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November 3 Newsletter 2016

Year 5 Parent Meeting

Due to unforseen circumstances, our Year 5 Parent meeting, that was schedueld to take place tomorrow (Friday), has been postponed.  We apologise for the late notice.  This meeting will now take place on Friday November 11 at 8:00am in the Hall. We hope that you are able to join us for this informational presentation about our Year 6 Programme.


2016 ICAS Maths

Congratulations to the following students who achieved Distinction and High Distinction in the 2016 ICAS Maths exam.

Year 4 High Distinction: Ashan Kannangara & Isabella White (1st=), Jordan Gibson,

Saffron Tse, Robert Turnbull,

Year 4 Distinction- Joshua Choi, Victoria Geck, Molly Sherrard, Ian Parker, Alyssa Tan

Year 5 High Distinction: Orion Lim (1st), Olivia Anderson, Ethan Chuang, Luca Toner

Year 5 Distinction: Reuben Fong, Roman Graves, Sam McKay, William Guan,

Year 6 High Distinction: Anthony Wong (1st)

Year 6 Distinction: Scarlett Bell, Charlotte Chan, Hayden Cheng, Allan Dai, Oliver Gunson, Claire Heimgartner, Chris Kwak, Daniel Park, Andi Sun, Stephen Wu, Emma Wilson,

Tobey Ngan Kee

Certificates will be handed out at our Week 5 Assembly Friday 11th November.



Many thanks to those who have made such generous donations, we have a fantastic variety of books of all genres, puzzles and games.  We also have a selection of gifts for those Christmas stockings!! (Donations of books etc are still greatly appreciated)

What goes better with a book than a slice of something yummy. CALLING ALL BAKERS & SWEET MAKERS, we now need volunteers to help us stock the bakesale.  Whether you are a whizz with a chocolate brownie, the house specialty is banana cake or you're a fudge expert we'd love to hear from you.  Please email Sharon on sharon_egen@singaporeair.com.sg

The bookfair is a fantastic community event, we will have the Sausage Sizzle going, coffee, yummy food and a good dollop of community spirit!


Writing from our Junior ESOL Students

In ESOL we read about some crazy cats in a story called "My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes", by Eve Sutton and Lynley Dodd.

We created our own clever cats.

Cats 1


Cats 2


Cats 3

cats 4

cats 5

cats 6


Writing from our Senior ESOL Students

Coming to New Zealand for the first time…… By Haireena Mohd Zaidi Bahirin

I remember flying to Auckland from Malaysia. It was so hot when I left Malaysia and tropical. I was happy because it was like going on holiday but then also sad when I thought about leaving my family. I was especially sad to leave my Nek Nek and Atok (my Grandmother and Grandfather) My grandmother, Nenda , has a business in Kuala Lumpur. She uses natural medicine to help people. When I was a small girl I used to sit in her little shop and help her fill the bottles with all sorts of magical medicines to help people. I would attach the pieces of paper giving instructions to her clients.

At night Nenda would tell me stories about the prophet. She would make me Ayam Yum Rendang (yummy chicken soup) and I can still smell that chicken soup, even now.

I remember walking into class for the first time in New Zealand. My teacher told me his name but I couldn't quite remember it and I couldn't quite pronounce it, so I just said, 'Excuse me…..ergh  teacher!' People would talk to me in English and I would answer in Malaysian. They smiled at me. I smiled a lot at them to begin with.

In Malaysia when you get home from school your bag is full of homework. I work hard on my homework here in New Zealand but I still have time to go outside.

When I first went to school in Malaysia my class numbers were in colours. We lived in part of Kuala Lumpur called Puchung. The uniform there was long skirts and white shirts. We would have to wake up at 5am because school started at 7am. We had a canteen.

In New Zealand the friends I have made are always 'inclusive'. This is so important to me. I love making up games with my 'kiwi' friends. They have taught me 'Manhunt', 'Cops and Robbers' and 'Cheat'.

The highlights for me at RPS are the ESOL party, games from around the world, sharing food, our end of year play ( I wonder which part I will be this year?)  making things like 'Hokey Pokey ice cream', our 'India themed' hat parade and the Cultural concert.

I will miss RPS when I leave and go to RI. Thank you to all the students and teachers who helped me!

