as well as the book fair being in school from Monday 26th June to Friday 30th June.

On Friday 7th July we will have our annual Character Parade and the children can dress up as their favourite character from a book so please feel free to start planning! It will be a fun filled two weeks.


Class, Individual and Sibling Photos

PhotoLife Studios were at RPS to take Class and Individual Photographs yesterday and were back today taking the final Sibling photos.

You will be able to purchase all of the photos online from PhotoLife once your child brings home their individual shoot key which will be sent home with your child in the next 2 weeks.


Remuera Skate School

Remuera Skate School


Orakei Community Lantern Walk

lantern walk Orakei School


Netball Skills Clinic



Remuera Discovery Montessori

Don't miss the chance to enrol in a brand-new Montessori recently opened in the heart of Remuera.  We are just around the corner from Remuera Primary, so you can drop your children off with only one drop off and pick up.

The Montessori philosophy is based on children learning practical life skills and utilising materials that develop the senses, maths and mathematical concepts, language, music and art.  The materials and resources are specific to Montessori and help children build a concrete understanding of basic concepts which prepares them well for school and success later in life.

Give your child a great start in life.  We are offering 6 weeks free to all enrolments in May.  Limited spaces available in this beautiful centre.  Come and visit us at 2 Armadale Road, Remuera, or call us for an appointment on 520 2805.

Remuera Montessori


New Zealand Warbirds Open Day 4 June 2017



Mt Hobson Middle School

Mt Hobson May 2017.pdf