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November 22 Newsletter 2018

Public Meeting to discuss costs for Year 5 and 6 School Camps 2019

Public Meeting to discuss costs for Year 5 and 6 School Camps 2019

The Remuera Primary School Board of Trustees (BOT) would like to invite all parents of children who will be in Years 5 and 6 in 2019 (current Years 4 and 5) to a public meeting to discuss the costs of school camps and the implications for the BOT and RPS if these costs cannot continue to be met by our school families.

This meeting will take place on Thursday 29 November at 6pm in the Theatre, which is located in the Library block.

This is a very important issue and the BOT would like to ensure that the community is fully informed.

Due to the New Zealand government's free education policy, schools may not oblige payment for anything that is considered part of the school's curriculum.  School camp, (Education Outside of the Classroom - EOTC) is part of the curriculum and schools cannot demand payment for any costs associated with camp.  Schools are however, entitled to request payment in the form of a donation and in the past, most RPS families have paid this willingly.

In recent years, there has been a significant decline in the number of families who are prepared to contribute to the cost of camp and to ensure our camps went ahead the BOT made the decision to subsidise the costs for those families who cannot or will not pay. We do of course understand that, some families are simply not in a position to pay and we have always made special provisions for this in consultation with the family and our Principal.

As you know your BOT has finite financial resources, and were we faced with underwriting the entire year 6 camp, we would be faced with a bill in excess of $35,000. Clearly, this is not tenable. What this means for our 2019 Year 5 and 6 students is that camps next year will not be able to go ahead unless we have a financial commitment from families.

We are therefore asking families to pay a deposit that is equal to half the cost of the 2019 camp by 14 December 2018.  That equates to $147 for students in Year 6, and $56 for students in Year 5. If the appropriate level of financial commitment is not received by this date, the BOT may have to seriously consider cancelling one or both of the camps for 2019.

It is our sincerest hope that this extreme measure will not be necessary.  Camps are a rite of passage for all kiwi kids and our own Remuera Primary School camps are legendary.  By holding a public meeting, the BOT hopes to raise awareness of the issue and ensure that camps will continue to be a formative part of the programme that Remuera Primary School offers our students.

Please come along to discuss this issue with the BOT and have your say. If however, you are unable to attend, please share your thoughts with our Principal - Stephen King, via email - stevek@rps.school.nz.

Jo Christie

Board Chair

Remuera Primary School


End of Year Celebration

We are excited to present our 2018 End of Year Celebration (formally the Carol Concert). This year's celebration will be held outdoors at school on the evening of Wednesday December 12, with a rain date of Thursday December 13.  Children will be required to meet at school (in uniform or costume if part of a special group) by 6:00pm, with the evening's formalities starting at 6:30pm.

The decision to move the Carol Concert away from the Cathedral, has been a difficult one for our Board, particularly with the escalting costs of using the Cathedral.  Last year's event cost the Board in excess of $8,000.

This year's celebration has been designed to showcase a diverse range to student talent, with our Bands, Kapa Haka Group, Choirs, Dancers, and Jump Jammers all performing.  In addition to this, each mini school will also perform a celebration piece.

The programme will take approximately 60 minutes, and we extend a warm welcome to you all to join us for what I am sure will be an incredible evening.




Earlier this week your child/ren brought home Scholastic Book Club Brochures, our last Book Club of 2018.

Here are some key things to note:

There are two options for ordering:

1.Parents can order and pay for Book Club purchases online by going www.scholastic.co.nz/LOOP and follow the simple steps. This is our preferred method of ordering.  If you order by this method do not return any paperwork to the school.

2. You can complete the order form on the back page of the brochure and return to the Silver Slot in the School Office. IF YOU CHOOSE THIS METHOD, PAYMENT IS ONLY BY CHEQUE.  THERE ARE NO CASH PAYMENTS AND NO EFTPOS FACILITIES.  If you wish to pay by cheque please make it payable to Scholastic New Zealand.


Irrespective of which order method you choose, books will be delivered to school for distribution via the students' classrooms.

If you would like to place a secret ! order for that little extra something for Christmas please email me at chrisc@rps.school.nz I will hold onto your secret ! order for you to pick up at an appropriate time.

If you have any questions regarding this Book Club please see me in the School Office or email me at the above address.

Christine Charleston




The School Online Shop is open for Sausage Sizzle and Mufti donation payments.

You can order sausages and mufti from today until 8:45am Friday 7th December via the RPS website.

If you require any help with setup or payment options please contact the Kindo team at The Growth Collective via email helpdesk@thegrowthcollective.co.nz or phone 09 475 5287 (Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm).