By Olivia Lee (International student)

I remember leaving Seoul. I was sad to leave my friends. I thought that I may never see them again. I won't ever forget the look of sadness on my Harmonie's (grandmother's) face!

Omah (Mum) had told me that in New Zealand I would make nice friends and have lovely teachers!

Well, what Mum said was true! Miss Cole is so funny and kind. No matter what the problem is she makes it better or not so hard to fix. In maths class she always greets us and says, 'Good morning mathematicians!' I don't think I have ever heard her use the same voice. It is always different! I love that!

When I began ESOL classes I was nervous about meeting new children and another teacher but at the end of my first lesson I wanted to do it all again. It was awesome. Mrs Grant makes things funny. I loved making roti and potato curry this year. We made it and ate it on a very cold day in winter. It was so warm and delicious.

School in New Zealand is very different to school in Korea. At lunchtime in Korea we eat hot food in the classroom. Someone.. an Adjumah (someone not too old or not too young) makes food for us. My favourite lunch was meatballs and seaweed soup. We got seaweed soup on our birthday! Mmmmmm it was a special treat!

New Zealand is very natural. I see green, green, green everywhere! The sky is so blue, even on winter days. In winter, it snows in Seoul. In winter, I go sledding near where I live. At the end of a long day skiing in Korea I would love to visit a thermal spa like the ones in New Zealand.

Mr King, my teachers and my friends have helped and guided me at Remuera Primary School. They were patient with me, they gave me time, and encouraged me to be myself!

I will miss everyone here at RPS!


Important notes from the School Office

STUDENTS NOT RETURNING TO RPS IN 2017 (EXCLUDING OUR CURRENT 2016 YEAR 6 STUDENTS): Can you please notify the School Office in writing or by email to kimr@rps.school.nz if your child is not returning to RPS in 2017 so that the paperwork around the leaving process can be completed.

NEW ENROLMENTS: If you have a child turning 5 in 2017 and you have not already done so,  can you please stop by the office and pick up an enrolment pack, this is particulary urgent if you have a child turning 5 in January, February, March or April.

TROPHIES: If your child was the recipient of a trophy at the end of year prizegiving in December 2015 and you have not already done so, can you please return the trophy to the School Office as soon as possible.

Absent From or Late To School.

There seems to be a lot of confusion around letting the school know your child will be Absent, Attending an Appointment or Late to School. We are legally required by the Ministry of Education to account for every student on our school roll between 8.55am and 3pm. It is critical that parents notify the office if your child is not at school for any reason between these hours. Whilst you may feel emailing the Teacher is sufficient, there are occasions when the Teacher is away and Relievers will not have access to those emails.

Below are the three options in terms of notifying the school:

1. Phone the school, choose option 5 and leave a message on the absence line.

2. Email the Office - office2@rps.school.nz  as well as the class teacher.  The teachers are often busy in the morning and sometimes don't get a chance to clear their emails.

3. Use the RPS Mobile App.

4. Use the Report an Absence button on the front page of our website.

Thanks for your support in this important health and safety requirement.


ESOL Party

Let's party!

All the ELL (English Language Learners) children would like to have a shared lunch and games in Week 6, in the hall. It will be on Thursday the 17th of November from 11.40am until 1.25pm. Children need to bring a plate of food to share. The food should be food that can be eaten by hand. It would be lovely (although not essential) that it be a food from their country of origin. If the children could make a little label for their food (they could draw a little flag) saying what it is called and where it is from, that would be amazing. The food can be put in the hall kitchen first thing on Thursday morning. We would love to see the children dressed in their international costume on that day. The children can bring their international costume to their class first thing on Thursday morning and can get dressed in their classroom ready to come to the hall at 11.40am. They can get changed at first break. If any of your children have any food allergies, can you please let me know? Children need to bring their drink bottles to the hall that day and place them along the back benches.

We would love it if any parents could come in and help decorate the hall at 11am? We will need people to pack up at the end, also. If you are happy to run a game from your country of origin that would be amazing too. Can you be ready to explain this in English (to between 15 and 20 students 3 or 4 times) by 11.40 am that morning please? If this is difficult we can get a student to translate. Please bring any equipment you need.

Thank you for your amazing support this year!

