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September 13 Newsletter 2018

Message from the Principal

At the beginning of this term, our Year One block opened for students. This building represents a significant shift in our thinking around how children can access their learning.

The Vision Statement within the New Zealand Curriculum aims for young people to be confident, connected, actively involved and lifelong learners.  Additionally, the Key Competencies of the New Zealand Curriculum suggests that successful children will be those students who can manage themself and who can relate effectively to others.

With these tenets in mind, a growing number of schools have researched and practiced the use of the Herrmann Brain model on how teachers teach and how children learn.  The results show that children learn in different ways - which is of course nothing new to us at RPS.  For quite some time our staff have differentiated their instruction to ensure that they cater to the different learning styles and needs of the students.  However, what many schools are now realizing is that we need to be thinking more critically about the ways in which students can access their learning.    Have you ever wondered why you bothered to purchase a nice desk for your child's bedroom - so that they can complete their homework, only to discover that they tend to work more on the floor than at their desk?  If you reflect on your own environment too, what do you tend to do when you need to get on with something and not be interrupted?  For me I close the office door.  We refer to this as "cave time" and kids need this too from time to time.

Turning the model around and re-thinking our pedagogy requires a completely different approach.  We need to breakdown our mental models of how kids learn.  Why would we place children in desks, rows, tables when we know they learn in different ways?  If we value our learners we must also value their learning styles and provide learning spaces that complement their learning.

Our new rooms have been strategically outfitted with this in mind and their design and layout is a reflection of our new thinking. While there still remains the "feel" of a regular classroom, you will discover a myriad of different forms of furniture from which the students can choose to access their learning.  Ottomans, tables, stools & the good old regular chair, are some of different forms of furniture that you will find in each class. In addition you will also find a variety of nooks, where the children also choose to work.

Our teachers will be challenging the children - within reason as they are after all 5 year olds, to take more responsibility with their learning and make discerning decisions around which sort of furniture & space will enable them to work best.

Our modern learning environment classrooms are broken up into areas that acknowledge the needs of all aspects of the Herrmann model.  Naturally, we anticipate that the children will not always get it right with their choices, but that's a nature part of maturing as a learner.  Our teachers will need to provide the students time to reflect on their choices.

This is indeed an exciting time for RPS.

I would at this time like to acknowledge the Board for their incredible support during this new phase of development, and in particular Tom Reeves for his phenomenal work ethic and dedication to this project.




You can order sausages and mufti until 8:45am tomorrow morning on Kindo via the RPS Website. Click here.

If you require any help with setup or payment options please contact the Kindo team at The Growth Collective via email helpdesk@thegrowthcollective.co.nz or phone 09 475 5287 (Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm).

We are still looking for 2 people to take over the Sausage Sizzle!! Please contact the sausage sizzle team at RPSsizzlesisters@gmail.com if you want to enquire further.


Class and Individual Photos 26th September Sibling Photos Thursday 27th September

On Wednesday 26th September PhotoLife Studios will be at RPS to take Class and Individual Photographs

Sibling photos will be taken on Thursday 27th September. Call into the School Office to complete the Sibling Form which is now available.

You will be able to purchase all of the photos online from PhotoLife once your child brings home their individual shoot key, which will be distributed in Term 4.

Room 1 and Year 6 Graduation photos will be taken on Monday 5th November.


Junior School Cross Country

CC try 1 2018

On Tuesday 11 September our Junior School students took part in the annual cross country.  The sun shone, providing excellent conditions for running.  The students can be very proud of their efforts around the course.  Congratulations to the following students...

Year 0 Girls - 1st Lilyan Gondi, 2nd Sophie Chudzynski, 3rd Joanna Cao

Year 0 Boys - 1st Meison Shi, 2nd Oscar Tripp, 3rd Jingxin Hu

Year 1 Girls - 1st Amelia Meikleham, 2nd Sakura Birrell, 3rd Georgiana Davis

Year 1 Boys - 1st Mark Rada, 2nd Sairus Harawene, 3rd Leo Wynyard

Year 2 Girls - 1st Yolanda Peters, 2nd Madison Hoon, 3rd Isabelle Rowbotham

Year 2 Boys - 1st Rafferty Seales, 2nd Hunter Izzard, 3rd Finn Ashworth

Certificates for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placegetters will be presented at the whole school assembly on Friday 21 September at 2.15pm.

