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Senior School Electives in Term 3

Elective Choices

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Next term all students across the school will be taking part in an Electives Programme. This is an exciting initiative running in many schools whereby the students are able to choose a learning path based on their interests and passions across a range of curriculum areas.  The electives will run from 11:40am to 1:25pm each week for eight weeks.  Groups will be a mix of Year 5 and 6 students and will be led by any teacher or teachers from across the school.

On the pages that follow you can find the elective options.  It is an exciting list and we know that the children are going to have a hard time with their top choices! Please read through the options with your child and discuss which elective would be best for them.  Then indicate on the sheet their top three options in order of preference. Once these have been selected, could both you and your child please sign the sheet and return it to your child's class teacher.  The teachers will then be placing the children into an elective group based on their selection.  They will be placed in one of their three options - please be aware that it is not always possible to give children their first choice.


RPS's Digital League

Are computers and digital devices your thing? Do you enjoy working and learning as part of a team? Are you keen to explore and master a number of iPad apps and Web 2.0 tools that will support learning in general? Come and experiment with digital tools that will help you share your school creations locally and potentially globally!


Cooking - Kitchen Chemistry

Science Kitchen - Experiments good enough to eat! Do you enjoy baking? Do you enjoy science experiments? This elective combines the best of both both worlds! Make something good to eat while looking at the science behind your delicious creation.


Dance - Love to Dance?

This course will offer a variety of dance styles including; jazz, lyrical, contemporary, musical theatre and basic tumbling. Feel free to come and have a boogie.


Dance 2


Visual Arts

For those who like to speak with their hands, this could be the choice for you! Over the term we'll work on some colourful and clever designs that allow you to express your ideas in a new voice. We'll construct some fun artworks that you can feel proud of.


Rugby Skills & Nutrition - The Wonderful World of Rugby.

Rugby is not just a game, it is a way of life. In some rugby mad countries the rise and fall of their rugby team can dictate the mood of the whole nation. New Zealand can be seen as one of these countries, the proof being in the 2011 World Cup here at home and then the 2015 World Cup in England and Wales, where back to back World Cup victories occurred, buoying our tiny nation. Come and find out more about your favourite sport, not only the actual game itself with skills and drills, but an in-depth look at the nations that play, the players that play, Super Rugby, facts about rugby, how rugby is evolving, nutrition and much much more. Both Boys and Girls most welcome. Things that will be needed: Mouth guard, Boots, Shorts, Rugby Jersey, Socks, and an Attitude to learn new skills and drills. End Result: Playing a game or two against some local school opponents.


Arts and Crafts

Do you enjoy being creative and learning new skills? If so, this arts and crafts elective is for you! Each week we will create something new using a wide range of materials. Be prepared to have fun and let your imagination run wild!


Science - dissection & anatomy

Dissection is cutting open plants and animals to learn more about their parts. In this Science (Biology) elective you will learn how to use some special equipment such as tweezers and scalpel to cut open a range of different plants and animals and study their internal organs. Anatomy is looking at the different parts and structures inside each plant or animal and learning about what they do - their function. This elective will be both challenging and fun. Recommended for those who are interested in the wonders of the natural world around them.



Do you love to capture images of the world around you? Do you enjoy looking at photos that other people have taken? Then Caught on Camera is the elective for you!

The Caught on Camera elective will help you to become a photographer, not just someone who takes photos. It will also help develop your skills in other areas, such as film. By completing a range tasks you will learn how to use your camera, compose photos and then digitally edit them. This elective will be hands-on, creative and fun.

Elective requirements:

A camera, charger and memory card


Technology - Action Art

Costructing a catapult, propelling paint balloons, paint dripping pendulums, rainbow squirting water guns... you name it! It all takes place in this action painting extravaganza. If you enjoy getting creative then this is the elective for you. Not only will you be able to make your own paint flying invention, but you will also get to learn about the wacky painting styles of famous artists and produce an artwork of your own. Recommened for those who like to think 'outside the box.'



Would you like to learn another language?

You will learn to speak basic French, learn about French culture and cuisine.


Application Details

Name ____________________________________________ Room_____


I have read the information about the electives and my choices are as follows...


First Choice ________________________________________________________


Second Choice ______________________________________________________


Third Choice ________________________________________________________


Child's Signature ____________________________


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