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Middle School Electives in Term 3

Elective Choices

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Next term all students across the school will be taking part in an Electives Programme. This is an exciting initiative running in many schools whereby the students are able to choose a learning path based on their interests and passions across a range of curriculum areas.  The electives will run from 11:40am to 1:25pm each week for eight weeks.  Groups will be a mix of Year 3 and 4 students and will be led by any teacher or teachers from across the school.

On the pages that follow you can find the elective options.  It is an exciting list and we know that the children are going to have a hard time with their top choices! Please read through the options with your child and discuss which elective would be best for them.  Then indicate on the sheet their top three options in order of preference. Once these have been selected, could both you and your child please sign the sheet and return it to your child's class teacher.  The teachers will then be placing the children into an elective group based on their selection.  They will be placed in one of their three options - please be aware that it is not always possible to give children their first choice.


Marvellous Market Day Entrepreneurs (designing, making, advertising and selling)

Do you want to turn your creative skills into a money making business? As a Marvelous Market Day Entrepreneur, you will have the opportunity to design and create a range of products, which will be sold on market day at the end of term. You will develop skills in design, production, advertising, and sales - all important skills for a profitable small business. The profits from your sales will be donated to a charity of choice. We can't wait to see your creative masterpieces turn into profits!



If you like to MOVE IT MOVE IT then this is just the elective for you! You will have the chance to experiment with different types of dance, including hip hop, jazz funk, disco, modern movements, classical ballet and lots more. You will also get to explore a range of music genres where you can just LET IT GO, letting your movements do all the talking. There will be opportunities for you to choreograph your own steps AND perform on stage to an audience. What are you waiting for? Come and gain the confidence you need so that you can finally break down some sick moves for that dance battle you have always wanted to do!



Do you love to perform? Do you have an active imagination? Do you see your name in stars? If the answer to these questions is yes then come to 'Dramarama' for drama games, theatre skills, impromptu skits, character development and much more! Prepare to work as a team, develop your creative thinking skills and laugh out loud! (Lol)


Creative Writing & Puppetry

Do you enjoy Reading and Writing plays? Are you a creative and talented Writer? Do you like to work collaboratively with other children? Would you like to write your own play? If you answered yes to those questions, then this Elective option is for you! You willl get to write and produce a play. Once your play is written - you will be able to explore, create and design a mini theatre and puppets which will bring your play to life. Each group will get the chance to present their play and mini theatre to the Elective group :-)


Making Musical Instruments

Music-Making Groupies! Can you NOT imagine a day going by without listening to Music? Then you should join the 'Music-Making Groupies!' We will make our own instruments and play them to some AMAZING pop songs.


Animal Art

'Wild Animals from around the World' Come along and create art pieces illustrating different wild animals from around the World. You will be experimenting with a range of art media such as painting, drawing and collage.


Performing and Visual Art

Join the cast and crew for a enchanting escape into the Ancient World of Pharaohs, Queens, High Priests, Nobles, Skilled Artisans and Craftspeople


Application Details

Name ____________________________________________ Room_____


I have read the information about the electives and my choices are as follows...


First Choice ________________________________________________________


Second Choice ______________________________________________________


Third Choice ________________________________________________________


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