Nikki Grant and Rachael Versloot


Christmas Pantomime

This year we are doing a special Christmas pantomime at the end of year Carol Concert at the cathedral.

We need your help to source/ organise props for rehearsals and on the night.

We will of course make you honorary angels when you help!

We are especially looking for the following props:

Fob watch for Scrooge

Fob watch for Scrooge


Old armchair

Old armchair


dining table and chairs

table and chairs


wooden crutch

Wooden Crutch

wooden toys

wooden toys


On the costume side we are looking for:

5 Waistcoats

2 pairs of Round wire glasses

A top hat

A cheese cutter hat

If you can help with any of these items please email Annika Khouri annikak@rps.school.nz


Bratz Doll to Freedom Doll

A young Mum who has MS - has started up a fabulous not-for-profit group of Mums called Freedom Dolls, which up-cycle Bratz dolls and give them a new life as everyday, active dolls.

Some dolls are given wheelchairs or feeding tubes or walking canes so kids with disabilities or health challenges can have a doll that looks like them. Some dolls go off to comfort kids facing extreme challenges. All of the dolls go on to have a happy life with a child who needs them.

They need more Bratz dolls as the demand has been great. Any condition is fine; naked, matted hair, missing limbs. So far they haven't met a doll they haven't been able to up-cycle.

So drag them out of the attic, forgotten and forlorn at the bottom of a toy basket, and pass them on to us. You can drop them off to Mary in the school office and she will pass them along to Freedom Dolls so they can begin their new adventure!


Second Hand Uniform Sale tomorrow Friday 4th November

Second Hand Uniform Sale tomorrow Friday 4th November  8.30am on the courts by the Music Room (or in the Hall if it's raining)

For sale at $10 will be Polar Fleeces, Culottes, Shorts, Sports Shorts, and Polo Shirts. The gingham dresses are no longer available.  Caps/hats will be $5.

There is a huge number of unnamed uniforms in the Lost Property foyer - there are even some mufti items, including shoes. Lost Property is located between Rooms 12 & 13. If you have LOST any items, PLEASE CHECK THIS ASAP. Please remember to name your children's uniforms.

If you have any pre-loved uniforms in good condition for the school to sell, please hand them in to the school office. These sales help school families and raise much needed funds for the school.


Skids Before and After School care Programme at RPS

After School Care and Before School Care runs in the Remuera Primary School Hall Monday to Friday by Safe Kids in Daily Supervision (sKids)

Before School Care starts 7.30am to 8.30am. We serve Breakfast every morning, a great help for those parents who need to be at work early.
All Year 1 children are walked to their classrooms at 8.30am.

After School Care starts 3pm to 6pm. Year 1 children get picked up from their classrooms. Our aftercare programme includes afternoon tea and we help with homework support.

Our staff are NZ Child, Youth and Family Trained, First Aid Trained, Behaviour Management and Child Protection Awareness and have been trained in the new updated Health and Safety policies and procedures which came into effect April 2016. Call us on 948 4548 or 027 291 9115 or email remuera@skids.co.nz

Bookings can also be made online at https://skids.aimy.co.nz/Parent/Register


Auckland Grammar School Art House Tour

Auckland Grammar School will host their inaugural Grammar Art House Tour on Saturday 12 November. For more information or to purchase tickets go to www.arthousetour.co.nz

Auckland Grammar House Tour 2016


After School Football at RPS

After School Football at RPS

5 weekly sessions beginning Tuesday 8th November from 3.15pm to 4pm in the School Field.

Cost: $49 per child, $24 per sibling

For more information go to www.footballkidznz.co.nz

football try again


City Nippers Beach Education Programme

FREE Have a Go Day this Sunday

St Heliers 9:00 - 10:00

Takapuna 11:30 - 12:30

Onehunga 2:00 - 3:00

Courses available in all locations Term 4:

Course 1 Takapuna start 20th November, Sundays 9-11am

Course 2 Takapuna start 20th November, Sunday 11:30-12:30

Course 3 St Heliers start 20th November, Sundays 9-11am

Course 6 Onehunga start 13th November, Sundays 12:30-2:30pm

To register email northern.education@surflifesaving.org.nz with your child's name, DOB, any medical or behavioural issues, parent name and contact number.


New Zealand Warbirds

WB ArmisticeDay Poster 2016 (2)