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Important Info

School Hours

School begins at 8.55am and ends at 3.00pm. Break 1 is from 11.00-11.40am and Break 2 is from 1.25pm-2.00pm. Students are not encouraged to be at school before 8.30am. Students should be collected from school by 3.00pm. Children are kept indoors during wet intervals but school hours are not shortened on wet days.



Assemblies are held every Friday, alternating between whole school and syndicates. Parents are welcome to attend.

Whole School Assemblies are held on odd term weeks i.e weeks 1, 3 etc and are held at 2.15pm on Friday afternoon in the School Hall.

Syndicate Assemblies are held on odd weeks in the School Hall as follows:

1.30pm to 2pm Middle School Assembly Years 3 & 4

2pm to 2.30pm Junior School Assembly Years 1 & 2

2.30pm to 3pm Senior School Assembly Years 5 & 6


Bus Transport

A fare paying school bus (Number 019) is provided and run by Maxx to transport students to and from school. Bus tickets can be purchased at retail outlets selling concession cards. A one-stage fare is payable. For enquiries you can phone Maxx on 366 6400 or go to www.maxx.co.nz



The provision of adequate funds to ensure consistent, high quality educational opportunities for our children is one of the more important functions of the Parent Teachers Association (PTA). Part of the necessary funds are provided by grants from the Government, but there is a considerable level of spending required for equipment and resource materials, over these grants. The Board of Trustees and PTA are active in fund raising activities and seek the support of all parents.



Subway provide lunches Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Subway orders are on-line at www.subwayrialto.nz Orders must be placed by 9am. If you have queries call 520 2299

Sushi is available on a Wednesday. Students/parents complete an order form in the morning at the office and class monitors deliver lunches to the classrooms.