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September 28 Newsletter 2017

RPS Cultural Concert 2017

2017 CC 1 2017 CC 2

What an incredible show the children put on on Monday and Tuesday! We saw new acts from around the globe - South Africa, Romania, Russia, Holland and many more.

Many children taught their kiwi counterparts traditional dance and songs from their own culture. Wow!!! We are so proud of you!!! You have taken us on an intrepid journey to your birthplace, one that we would never have received as a tourist.

A huge thank you must go out to all the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins that were involved, giving up hours of their time choreographing, teaching and supporting the children. Hours have been spent practising and preparing the beautiful costumes which brought our hall to life yesterday.

I want to make special mention of our Year Six KPOP group that had no adult co-ordination throughout the term. They were motivated and practised tirelessly every week. Well done to Carolyn, Nicola, Ramona, Lily, Hannah, Curtis, Javier and Jacob!

While the Year Six students opened our eyes with their daring stunts, some of the newest students to our school took our breath away with their confidence (and cuteness!!!) on the stage. It was gorgeous to see the Year 5 and 6 students high fiving our Year 1 and 2 students today as they ran across the playground today telling them how incredible they were.

What spectacular photos we now have to adorn the walls of RPS! A special thanks must also go to Mr King who 'moved mountains' to get the hall for us to perform in, the Year 1 team for being patient with us while we pushed their move day back, an incredibly supportive and encouraging staff and Rachael Versloot whose patience, diligence and positivity is an inspiration.

Nikki Grant ELL Co-ordinator

2017 CC 32017 CC 4


ICAS English Results 2017

Year 4 High Distinction

1st Place Zoya Beig

Year 4 Distinction

Emily Allen

Jenesis Au Yeung

Xavier Clark

Georgina McCallum

Louise Molon-Noblot

Year 5 High Distinction

1st Place = Charlotte Christie and Saffron Tse

Isabella White

Year 5 Distinction

Emma Bews-Hair

Elaine Heimgartner

Ashan Kannangara

Ian Parker

Robert Turnbull

Erica Yu

Wayne Zhuang

Year 6 High Distinction

1st Place Luca Toner

Year 6 Distinction

Bridget Candy

Ethan Chuang

Hunter Clark

Conor Dunwoodie

Christy Ganley

William Guan

Angeline Joe

Sam McKay

Shenelle Senanayake


ICAS Maths results 2017

2017 ICAS Mathematics - High Achievers

YEAR FOUR Distinction

1st = Jenesis Au Yeung and Ethan Lee

Louise Molon-Noblot

Emma Owen

YEAR FIVE High Distinction

Isabella White 1st

YEAR FIVE Distinction

Nuran Duwage

Jonathan Ge

Jordan Gibson

Jessica Lin

Elaine Heimgartner

Ian Parker

Dulhara Jayalath

Robert Turnbull

Ashan Kannangara

Jason Xie

YEAR SIX High Distinction

Ethan Chuang 1st

Reuben Fong

Samuel McKay

YEAR SIX Distinction

Sophia Alexander

Olivia Anderson

William Guan

Sophia Hardie

Angeline Joe

Tania Liu

Kelvin Ryan

Hugo Sparling

Luca Toner

Ashley Wong


From the desk of our Deputy Principal Amanda Taylor

Our School Ambassadors

This term students from Years Five and Six have been developing their leadership by learning how to communicate with new families to our school.  They have become our School Ambassadors and show new families around our school.

These students have been doing an amazing job and have shown such confidence. The feedback from new parents has been really positive. One prospective parent commented "Your Ambassadors show such confidence and knowledge about the school. They give such an impressive reflection on your school. They do an amazing job and I hope my child is able to be as confident as them".

Well done and thank you to Scarlett Herrell, Gabrielle Leong, Rosie MacMahon,

Kaitlyn Oliver and Wayne Zhaung. Keep up the great work.

Thank You to our Wonderful Teacher Aides

At RPS one of our school values is "INCLUSIVENESS" and this is something we are very proud of. We have many students in our school who, from time to time, need a little bit of additional support within the classroom to ensure they can access learning.  We would just like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication our Teacher Aides show on a daily basis helping learning support students remain inside the classroom and also continue making progress in their learning. You do an amazing job and thank you.

Writing Journey Books

Over the last week, the students have brought home their writing journey books to celebrate their success in writing at home over the last two terms. We would like to thank you for taking the time to share in your child's enjoyment of writing and talk about writing at home. The students always take such pride in showing parents their achievements in writing.


Let’s Go Lego Elective

Let's Go Lego

This term's Let's Go Lego elective for Year 1-4 students was a resounding success thanks to the passion and creativity of the students and the inherent magnetism of the little coloured bricks.

My goal in the elective was to allow the children to express themselves & create, and to teach them a range of uses of Lego, above and beyond simply building things. We used the bricks for different types of coding, made Lego zip-lines from the second storey of the senior block, had Lego battles by rolling tennis balls and played a fun Lego board game.

Of course there was still time to simply build things. We constructed robots, swimming pools, cities and tall towers to support weights. We staged our own '2017 BrickCon' - a Lego convention for displaying and discussing constructions.  The final session was designed by the students themselves - they chose what they would like to create.

