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25 Dromorne Rd, Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand


By 1906 the average attendance of children at school stood at 439, additional classrooms needed to be built. The existing site on the slopes of Mt Hobson was limited in area, a new site was found in Dromorne Road, the present site. The new school was opened in October 1909.


A new look - demolition of the 1909 main block of classrooms began in early 1981. This was the first step in the rebuilding of virtually the whole school. The new Remuera Primary School was opened in 1982. A new two storied eight classroom block was added in 1996. Sir Edmund Hillary opened the new additions.


This is the old Remuera School building. We still walk through the same gates. On the gates there are the names of old school pupils who went to World Wars 1 and 2. The names with a cross are the people who died in the wars. The old school was pulled down in 1981 because it wouldn't be safe if there was an earthquake.


This is a picture showing the corridor in the old Remuera School building. They had the hand basins in the corridor and the hooks to hang their school bag on were very high. The reading books were also kept in the corridor. Each class was connected to the same