Cross Country last try


Marvelous Market Day

Marvelous Market Day

Marvelous Market Day is coming up in Week 9 on Friday 21st September.  The Middle School children have been working hard during Friday's Market Day Elective to create a range of exciting products to sell on Market Day.

There will be badges, stationery, stress balls, strawberry plants, slime and a range of sweet treats.

Middle and Senior School children will be invited to purchase products between 12:00pm and 1:25pm  Most products will be 50c or $1.

We encourage children to come along and help us raise money for the 'Go Baby Go' charity.



2018 RPS ICAS English Examination High Achievers

Congratulation to the following students who received Distinction and High Distinction in this year's ICAS English examination.

Special congratulations to Isabella White (Year 6) who will receive an ICAS Medal in a ceremony later this year for scoring 100% in the exam. Great work Isabella!

Year 4 High Distinction

James Turnbull 1st

Marco Cheung

Year 4 Distinction

Kairan Strydom

Year 5 High Distinction

Nathan Lee 1st

Year 5 Distinction

Zoya Beig

Mikayla Chai

Ethan Lee

Evan Fuller

Louise Molon-Noblot

Year 6 High Distinction

Isabella White 1st

Saffron Tse

Robert Turnbull

Wayne Zhuang

Year 6 Distinction

Emma Bews-Hair

Matthew Davidson

I have yet to receive the ICAS English Certificates. Hopefully they will arrive early next week so that I will be able to hand them out in the Week 9 assembly.


RPS Ski Team 2018

SKI Team 2018

Well done to our seven Year 5 and 6 students who represented RPS at the North Island Primary Schools Ski Championships at the end of August. The Whakapapa snow and blue skies provided perfect conditions for the event, which saw the team come 45th out of 110.  The best-placed boy was Year 5's Max Stewart (79th out of 128) and the best-placed girl was Year 6's Charlotte Christie (24th out of 120).  A big thank you to the parents who accompanied our students and to the Boomerang Ski Lodge for their awesome hospitality.


Writing from Room 21 Year 4

The Dream Giver (https://www.literacyshed.com/dreamgiver.html )

This short film tells the story of a mysterious creature that carries a glowing sack of golden eggs to deliver delicious dreams to poor little orphans. Room 21 retold the story. Here is one favourite sentence from each member of the class. (Introduction by Riya)

The houses are dark, with mystery in the air, the Dream Giver comes from far, far away. (Giovanni)

A silent, mysterious piece of puff floated across the gleaming, bright stars that were stuck like sprinkles that were pulling and shining as hard as they could in icing. (Elyse)

Sneakily, the Dream Giver flew through the old window as fast as Flash does every time. (Mikhail)

As the Dream Giver sticks his long fingers through the crack in the disabled shutters, he gives dreams like the wind. (Emily K)

Suddenly, the Dream Giver slipped his sly fingers through the wet, rusty shutters. (Ben)

Slowly, the Dream Giver opened the shutters with his bony fingers, silently pushing it as far as it can go. (Elijah)

Slowly a mysterious Dream Giver opens the creaky old window and starts crawling quietly to the floor. (Wanisha)

He carries a stick with a sack on it and the sack was glowing like a bright beacon. (Oscar)

The eggs contained your dreams, ready to be hatched into little kid's dreams. (Connor)

Silently he flew across the room in front of a boy's bed, and removing the glowing bag off the wooden stick, he laid some golden dreams. (Elisha)

Gently and unknowingly, the sleeping boy kicked the golden, glowing, gleaming, glittering egg off the soft bed. (Alex)

He kicked an egg off the bed, and the egg dropped into a scary book. (Shawn)

The Dream Giver investigated. What happened? (Sam)

A humungous swarm of purple rose up to the top of the roof. (Lily)

Suddenly, a giant vortex burst from the book and a tiny astronaut who was swimming in the air tried to escape, but…. Boom! (Emily C)

A tornado reached the room. It sucked up the good dream into it and transported it into the nightmare.  (Iulia)

