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May 25 Newsletter 2017

Message from the Principal

Mothers Rock!

Have you ever really stopped to think, not just a thought in passing - perhaps out of guilt, about the incredible job mothers do in supporting not only their kids, but the entire family - everyday? I have heard them described as efficient taxi drivers, cooks extraordinaire, nurses, psychologists, the fonts of all knowledge when it comes to homework, and in general, just simply sensational multi-tasking wonder women.

Recently I read a book called "The Reading Bug" by Paul Jennings. The book is a great read and provides a valuable insight into the ways that children learn to read and for some, what actually gets the "Reading Bug" started.  Interestingly, one aspect that keeps resurfacing is the role that fathers need to take in supporting their kids in reading. Author, Paul Jennings, speaks of the importance of storytelling. We can all fondly recall great stories that our fathers and grandfathers have told us as young children. Sadly, however, this role is diminished too often, as quality one on one reading time gives way to the many other demands on fathers and working parents' time.

There has been considerable research conducted in recent years that has conclusively indicated there is a significant absence of male role models for young people today. Children, perhaps more so in our community, have fathers that work incredibly long hours, often leaving home before their children wake, and arriving home long after the children have gone to bed. Sadly, I too, from time to time, used to be one of the guilty ones in this case.

The author of our Book Study - Paul Jennings, does not set about trying to make Dads or Mums feel bad, but suggests that one on one time spent with a child reading, sends a very clear message. It says that ……

"At this time in my busy schedule, nothing is more important

to me, than sitting with you sharing the wonders and magic of a book."

Come on Dads, it's far too easy to blame a busy day or schedule, or just leave this job to your partner. So after you've thanked your wife for being the amazing person she is, set some time aside to read with your kids. You may even want to regale them with stories from your childhood. Your wife will thank you for it, your kids will absolutely adore you, and you know what, you'll love it too.

Happy reading!!!


Important notes from the School Office

Important Notes from the school office

NEW ENROLMENTS: If you have a child turning 5 in 2017 or 2018 and have not already done so, can you please stop by the office and pick up an enrolment pack, or if you have already picked up a pack please return to the office asap. This applies not only to new families but to existing families who may have a younger child yet to join the RPS family. Confirmed enrolments are used to establish the number of teachers required at each year level and the number of students in each class.  Whilst we realise there will always be unexpected enrolments from families moving into our zone, having confirmation from all in-zone enrolments helps us enormously in our planning.

Student Absences: If your child is away from school or will be late, it is important that you notify the school office (Not just the Teacher).  You can do this by:

(A) Logging on to our website www.rps.school.nz and clicking on the Report and Absence link on the front page.

(B) Phoning the absentee line on 520 2458 and select Option 1 to leave a message.

(C) Using our School App on your mobile.  Download at "Play Store" by typing in Remuera Primary.

(D) Emailing your child's teacher. If you email your child's teacher PLEASE ALSO COPY IN THE OFFICE AT office2@rps.school.nz

Signing in late to school and signing out students early from school:

(A) If your child is not at school and in their classroom by 8.55am when the roll is called the student will be marked absent. Then the parent must come to the office and sign the late book.

(B) If you are picking your child up from school to take them to an appointment etc a parent must come to the office and sign them out.  A student cannot sign themselves out.


Mufti Day and Sausage Sizzle

Mufti Day and Sausage Sizzle

Our PTA hold a Mufti Day and Sausage Sizzle twice each term. The next one is tomorrow - Friday 26th May.  Children are encouraged to wear Mufti instead of their uniform and make a gold coin donation.  They can also purchase a sausage (vegetarian option available) for $2. Gluten free sausage can be purchased for $2.50.  Drinks are available for $1. A maximum of 2 drinks per student applies.


Writing from Year 3

A moment in time! By Oscar Littlewood Room 16

Up high, at the top of the Sky Swing, my heart was pounding. Everyone was watching! Me, Freddie and my Dad were petrified, just sitting up there. Then she gave us a wave to say you can release.

Woosh…plummeting down at terrific speed.  A few metres off the ground, we were lifted up and shown this most amazing view of Rotorua, then…

Clang!  We were hooked spinning everywhere but slowing down.  Phew we had stopped, click, click, click.  We got off and were given a sticker that said

I survived the Sky Swing -Rotorua's highest rush.


Helicopter Trip By Riley Hoon Room 16

Landing on the slippery snow, we got out of the helicopter without getting our heads chopped off by the blade. After we jumped out, I threw an icy snowball at my sister and it hit her chest.

Instantly, she threw back at me but I just dodged it and then…

The war started!

I was feeling thrilled.  Then sadly, we had to return home.


Boogie boarding at Hahei Beach By Bronte Devoy By Room 15

Zap! In a flash I ran to the beach to start boogie boarding. I was kinda scared but Dakota wasn't. It was as scary as being in the dark with scary stuff, can you imagine it? Suddenly I felt too scared to go over another wave, I couldn't take it anymore! Wobbly wibbly waves were coming my way. I quickly ran out. Phew! I was safe. My sister was in there still, I couldn't believe it. She is so brave! My dad was just resting on the chair.


Surfing at Hahei By Ollie Muirhead Room 15

Splash! I ran into the water shouting "Come on guys!"

I paddled as fast as I could and caught the wave. Then I got into a barrel. I could see the sun in a perfect circle.

POW! I fell into the wet wavy water. After I swallowed heaps of the salty water.



We have been notified by the Bridge Club that they are holding a private function on Wednesday 31st May and have asked us to let our parent community know that there is to be NO parking in their carpark on this day. Any unauthorised cars will be towed away.


Community Planting Day at Waiata Reserve

Community Planting Day at Waiata Reserve