Please contact the sausage sizzle team at RPSsizzlesisters@gmail.com if you can assist in any way or have any queries regarding the sausage sizzle days.


Notes from the Office

Important Notes from the school office

NEW ENROLMENTS: If you have a child turning 5 in 2019 and have not already done so, can you please stop by the office and pick up an enrolment pack, or if you have already picked up a pack please return to the office asap. This applies not only to new families but to existing families who may have a younger child yet to join the RPS family. Confirmed enrolments are used to establish the number of teachers required at each year level and the number of students in each class.  Whilst we realise there will always be unexpected enrolments from families moving into our zone, having confirmation from all in-zone enrolments helps us enormously in our planning.


Can you please notify the School Office in writing or by email to kimr@rps.school.nz if your child is not returning to RPS in 2019 so that the paperwork around the leaving process can be completed.


Middle and Senior School Athletics 2018

The Middle and Senior School Athletics competition took place on Tuesday.  Unlike previous years, we were able to hold this event on the RPS field.  In true Auckland fashion, there were four seasons in the day.  Brilliant sunshine bathed the competitors and spectators for the 100m sprint semi-finals and finals.  As the clouds rolled in, the Year 5 and 6 field events began.  It was an excellent day of competition that was bought to a sudden halt by an incredible hail storm. All students and staff who took part in the day can be commended for their flexibility and commitment to the sports, even with the inclement weather conditions.  Thanks also to those parents who braved the crazy weather to support our students.  Next Wednesday, top achievers will be competing against other local schools in the Remuera Zone Athletics. We wish them all the very best.

Athletics Results

100m Sprints

Year 3 Girls - 1st Lizzie Hawksbee, 2nd Charlotte Penny, 3rd Ava Schaumkel

Year 3 Boys - 1st Cash Kanlyyasaeng, 2nd Kade Irvine, 3rd Ollie Meikleham

Year 4 Girls - 1st Emily King, 2nd Olympia Goldsmith, 3rd Sandra Hochmann

Year 4 Boys - 1st Tyler Byres, 2nd David Mounsouphom, 3rd James Howard

Year 5 Girls - 1st Georgina McCullum, 2nd Isla Parsons, 3rd Izabella Leong, Edie Gaimster

Year 5 Boys - 1st Charlie Forsyth, 2nd Lucas Boyd, 3rd Karson Hawkins, 4th Joshua Rowbotham

Year 6 Girls - 1st Zara Calleja, 2nd Emma Bews-Hair, 3rd Maria Sminchisescu, 4th Greta Calleja

Year 6 Boys - 1st Nuran Duwage, 2nd Ethan Lee, 3rd Joel Chaplow, 4th Joshua Johnstone

Ball Throw

Year 5 Girls - 1st Zoe Miller, 2nd Madeline Bowkett, 3rd Zoe Orr

Year 5 Boys - 1st Lucas Boyd, 2nd Jaedon Gin, 3rd Charles Parton

Year 6 Girls - 1st Samantha Chua, 2nd Saffron Tse, 3rd Molly Sherrard

Year 6 Boys - 1st Jamie Cantell-Roberts, 2nd Louis Butler, 3rd Jordan Gibson

High Jump

Year 5 Girls - 1st Mikayla Chai, 2nd Elena Meng

Year 5 Boys - 1st Lucas Boyd, 2nd Joshua Rowbotham

Year 6 Girls - 1st Emma Bews Hair, 2nd Zara Calleja, 3rd Akshara Balaji

Year 6 Boys - 1st = Vitalii Savelev and Ethan Lee, 2nd = Nuran Duwage and Jordan Gibson

Long Jump

Year 5 Girls - 1st Georgina McCullum, 2nd Emily Allen, 3rd Alice Bright

Year 5 Boys - 1st Karson Hawkins, 2nd Lucas Boyd, 3rd Jake Gunson

Year 6 Girls - 1st Emma Bews-Hair, 2nd Maria Sminchisescu, 3rd Elaine Heimgartner

Year 6 Boys - 1st Victor Stottrup, 2nd Joshua King, 3rd Ethan Lee

800 m

Year 5 Girls - 1st Emma Owen, 2nd Edie Gaimster, 3rd Emily Allen

Year 5 Boys - 1st Eddie Ngan Kee, 2nd Jake Gunson, 3rd Theo Chittenden

Year 6 Girls - 1st Zara Calleja, 2nd Isla Pengelly, 3rd Maddie Vincient

Year 6 Boys - 1st Josh King, 2nd Ethan Lee, 3rd James Magnusson

Overall Year 6 Champions

Girl - Emma Bews-Hair and Zara Calleja

Boys - Ethan Lee


RPS Library End of Year Stocktake

RPS Library End of Year Stocktake

Our Library closes for 2018 this coming Monday 26th November in order that our Librarian can begin the long process of the year end stocktake.  To date, there are 525 books still on loan to students.  Please can you make sure that your children remember to bring their books back to the Library by Monday.