I look forward to Let's Go Lego in 2018 and exploring more uses of what is surely the world's greatest toy!

Mark Hassall (Deputy Principal)


RPS Triathlon Elective

RPS Triathlon Elective

After a very successful Triathlon Elective with 24  Year 5 and 6 children, I have been given this amazing offer:

The Black Sands Tri Club are running free familiarisation sessions for Year 5 & 6 students for Triathlon at Coyle Park, Pt Chevalier.  These session are targeting children who are interested in competing in Triathlon - be it the Weetbix, Panasonic Series or a general interest - and introducing them and their parents to the club.  The dates that I have for these so far are:

18 October

25 October

1 November

11 November

If any students are interested in these please let me know and I will give you further details.

Tracey Tetley (Room 13) traceyt@rps.school.nz


Zone Cross Country

Congratulations to the following students who represented RPS at the Zone Cross Country on Tuesday 19th September:

Sophia Alexander, Lily Allen, Charlie Bain, Tessa Bain, Louis Butler, Greta Calleja, Zara Calleja, Ethan Chuang, James Ellicott, Maddy Fleming, Jack Geldard, Violet Goldsmith, Felix Hall, Jacob Hawksbee, Elaine Heimgartner, Jasper Howse, Nicola Hume, Josh King, Ethan Lee, Lucy McDonnell, Sam McKay, Xander McLachlan, Zane Mahon, James Magnusson, Isla Pengelly, Cooper Peters, Adam Redshaw, Molly Sherrard, Amy Stafford, Sophie Tierney, Maddie Vincent.

Congratulations to Lily Allen, Nicola Hume, Josh King, Xander McLachlan, James Magnusson and Adam Redshaw who finished in the top 10.


Boys Zone Cross Country 2017


Skids October School Holiday Programme

October School Holiday Programme!

The October Holidays are next week! Make sure you've got the kids sorted. We have some incredible activities coming up these school holidays that your child/ren just won't want to miss! In the first week of the holidays we're 'going to Mexico', seeing the film version of the iconic chidren's books Captain Underpants and beginning week 2 making our own slime, after the global slime craze!

Our holiday programme runs from 7.30am-6pm daily, with short and half day options available.

Our staff are all trained, police vetted and hold First Aid Certificates.  We operate from the school hall with small staff to child ratios supported by the Ministry of Social Development and Child, Youth and Family.

Our flyer for the October school holidays can be viewed online at http://www.skids.co.nz/uploads/feusers/32_pdf3.pdf

Please feel free to call us on 021 191 9115 or email remuera@skids.co.nz


Mandarin & Chinese Culture After School Programme

Mandarin & Chinese Culture After School Programme

The programme provides courses in Mandarin, Chinese classics, Chinese calligraphy & painting, and Chinese music. The teachers who deliver the lessons are all highly qualified with extensive teaching experience, and lots of smiles.

This amazing programme will be run once a week, in Chinese native and non-native speaking groups.

The details of programme are:

Wednesday (Chinese Native Speaking group) Time: 3:30 -5:30 pm

Thursday (Non-Chinese Native Speaking group)  Time: 3:30 -5:30 pm

Location: St Aidan's Anglican Church, 5 Ascot Avenue, Remuera

Our friendly teacher will pick up our students outside the Remuera Primary School Staffroom around 3:15pm. The parents will pick up children at 5:30pm at St Aidan's Anglican Church.

For more information about our programme please contact us.

■ Renee Huang

Programme Organiser

Ph: 021 0788549

Email: ascc.nz@hotmail.com



Ambury Farm Day - Sunday 8 October 2017

Ambury Farm Open Day 2017


Summer Netball League

Summer League St Johns and Epsom

Summer is on its way and the days are getting longer. Summer Netball League is the perfect time to stay active and enjoy Spring/Summer evenings. Competitions run at St Johns and Epsom Girls Grammar School, Junior and Senior Grades (ladies, mixed, college), high and low/social grades. Team and individual registrations welcome.

For more information or to register please go to www.aucklandnetball.co.nz.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Anne Nicholson  T 09 280 4131   games@aucklandnetball.co.nz



Animates School Holiday Free Workshops - Safe With Dogs

Animates is partnering with 'Kids Safe with Dogs' to provide the perfect activity to help educate children how to behave around dogs.

Your local Animates store will be hosting free seminars at 11am on Thursday 5th and 12th of October. Trained staff will use interactive real life scenarios, using a toy dog, to teach children how to behave around their own dog, and those that they encounter on the street.

Key points will include:

  • How to approach a dog (when tied up, when eating, when in a car etc.)
  • How and where to pat a dog
  • How to make eye contact with a dog including best body language to use
  • Learning the importance of always asking permission before approaching a dog

These sessions will also be beneficial you're thinking about introducing a fluffy friend to the family.

There will also be the opportunity to ask the in-store experts for advice, and children who complete the workshop will take home a free activity book and certificate to proudly display on their wall or fridge.

Although bookings aren't necessary, the events are usually well attended so it's advisable to arrive early.


School Holiday Photography Course

Photography Holiday