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November 23 Newsletter 2017

Message from the Principal

Construction Update

I am delighted to report - that after much stress, we are now "out of the ground."  As the building programme enters its 11th month, it is great to finally see the foundations poured and floor slab being prepared.

This week a large crane has been erected which signaled the closure of the eastern driveway of the school.  Please note that this driveway will be out of bounds for students, staff and parents - for safety reasons.  The crane will be used to install the steel framing that will form the new building.  This will be an exciting phase as we see the shell of the building take shape.

At this stage, the building programme is on track for a May 2018 completion.

Thank you once again for your patience and support throughout this construction programme.  It is very much appreciated.

Board of Trustees Community Survey

The BoT Survey has now closed and, on behalf of the Board, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the families who took the time to provide us with feedback through the survey.

While a full analysis of the feedback is still underway, below is an initial summary of findings.

The percentages shown are of those respondents who "Strongly Agreed" or "Agreed" with the statement.

  1. RPS has a strong induction programme for newcomers to the school   (90%)
  2. RPS needs more events to help parents settle into the community. (68%)
  3. RPS provides a welcoming environment at the school office. (91%)
  4. RPS provides a welcoming environment in the classrooms. (94%)
  5. RPS provides a welcoming enviornment in the school overall. (91%)
  6. My Child/Children feel connected to the RPS Community. (94%)
  7. As a parent I feel connected to the RPS Community. (73%)
  8. I feel informed about what is happening within the school overall. (90%)
  9. Fortnightly newsletters are informative. (95%)
  10. The RPS Website is informative and easy to use. (69%)
  11. I feel informed about what is happening in my child's classroom. (90%)
  12. I receive adequate information about my child's progress. (83%)
  13. Would you support an optional BYOD programme? (29%)
  14. I receive adequate information on the school's funding needs and what the donation is used for. (59%)

End of Year events

CHANGE OF DATE Year 3-6 Awards Ceremony: Please note the Year 3-6 Awards Ceremony will now be held on Tuesday December 12. The Ceremony will commence at 9:15am and will be held outdoors on the Junior Courts - weather permitting.

Friday 1st December Year 6 Breakfast @ 7.30am RPS School Hall

Tuesday 5th December Year 6 Graduation and Prize-giving @ 6.30pm Kings Memorial Hall, Kings School, Remuera Road.

Friday 8th December Carol Concert @ 6.30pm Holy Trinity Cathedral

Thursday 14th December RPS Has Talent Final @ 9.15am outdoors on the RPS Junior Court

Friday 15th December Term 4 Ends @ 12.00pm, there will be no afternoon bus service on this day.




THe School Online Shop is open for Sausage Sizzle and Mufti donation payments.

You can order sausages and mufti from today until 8:45am Friday 8th December. Click here.

If you require any help with setup or payment options please contact the Kindo team at The Growth Collective via email helpdesk@thegrowthcollective.co.nz or phone 09 475 5287 (Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm).

HELP WANTED: We are looking for 1 or 2 people to help run the sausage sizzles for next year.

Please contact the sausage sizzle team at RPSsizzlesisters@gmail.com if you can assist in any way or have any queries regarding the sausage sizzle days.


Volunteers Needed, can you help?

The PTA is ccalling for volunteers to help with the stationery pack distribution on the first two days of Term 1 2018, Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd February- from 9am to 11am on day 1 and 9am-10am on day 2.

Please contact Pauline at  pauline@kiwilink.co.nz if you are able to help.


Junior Athletics Results 2017

Our Junior Athletics were held on Tuesday 21 November.  It was great to see so many parents come along to support their children. Thank you to all children for a fantastic competition. Our Year 1 and 2 students enjoyed a full day of events run by our current School Councillors.  They did a fantastic job and it was a great day!

Congratulations to the following children who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their events.

