Term One starts with Parent Conferences on Thursday February 1, with all students starting on Friday February 2, 2024.  Parents are encouraged to bring their child to the Parent Conferences on Thursday. 


Get Involved

Parents & RPS

We place a strong emphasis on the partnership that exists between home and school in the education of your child and as such believe that the lines of communication between home and school must be fluid.

While nothing can replace face to face communication, when this is not possible our preferred means of communication is email. All staff have access to email and are expected to clear their emails each day.

The Principal and Deputy Principals have an open door policy and are happy to meet with parents. If a more formal meeting is required it is helpful to telephone the office for an appointment.


Reporting to Parents

Parents are always welcome to email staff to arrange an appointment to discuss their child's progress and achievement. Formal written reports are available twice each year in June and December for all students. Three way conferences involving the parents, the child and the teacher are also held in Term One and Term Three each year. 


Parents in the Classroom

Parents are welcome in the classroom and we appreciate the support of parents who are able to help. Scheduled and focused support is most beneficial. If you are keen to help in the classroom you will need to see the classroom teacher to make arrangements that will work best for the needs of that particular classroom. In most instances it is not appropriate to bring pre-school children with you.


Parent Involvement

We encourage parents to become involved in the school. If you have time, you may like to consider becoming involved please make contact with your child's teacher.


Class Liaisons

Each year, every class is allocated a class liaison who is a parent of a child in that class. They assist the School, PTA and the teachers in disseminating information and organising parent help for a variety of class and school activities.