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Senior School Electives in Term 3

Elective Choices

1. Paper Mache Animal Masks


Do you enjoy art and paper mache? Well here's your chance to get the creative juices flowing! We will be exploring how and why masks have been used in the past, then designing and creating our own animal-inspired masterpieces.

Skills to be taught:

  • The importance and meaning of masks in various cultures
  • Design
  • Mask shaping and construction
  • Painting and accessorising

End Product: Take home your animal mask

2. Digital Champions

Be in control of your own learning!

Are computers and digital devices your thing?

Do you enjoy working and learning as part of a team?

Are you keen to explore and master a number iPad apps and Web 2.0 tools that will support learning in general?

Come and experiment with digital tools that will help you share your school creations locally and potentially globally!

Skills to be developed:

  • Creating your own blog through Blogger.
  • Presenting ideas using videoing: iMovie.
  • Explaining your findings through screencasting: Explain-everything (iPad app)
  • Create collaborative and interactive presentations using images and voice over: VoiceThread (iPad app)

End Product

  • Create your own blog which will include present samples of your school work made using Web 2.0 tools or iPad apps.

3. Impressions of Nature

Are you an artist in the making? Do you enjoy exploring nature? Come and learn how to use your surroundings to inspire you through the printing process. You will learn a variety of print techniques to produce some beautiful pieces of nature-inspired art.

Skills to be taught:

  • Design
  • Screen printing
  • Lino printing
  • Block printing

End Product: Take home your printed pieces of nature art.

4.The Wonderful World of Rugby

File:New Zealand flag rugby.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Rugby is not just a game, it is a way of life. In some rugby-mad countries the rise and fall of their rugby team can dictate the mood of the whole nation. New Zealand can be seen as one of these countries, the proof being in the 2011 World Cup, here at home and then the 2015 World Cup in England and Wales, where back to back World Cup victories occurred, buoying our tiny nation.

Come and find out more about your favourite sport, not only the actual game itself with skills and drills, but an in-depth look at the nations that play, the players that play, Super Rugby, facts about rugby, how rugby is evolving and much, much more.

Things that will be needed: Mouthguard, Boots, Shorts, Rugby Jersey, Socks, and an Attitude to learn new skills and drills.

End Result: Playing a game or two against some local school opponents.

File:RWC 2011 final FRA - NZL All Blacks celebrate.jpg - Wikimedia ...

5. Caught on Camera

Do you love to capture images of the world around you?

Do you enjoy looking at photos that other people have taken?

Then Caught on Camera is the elective for you!

The Caught on Camera elective will help you to become a photographer, not just someone who takes photos.

It will also help develop your skills in other areas, such as film.

By completing a range tasks you will learn how to use your camera, compose photos and then digitally edit them. This elective will be hands-on, creative and fun.

Elective requirements:

A camera, charger and memory card

Skills to be developed:

  • Composition of photos
  • Editing of photos

End Product - A portfolio of photos

6. Art, Science, Technology or Mystery

Science Smorgasbord with The Mad Scientist.

Are you a budding physicist? Find out how the Laws of Physics work. Build a weapon of the ancient Romans, the amazing catapult. Find out how the muscles and bones of elite Olympic athletes work? See how you could be the same. Uncover the mysteries of the deep. What makes a fish a fish? Discover the secrets inside a fish. What do fish have to do with Art? Come and find out. Like fish and chips? (Me too!) Know how to cook them? Let's do it!  Are you a budding "Urban Gardener"? Come and grow with us. Seed, seedling, planting, and maybe make your own terrarium. Perhaps you like to mess around with Art. Come and try marbling some paper to make gorgeous swirls of colour.

Skills to be developed: Examine a real (animal) leg and knee joint.  Understand forces and physics of motion.  Observing and recording in diagrammatic form the innards of a fish.   Preparing and cooking a fillet of fish.  Marbling paper. Grow some food, from a tiny seed.

End Product = Construct a machine to demonstrate the principles of Physics or construct a Seed Starter. Celebrate Kaimoana.


7. Mythbusters

Explore science the Mythbusters way!

Ever wonder if double dipping with food really spreads germs?

Can you make a glow stick out of Mountain Dew, vinegar, and baking soda as claimed on the internet?

Separating truth from fiction can be tough! In this elective we will endeavor to find the truth as we investigate claims using research, experimentation and the scientific method.



Wonder - What crazy questions can we ask?

Research - What is already known about those questions?

Guess - What do you think the answers are?

Test - Design experiments to answer the questions.

Discover - Test and test again…and break some stuff too.

Results - What did your experiments tell you?

Share (end product) - Shout it from the rooftops! Make a TV show about it!

8. Kiwiana Production

Musical Production: Rata and the Totara Tree

Students will be retelling a Maori myth using the medium of music, dance and drama. They will have the opportunity to create and play music, choreograph movement sequences and act. The production will then be performed to others. If you enjoy performing in front of others, have a creative mind or just like making good music, this is the elective for you.

9. RPS Triathlon

Do you want to become our next NZ Champion Triathlete?

Do you have the desire to win medals and become the best triathlete you can be?

Come and try your hand at swim/bike run sessions and become part of the first RPS School Triathlon Team.

You will take part in learning about nutrition, bike maintenance, smart training tips plus more…

You will be coached by a triathlete who has completed three Ironman Triathlons.


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