From the desk of our Choir Teacher

Kids for Kids Choir

On Monday 5th November a group of RPS children participated in the Kids for Kids Choir at the Bruce Mason Centre. The performance celebrated the 'Kiwi As' spirit, singing some of the best of Kiwi music! Together with five other Schools the RPS Kids dazzled the audience with their beautiful singing, enthusiasm and energy. I am super proud of the children who joined in this year - well done.

Kids for Kids2018

Christmas Dance Songs Featuring RPS Kids

A few months ago a group of dancers from RPS, alongside children from various dance schools, participated in creating three Christmas dance songs for Love to Sing's YouTube Channel.

The RPS children featured in the videos:

  • Ruby Morrissey
  • Ollie Muirhead
  • Tyler Byres
  • Prachi Chandra
  • Isla Brodie
  • Madeline Vincent
  • Summer Saekhang
  • Tessa Bain
  • Gemma Wu
  • Zoya Beig

Christmas Dance Songs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLI-is5tEGAnTZ3X3GoViQJiZGcK0o6Pjt

A HUGE Congratulations to all the children involved - you are all Super Stars!

Miss Adamson


Volunteers Needed, can you help?

Stationery Pack Distribution 2019

We are in need of volunteers to help with the stationery pack distribution on the first few days of Term 1 2019, Thursday 31st January and Friday 1st February- from 9am to 11am on Thursday and 9am-10am on  Friday. If you feel you can spare a couple of hours we would love to hear from you. Please contact Pauline at  pauline@kiwilink.co.nz




The PTA would like to welcome school families and local businesses to help support us with advertising in the School Directory 2019.

The Directory is a valued resource for the school and every family receives a copy.  Your assistance helps in covering the costs of producing it.  Advertising costs for such a wide distribution group are minimal.  Depending on the size of the ad (there are 3 sizes) the cost varies and is invoiced next year.  For further information please email Claire Littlewood: cjlittlewood@hotmail.com before the end of the term to confirm your space.


PTA Roles to be filled for 2019

PTA Roles to be filled for 2019.

The PTA have some exciting roles that need to be filled for 2019. These are all well established roles that are a lot of fun to run and, due to parents moving on, are ready for someone new to step into.

Don't be shy - come and be part of an awesome team!

Please see below and if anything appeals contact the PTA at:


- Uniform Sales
- Knowledgeathon
- Quiz Night
- Iceblocks
- Family Fun Night
- School Directory


sKids Remuera – Operating from Remuera Primary School Hall offering all OUT OF SCHOOL CARE Services.


The right start to a child's day is essential for great learning. sKids are able to care for children at school before school begins for the day. We're open from 7.30am. Join us on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for a hot breakfast and a take-away Café-style coffee for all parents!


Whether children need care until 4pm, 5pm or 6pm, for a full week or just one or more days, sKids can help with all permanent or adhoc casual care.

Kids have so much fun at sKids they often don't want to leave. We'll provide a nutritious afternoon tea (please visit us to see our new-improved Food Menu), supervise their homework, let them play, then run a fun activity so parents can rest assured that they are safe, secure and having a great time.


FoodStorm is partnering with Nestle in Term 4 to showcase our special FoodStorm module 'Nestle Healthy Active Kids (NHAK) Collector's Edition' Programme! The programme runs every Wednesday from 4pm to 5pm. This is our fun cooking programme with a focus on health and nutrition. All recipes are approved by the NZ Heart Foundation!


Watch this space. Programmes will be released by 3rd December!

Please contact us for any enquiries at remuera@skids.co.nz or call us on 948 4548 or 021 191 9115.


Learn to Sail at Glendowie Boating Club

Glendowie Boating Club is a family oriented dinghy sailing club, founded in 1949 and situated on the shores of the Tamaki estuary.  The club has an active membership and a regular programme of sailing and racing on Sundays from early Spring through to late Autumn, and even through the winter.

Our Club's next school holiday Learn-to-Sail programme will be held during the week of 14th to 18th January 2019. This introductory course will run each morning that week from 09:00am to 12:30pm.  The course is a great introduction for boys and girls keen to begin an exciting lifetime of sailing.  The cost of the course is $330 per sailor and includes the use of a club optimist training dinghy and all coaching fees. For registration and more details visit www.gbcyachting.org.nz or email the secretary at admin@gbcyachting.org.nz.