Term One starts with Parent Conferences on Thursday February 1, with all students starting on Friday February 2, 2024.  Parents are encouraged to bring their child to the Parent Conferences on Thursday. 


Our Team


A full list of our teaching, leadership and administration staff.

Leadership Team

Stephen King


Lindsey Mackrill

Deputy Principal - Junior School

Kate Seales

Deputy Principal - Middle School

Alex Bisset

Deputy Principal - Senior School

Teaching Staff Year Zero/One

Ella Denee

Senior Teacher, Room 5b

Ashling Doherty

Room 01b

Natasha Dowding

Room 1b

Phoebe Millwood

Room 3

Lilian Chen

Room 5a

Michelle Sutton

Room 4b

Teaching Staff Year Two

Corinna Anthony

Senior Teacher, Room 10

Olivia Houston

Room 09

Kevin Byrne

Room 10

Mikaela Harris

Room 10

Amber Lewis

Room 12a

Teaching Staff Year Three

Deidre Hempel

Senior Teacher, Room 16

Gloria Cheung

Room 13

Bea Marinas

Room 14

Aisling Keogh

Room 15

Teaching Staff Year Four

Tarsh Bray

Senior Teacher, Room 22

Liam O'Leary

Room 20

Gaby Raynel

Room 21

Beth Rush

Room 24

Teaching Staff Year Five

Caroline Brewerton

Senior Teacher, Room 32

Gráinne Quinn

Room 32

Gemma Robertson

Room 32

Kate Mills

Room 30

Ruby Khan

Room 27

Sophie Dodd

Room 26

Teaching Staff Year Six

Amanda Pires

Senior Teacher, Room 31

Storm Bicknell

Room 29

James Walsh

Room 28

Rose Longstaff

Room 25

Specialists Team

Sally Fraser

Senior Teacher, ESOL

Joanne Hewlett

Visual Arts

Natalie Morfett

Junior ESOL

Patricia Whitmore


Colleen Iese


Alix Osbaldiston

Classroom Release

Release Teachers

Jacqui McCowatt

Release Teacher

Mark Hassall

Release Teacher

Elisabeth Price

Release Teacher

Catherine Munro

Release Teacher

Ancillary Staff

Azza Al-Hafith

Library Resources

Sharon Egen

Administration Manager & Principal's PA

Sue Rae


Kim Roscoe

Enrolment Officer

International Students

Stephen King


Mary Fallwell

International Student Director

Learning Assistants

Michelle Atkin

Teacher Aide

Janice Blundell

Teacher Aide

Rachel Bowkett

Teacher Aide

Anne Greenhalgh

Learning Assistant

Dulcy Harawene

Teacher Aide

Hazeen Junaid

Teacher Aide

Shirley Shi

Teacher Aide