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Middle School Electives in Term 3

Elective Choices

1. Paper Mache Animal Masks

Do you enjoy being creative? Do you love animals? Are you keen to spend time each week creating a wonderful piece of Artwork?

Then "Paper Mache Animal Masks" is the elective for you!

Skills to be developed:

  • Develop your imagination
  • Design a truly amazing piece of work
  • Develop your creative ability

End Product

An amazing animal mask!

2. Sewing Stars

Save the Planet! No more plastic bags!

Do you want to help the environment by creating your own re-usable canvas bag?

Learn sewing and stitching skills and then choose your fabric, thread, stitching and pattern style to personalise your designer bag!

Some skills you will learn:

  • How to use the sewing machine
  • Threading and tying off a needle and thread
  • Straight, crossed and closed stitches
  • Patchworking fabric
  • Sewing on buttons and sequins
  • Cutting out fabric to a pattern

3. Remuera Theatre Club

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Do you love to act, dance and sing?

Would you like to appear on the RPS stage?

Come and be apart of our Aladdin music, dance and drama extravaganza. It is "Pure Genie-us!"

You have the opportunity to win hearts like the handsome Aladdin, sparkle like the beautiful Princess Yasmin and her ladies in waiting, mystify as the genie of the lamp, explore the devious plans of the Vizier or master a magic carpet ride over Arabia as part of the sultan's mighty army!

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Skills to be developed:

  • Performing in front of an audience

  • Making the character your own

  • Singing and harmonising

  • Building and designing a set

  • Helping choreograph a dance


Maori Visual Art

Explore and delight yourself with Maori visual culture by listening to Maori Myths and Legends, and Waiata, then use your imagination, interpretation, senses and creativity to design your own masterpiece.



Are you creative?

Do you like to design?

Does Drama and Acting excite you?

Do you enjoy dancing?

If you answered yes to these questions then this Elective is for you!

Just imagine being able to design and create your very own art masterpiece.

Develop your performance techniques and confidence while taking on the role of an actor.

Help choreograph a dance that will ensure you learn many different funky dance moves.

I cannot wait to have fun exploring The Arts with you :-)

6. Let's Go Lego!

Do you love the magic, colour & creativity of Lego? If so, Let's Go Lego! is the choice for you! Come along on this journey of challenge & discovery as we plan & form different objects. Enjoy building things with your friends & solving problems using a range of Lego kits and online tools. Warm your fingers on a cold Winter's day - and 'get nimble' with Let's Go Lego!

7. Movement Maniac

If you like to MOVE IT MOVE IT then this is just the elective for you!

You will have the chance to experiment with different types of dance, including hip hop, jazz funk, disco, modern movements, classical ballet and lots more. You will also get to explore a range of music genres where you can just LET IT GO, letting your movements do all the talking. There will be opportunities for you to choreograph your own steps AND perform on stage to an audience.

What are you waiting for? Come and gain the confidence you need so that you can finally break down some sick moves for that dance battle you have always wanted to do!

Skills to be developed:

  • Choreography

  • Strength and stamina

  • Facial and body expressions

  • Performance

8. Science Whizz

If you love experimenting and discovering how the world around you works then this is for you.

You will have the chance to organise your own experiments and will be rewarded with a certificate when you have completed all the science challenges.


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