Sprint Results

Year 0 Girls

1st Place Amelia Meikleham, 2nd Place Evie Meiklejohn, 3rd Place Imogen Leong

Year 0 Boys

1st Place Kyle Moore, 2nd Place Charlie Truman, 3rd Place Mark Rada

Year 1 Girls

1st Place Amber Suhren, 2nd Place Isabelle Rowbotham, 3rd Place Madison Hoon

Year 1 Boys

1st Place Rafferty Seales, 2nd Place Max Meyer, 3rd Place Hugh Gunson

Year 2 Girls

1st Place Lizzie Hawksbee, 2nd Place Laila Latu, 3rd Place = Paige Atkin & Izadora Leong

Year 2 Boys

1st Place Cash Kanlyyasaeng, 2nd Place Ollie Meikleham, 3rd Place Kade Irvine


Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 Athletics results

This year we have been extremely lucky and have had superb spring days for both our Year 3-6 and Year 1 and 2 Athletics Days. On Thursday 16 November the Years 3-6 students decended on Mt Smart Stadium to participate in both competitive and non-competitive events.  Special thanks to the parents who helped out with various events.  Your support was greatly appreciated.

Year 3 & 4 Athletics Results

Year 3 Girls 100m

1st Place Tessa Toner, 2nd Place Daisy Puttick 3rd Place Olivia  Edhouse

Year 3 Boys 100m

1st Place Tyler Moore, 2nd Place James Howard 3rd Place Mikhail Savelev

Year 4 Girls 100m

1st Place Georgina McCallum, 2nd Place Ella Lloyd 3rd Place Emily Allen

Year 4 Boys 100m

1st Place Lucas Boyd, 2nd Place Joshua Rowbotham 3rd Place Karson Hawkins

Year 3 Girls 400m

1st Place Olympia Goldsmith, 2nd Place Zahrena Soma 3rd Place Emily King

Year 3 Boys 400m

1st Place Tyler Moore, 2nd Place Freddie Littlewood 3rd Place Angus Magnusson

Year 4 Girls 400m

1st Place Ella Lloyd, 2nd Place Georgina McCallum 3rd Place Izabella Leong

Year 4 Boys 400m

1st Place Jake Gunson, 2nd Place Carrick Donnelly 3rd Place Jeff Sothea


Year 5 & 6 Athletics Results

Year 5 Girls 100m

1st Place Zara Calleja, 2nd Place Emma Bews-Hair 3rd Place Maria Sminchisescu

Year 5 Boys 100m

1st Place Felix Hall, 2nd Place Zane Mahon 3rd Place Joel Chaplow

Year 6 Girls 100m

1st Place Lily Allen, 2nd Place Elsa Murray 3rd Place Nicola Hume

Year 6 Boys 100m

1st Place Curtis Ujfalussy, 2nd Place Flynn Hamilton-Muller 3rd Place Luca Toner

Year 5 Girls 800m

1st Place Zara Calleja, 2nd Place Molly Sherrard 3rd Place Tessa Bain

Year 5 Boys 800m

1st Place Josh King, 2nd Place James Magnusson 3rd Place Ethan Lee

Year 6 Girls 800m

1st Place Lily Allen, 2nd Place Nicola Hume 3rd Place Lucy McDonnell

Year 6 Boys 800m

1st Place Xander McLachlan, 2nd Place Cooper Peters 3rd Place Sam McKay

Year 5 Girls High Jump

1st Place Greta Calleja, 2nd Place Kate Hall 3rd Place Zara Calleja

Year 5 Boys High Jump

1st Place Louis Butler, 2nd Place Joel Chaplow 3rd Place Nuran Duwage

Year 6 Girls High Jump

1st Place Lily Allen, 2nd Place Hannah Gray 3rd Place Sophia Alexander

Year 6 Boys High Jump

1st Place Cooper Peters, 2nd Place Jacob Hawkesbee 3rd Place Luca Toner

Year 5 Girls Long Jump

1st Place Zara Calleja, 2nd Place Sorren Larsen 3rd Place Maria Sminchisescu

Year 5 Boys Long Jump

1st Place Ethan Lee, 2nd Place Joel Chaplow 3rd Place Louis Butler

Year 6 Girls Long Jump

1st Place Lily Allen, 2nd Place Nicola Hume 3rd Place Elsa Murray

Year 6 Boys Long Jump

1st Place Flynn Hamilton-Muller, 2nd Place Luca Toner 3rd Place Cooper Peters

Year 5 Girls Ball Throw

1st Place Samantha Chua, 2nd Place Rosie MacMahon 3rd Place Greta Calleja

Year 5 Boys Ball Throw

1st Place Louis Butler, 2nd Place Jamie Cantell-Roberts 3rd Place Zac Fussell

Year 6 Girls Ball Throw

1st Place Tash Wu, 2nd Place Sophie Alexander 3rd Place = Lily Allen & Ramona Welburn-Morris

