Term One starts with Parent Conferences on Thursday February 1, with all students starting on Friday February 2, 2024.  Parents are encouraged to bring their child to the Parent Conferences on Thursday. 


International Students

Remuera Primary School welcomes applications from International Fee paying students who are of the correct age and will be living with a parent. Acceptance of these students will be at the discretion of the Principal and Board of Trustees. 

Enrolment Information

We welcome International Students at Remuera Primary School. We are a signatory to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students, which enables us to enrol a number of students who are residing in New Zealand with their parent(s).

Our school provides a high standard of care for each International Student so that they are happy and settled as they are integrated in to a new country and school setting.  

  • First language, induction and buddy support offered
  • High level of pastoral care from a supportive and nurturing team 
  • Signatory to the Code of Practice Pastoral Care of International Students
  • Advanced English Language Intensive Programme and in-class support provided
  • Students fully integrated into all classroom programmes
  • International Student experiences and cultural opportunities​

​New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) Code of Practice

Hosting your child is a privilege and responsibility we take seriously. The school is signatory to the New Zealand Qualifications Authority Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students and is fully compliant with all sections of the code.  To view the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students, please click on one of the following links.

Links to Policies & Documents

International Student Information Booklet

International Student Refund Policy


  • English
  • 中文
  • 한국어
  • คนไทย
  • Lengua española

Specialist Teachers

We have three specialist teachers who will assist with teaching English to non-English speaking students. When students commence at our school, each student is assessed as to the level of English tuition required. Our Teachers are highly qualified, experienced and caring.  

School Uniform

International students are required to wear our school uniform. 

All items of uniform except shoes, socks and tights are available from Argyle Schoolwear through their on-line store at www.argyleonline.co.nz 

The PTA (Parents Association) will hold second-hand uniform sales throughout the year. Details of these sales will be listed in the School Newsletter.

SUMMER (Terms 1 & 4) School Short Sleeve Polo Shirt
  Navy Culottes or Navy Shorts

Tartan Skort

Navy Cap or Bucket Hat (compulsory)

WINTER (Terms 2 & 3) School Polo Shirt either long or short sleeve
  Navy Shorts or Navy Cargo Pants
  Tartan Skort
  Navy Culottes
  School Sweatshirt
  Optional navy tights 
FOOTWEAR Blue/Black/Brown Shoes or Sandals
(all year) Trackshoes (solid colour)
  Navy or White Socks
SPORTS UNIFORM House Shirt - your child will be assigned a house once they have been enrolled in the school
(all year) Navy Sports Shorts

International Student Tuition Fees

For further information contact the International Student Administrator: maryf@rps.school.nz

ESOL - English for speakers of other languages

English Learner Programmes are taught at the appropriate levels - from beginner to advanced. The ESOL programme caters for both Domestic and International students. In addition to in-class support, our ESOL teachers also provide a withdrawal programme where small groups of children with similar abilities receive intensive language acquisition work. These programmes are run by one of our three qualified ESOL teachers. Programmes are often provided in both "first language" and also English. Our Teachers are highly qualified, experienced and caring.  

2024 Term Dates

Term One: February 2 to April 12

Term Two: April 29 to July 5 

Term Three: July 22 to September 27

Term Four: October 14 to December 19

2025 Term Dates

Term One: January 30 to April 11

Term Two: April 28 to June 27

Term Three: July 14 to September 19

Term Four: October 06 to December 17

Sister School Exchange

In 2012, we signed a Sister School Agreement with the Chulalongkorn University Demonstration Elementary School in Bangkok, Thailand. Each year, we welcome students from Bangkok and provide them with an emersion experience at our school.  Staying with RPS families, our Thai guests get to experience "Kiwi" life first hand.

The teachers who accompany the Thai Exchange Programme are also afforded opportunities to engage with our teachers and observe first hand the richness of the New Zealand Curriculum.