As the little boy woke up in the middle of a tumbling green forest, a sudden butterfly laid still on his tippy top finger. (Ellie)

He stumbled out of bed, while velociraptors zoomed past him. (Nathaniel)

Perspiration dripped from his forehead as the monster chased after the unwelcome visitor, resembling a colossal bull at the sight of angry red. (Marco)

The astronaut was running as fast as his little legs could take him. (Benjamen)

The little boy ran as fast as a jet plane, fast, faster frighteningly fast to the edge of a cliff! (Erena)

The boy ran and ran until he got to a cliff, then turned back and looked at the awful, black, hefty, spongy monster with a scared looking face.  (Nehansa)

The shadow serpent's skin was dark as a pitch black night. (David)

The roots shot out like a rocket ship, they started strangling the shadow serpent. (Meinke)

Once the dust had cleared, the boy saw that the roots had slayed the monster, and therefore, it was dead. (Monique)

Waking up so suddenly and picking up the shadow serpent book, he flipped a few pages ahead, and saw…  Zip! The sleepy shutters were open, and he heard a fluttering sound. "Huh?" Quite strange he thought, but I will leave it unanswered…  (Angie)


The Annual RPS Quiz Night

The Annual RPS Quiz Night was held on Friday 31st of August with great success!

This year's theme of Mid Winter Luau brought out some fabulous characters and costumes for the evening. Special mention to Lady Pineapple and Barry Banana.

We would like to thank the school community for your support in making this such a fantastic evening.  Special shout out to our PTA volunteers who organised the event, set up and cleaned up, the Bar crew (Blerta, Jo and Deb) and of course the 90 plus parents, teachers and friends who came along. It was also great to see some of our new Year One and Junior school parents coming along.

We would especially like to thank our local sponsors and supporters:

New World Remuera
Honar Refrigeration Ltd
Artusi Remuera
Dominos Newmarket
Liquorland Newmarket
4&20 Bakery Remuera
Tan in the City Remuera

Finally, we would like to thank Riggsy, the best quizmaster in NZ, as voted by himself and NZ Herald on Sunday. The night would not have been the same without you. We look forward to seeing you again next year!


skids Before and After School Care

sKids Remuera - Operating from Remuera Primary School Hall. We offer: Before School Care, After School Care & Holiday Programmes and Speciality Programmes


Our October Holiday Programmes are NOW open for bookings. For a copy of our flyer, please go to: http://www.skids.co.nz/locations/remuera/

Please also have a look at the Junior Programme and Senior Programme we are running! We have some amazing NEW trips for our Senior children, ranging from a Day Camp with kayaking, archery and so much more exciting activities. We also have secured visiting Chelsea Bay, Edmonds Baking School for our Senior children. A trip not to be missed! Both these trips have up to a year waiting list for bookings, so don't miss this oppourtunity!


The right start to a child's day is essential for great learning. sKids are able to care for children at school before school begins for the day. We're open from 7.30am. Join us on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for a hot breakfast and a take-away Cafe-style coffee for all parents!


Whether children need care until 4pm, 5pm or 6pm, for a full week or just one or more days, sKids can help with all permanent or adhoc casual care.

Kids have so much fun at sKids they often don't want to leave. We'll provide a nutritious afternoon tea (please visit us to see our new-improved Food Menu), supervise their homework, let them play, then run a fun activity so parents can be rest assured that they are safe, secure and having a great time.

We also offer a range of specialty programmes. Term 2 we run our cooking programme FoodStorm every Wednesday afternoon from 4pm. Casual bookings welcome

You can contact us by email: remuera@skids.co.nz or call us on 948 4548 or 021 191 9115 or 0272 111 279.


Eastern Athletic Club 2018-2019 Season



Date:                   Tuesday 25 September 2018

Time:                    5.30 - 6.30pm

Location:              Barfoot & Thompson Stadium Foyer - 203 Kohimarama Road

(in the Selwyn College grounds)

Visit the website to learn more www.easternathletics.co.nz or 'like' our facebook page


Auckland Grammar School Art House Tour

For more information go to  www.arthousetour.co.nz

Grammar Tour 2018


Auckland Netball School Holiday Programme

HP_Advert_Auckland_netball_Oct 2018