Year 6 Boys Ball Throw

1st Place Curtis Ujfalussy, 2nd Place Sam McKay 3rd Place Riley Terveen


Yummy Stickers 2017

A thank you message from Patricia Whitmore, our volunteer Yummy Stickers Co-ordinator for 2017.

Dear RPS Community,

I wish to express my gratitude to you all for your contributions to the collection of 18, 000 Yummy Stickers! This means that we had $992 to spend on new P.E. equipment and, as you can see, we acquired the following.

We were able to replenish stocks in our PE Shed with Hula Hoops, Cricket Sets, Skipping Ropes, Tennis Balls, Rugby Balls amongst others.

Thank-you again.

Yummy Stickers newsletter photo Nov 2017


Can you help with Props?

Can you loan an old or leather suitcase with pop locks, a 'staff' like Gandalf from The Hobbit, for our end of year concert.  If you can help please email Nikki Grant nikkig@rps.school.nz


Skids Before and After School Care and School Holiday Programme

Holiday Programme Now Open for Bookings!

Our December and January Holiday Programme is now open for bookings! From Monday 18th to Friday 22nd December, we'll be running our December Christmas programme! We'll be making lots of yummy treats, awesome Christmas decorations, having a spectacular Christmas Party plus much more!

During our January programme, we have plenty of fun and exciting activities that your child/ren won't want to miss! Between Summer Treats, Rainbows End, Scavenger Hunts, Makeovers and more, there won't be a dull moment!

Our holiday programme runs from 7.30am-6pm daily, with short and half day options available.

Our staff are all trained, police vetted and hold First Aid Certificates.  We operate from the school hall with small staff to child ratios supported by the Ministry of Social Development and Child, Youth and Family.
Please feel free to call us on 021 191 9115 or email remuera@skids.co.nz

To register with sKids go to www.skids.aimy.co.nz


We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a safe and Merry Christmas from the sKids team at Remuera Primary School.


Autism and Aspergers Syndrome

Don't miss your opportunity to hear the world's NUMBER ONE expert on Autism and Aspergers Syndrome

This course is ideal for teachers, teacher aides, support staff, educators, carers, parents and any other professionals working with people on the autism spectrum. Participants love hearing what Tony has to say and come away armed with practical tools to make a difference. Content covers all ages and stages.

Dr Tony Attwood is well known throughout the world for sharing his knowledge on autism spectrum disorders. He is an outstanding speaker and the author of a number of bestselling books on ASD. As a clinical psychologist Tony has worked with over 3,000 individuals of all ages with an ASD, and he presents workshops and runs training courses for parents, teachers, professionals and individuals with an ASD all over the world. His presentations are highly informative and empowering.

Seminar Content:

Cognitive Abilities: A Different Way of Thinking and Learning Profile: The unusual profile of cognitive abilities associated with ASD is described with an emphasis on the profile of intellectual abilities, problems with executive function, flexible thinking, coping with mistakes and weak central coherence. Strategies are described to improve motivation, organisation skills and academic achievement.

Managing Challenging Behaviour in Children with Autism: Provides an explanation and strategies for repetitive behaviour, emotion management, effective communication systems, self-injurious behaviour, improving social understanding and coping with change.

Don't miss Tony Attwood's ONLY New Zealand seminars in 2018:


Auckland (Airport)

Monday 19 March 2018


Holiday Inn Auckland Airport


Wednesday 21 March 2018


Forsyth Barr Stadium


Friday 23 March 2018


SKYCITY Convention Centre

Cost: $250 full registration, $225 early bird for payments made before Tuesday 20 February 2018.

NOTE: This early bird date is early in the school year. Book now and we will send you a payment reminder early February 2018 so you don't miss out on our early bird registration!